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Personalized Programs

Personalized Programs Help Students Succeed

 Students aren’t all the same. They each learn at their own pace, have strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately need a specific plan to thrive academically. Kim Chapman, the Centre Director at Oxford Learning’s Guelph location, vividly recalls a young Grade 3 boy that arrived for help last November. He had a passion for learning but was frustrated because of the disconnect he felt in his classroom. 
“It was interesting to me that understood this,” says Chapman. “After a long chat with his Mom, we came up with a great program designed for him. We taught him how to follow directions first so that he could feel empowered to understand what was being asked of him, not just whip through it.

“He initially came in for writing, and he learned how to build a sentence properly, make it one complete thought without it being a run-on sentence, and use capitals and periods. His confidence grew. I had a meeting with his Mom recently, and she told me that she couldn’t believe how invested he was in doing the work. 
“He loves coming to Oxford Learning.”

Personalized programs are critical to Oxford Learning’s success with students of all ages. Chapman says that once kids realize they can do something, their effort increases. They try so much harder, and their abilities begin to breakthrough. Pulling that out is the objective at Oxford Learning, to see children switch from thinking they have to do schoolwork to wanting to do it.
Knowing what works for them is the key.

“Everything we do here, with every student, is an individualized learning experience,” says Chapman, who has a Master’s in Education and plenty of experience in understanding what learning styles work with different individuals. “We target exactly what’s going on, so they can begin to feel successful.”

The Plan

A lack of comprehension skills, be it reading, writing, or both, is usually at the root of a student’s struggles. Oxford Learning does an initial assessment of each kid that comes through the doors to pinpoint precisely what needs improvement. Depending on age level, it usually takes a kid about 30 hours of work to get up to speed. The further behind the child is, the longer it could take, which is why Oxford Learning offers packages with 100 hours upfront (approximately two one-hour sessions a week for a full year).

“That’s the way we build our programs,” says Chapman. “They are based specifically on their needs.

“We move topics or concepts around to fit together and build a strong program for each student rather than a program for the majority of people.” Chapman says that the environment at Oxford Learning is fun and energetic. It’s not like a classroom where silence is expected. There are typically about 120 kids, and all of the teachers know each of them and the specific theme songs that help them retain whatever is specific to their learning. They usually come three times a week, focusing on one subject in an hour to boost comprehension.

Often, the child works with the same teacher. Student planners are a major benefit of the coordinated system. This system gives teachers access to the individual programming for each student, even if that teacher has not worked with that child before. So, if a teacher is working with a student for the first time, they can see the individualized plan, including details to create dialogue. The teacher will know if a student enjoys soccer, and communication becomes easier. 

The Payoff

The longer a kid works at Oxford Learning, the stronger the connection between them and the teachers. Chapman has had one autistic student since he began in grade 2. He is now in grade 11, and though he might not function academically at the level of an average student that age, his growth over the years has been remarkable. One recent focus in his program has been money. Chapman says the idea was to use that new knowledge in planning a trip for groceries, which entailed the creation of a budget and research of a flyer to see what they could purchase.

His growing passion for math went beyond grocery shopping. The student planned a date with a friend and wanted to take her to Burger King. So there was a session on how much money he would need to buy specific items while also factoring in the tax.

“It was like a lightbulb was turning on,” says Chapman. “It was so interesting to watch his progression. Initially, he had some behaviour challenges, and he didn’t want to do anything. Then he learned how to read, and suddenly, the world was open.

“To see him now, knowing where he was even five years ago, has been the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced in education.”


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We truly could not be more pleased with our experience at Oxford Guelph. Our daughter has been enrolled part time in a learning pod and it has been life-changing. The staff and the location are wonderful and our daughter is thriving in the environment as a result of the small class size and the ongoing support, dedication and focus she is receiving. Oxford mornings are a blessing in our home, attitudes are positive and everyone is happy and excited to start the day. As a parent I am also so pleased with the consistent dialogue with the staff and feel so confident in our choice to send her there. We truly cannot speak highly enough of our experience and we are so grateful to everyone there for encouraging our daughter and her individual needs far better than the public system could, particularly during these incredibly challenging times.
Oxford Learning had been a great place for both of my kids. Because of Oxford Learning's help, understanding, and patience, my kids have found confidence in improving their grades and asking for help at school. The staff's upbeat personalities combined with their positive attitudes has shown my kids that there's always a way to navigate through struggles in any subject. I would definitely recommend Oxford Learning to anyone whose child needs help! I have seen the difference! I will never forget the help given and thankful they are there whenever needed!
Melissa , Martin, Carson and Paetra☺
The staff at this location are amazing. From the moment you walk in, they are welcoming and they make the learning process fun. Both of my children have attended Oxford Learning and they have quickly reached grade level or above in the subjects they were working on. My oldest tells anyone who will listen that he learns so much at Oxford Learning he wishes he could attend Oxford Learning full time instead of school. If you are looking to get your child some extra help with school this is definitely the number one place you should check out. Oxford Learning is very organized, detailed and parents are kept in the loop. It will definitely be money well spent.
D. Phillips
My son went to Oxford Learning in the summer because he was having a hard time completing math calculations in a timely manner. The team at Oxford Learning made it fun to be there (even though it's tough to have to go to "school" in the summer) and they even did other things to help him prepare for Grade 7 as far as organization and planning. He just got his first report card and not only is he now excelling in math, but it's also the best report card he's ever had! He's even complaining that math is too easy! What a change! I would recommend to anyone who thinks their child could use some guidance in any area of study!
Guelph Oxford Learning continues to be the best thing we did for our kids. Kim and her team are extremely efficient, dedicated, and knowledgeable. It is amazing to see my kids happy to go there to study, and come back home saying all the great things they learned. It is a combination of winnings, they are better at school in all subjects, and their confidence in themselves are the most precious thing that Oxford Learning helped to build. My kids feel proud and happy about their achievements, and how the amazing Oxford Learning team celebrates and recognizes their success. THANK YOU! The extra “study time” program for the High school students that the Guelph Oxford Learning team offers is the proof how they care about their students success! A word for the parents… I wish I had registered my kids at Guelph Oxford Learning when they were 3 years old! THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT TEAM AND WORK!
Andrea N.C.
In our search to help our 10-year old gain confidence in school, a friend told us about Oxford Learning. What an amazing and successful journey this has been for him! Words cannot express what he has taken from the last 10 months. Somehow, the amazing staff is able to balance fun and learning, and they do it well! They make every student who walks in the door feel special and smart. They go above and beyond every single day! Our son has improved in all aspects of his report card but more importantly, he believes in himself! A huge thank you to Kim, Maki, and all of the other amazing teachers for all you do!
Kevin W.
When I picked Benny up from Oxford Learning on Saturday he was beyond proud of himself. With tears in his eyes, he says to me “Mommy I read a whole book all by myself at Oxford Learning today. My heart is not broken anymore…my heart feels whole again…I can actually read!” He started crying, I started crying, and we both started cheering because as proud as I was of him, he was just as proud of himself. My goodness, I’m crying just typing this. I had no idea he could express himself that way, and that is how he felt! I knew he was frustrated with reading, but not heartbroken. I am so relieved we are at Oxford Learning. I can’t thank you and your team enough.
Michelle B.
It’s really helped my understanding in math and is one of my favorite places to go because of the friendly staff and great atmosphere. It’s great if you need help or study skills. It’s the best and will help you with school no matter how old you are.
Today, after Carter completed his French math homework and understood what he was reading, my son said, "Mom, I think I've finally unleashed my smartness." To recap, he was illiterate in September. Now he is reading French and English. I love what Oxford Learning has done for Carter. Thank you.
Anonymous Parent
Oxford Learning has been a life-changer for increasing my daughter’s confidence, academics, and quality of work. The Oxford Learning staff are encouraging, knowledgeable people that work with my daughter’s individual needs. The program and the staff are absolutely amazing. After about two years of attending, my daughter has gone from being a year behind to being at grade level and above. They have given her a strong foundation in math and English that is helping her to adapt to all new learning. Oxford Learning Guelph is a game-changer!
Anne Marie H. C.

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We are very pleased to share that our very own Kim Chapman has been awarded the Ambassador Award at the 2022 All Franchise Meeting in Niagara Falls! The award recognizes franchisees who demonstrate pride in what we do, and acts as a representative of all the best things that we offer to students, families, and communities.

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