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Hi Lorelei, This email is long overdue. As you know we had Sebastian enrolled in Oxford Learning for the last year or so. It all started when his fall report card for Grade 4 came home and his comprehension and writing was a C and his teacher told us that it was on the decline. There was some genuine concern as if he did not improve, by Grade 6 and higher he was in real jeopardy of some definite struggles. My wife and I sat down and looked into all our options. In the beginning I was naive enough to think I could turn this around myself, with extra attention and help. Boy was I wrong! So we decided to enroll him in Oxford Learning. I guess I could go on about his time there, but I think it is easiest to say - the rest is history. By the end of his Grade 4 year and his final report card, his mark was an A! A complete turn around. Well, he is now almost finished Grade 5 and I know he is thriving in all his writing and assignments - he actually sits down and writes 3 - 5 page stories, whereas before we were lucky to get 3-5 lines on a page. He loves putting his creativity and imagination to print and has really shown a complete turnaround. In summary, I guess what I am trying to say is THANK YOU! You have all been amazing, Sebastian absolutely loved his time at Oxford Learning - he did not see it as extra school work or a chore, he looked forward to going and was bittersweet when he learned he was done. We are very proud of him and extremely thankful for all of you and the AMAZING work that you do. Simon H
Simon H
Oxford Learning gave our daughter the skills and tools necessary to work on her own and advance herself at the same pace as her peers at school. We are thankful for your help and grateful for giving hope at a time when we had little.
Stacy M.
Our daughter Lauren recently upgraded her skills in both Clinical Chemistry and Mathematics with Oxford Learning and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result! Lauren worked extremely hard for almost 6 months and the results speak for themselves. She is now more confident and skilled in the above courses and well-positioned to start training at NSCC as a medical laboratory technologist. Words can’t express our gratitude to Oxford Learning, especially her teacher, for making this possible for our daughter. We can’t recommend Oxford Learning highly enough for any parent that is concerned with their child’s progress in school. Don’t hesitate to contact Oxford Learning to get your child in the best possible stage of learning, no matter what level they are at. You will not be disappointed. Also, the virtual class option is a great way to have classes without sacrificing time away from home. Thanks again Oxford Learning for your amazing work. Sincerely, Tom and Debbie
We are forever indebted to our Oxford Learning team. With their support and customized programs, our child gained the confidence he needed to challenge himself and excel in his learning, all in a welcoming and positive environment. The academic goals that seemed so out of reach when we started, quickly became a reality, and the skills and confidence he gained at Oxford Learning have led to his continued success.
Jackie B.
I like Oxford Learning because it’s fun! I like learning blends. My teacher, Kelli, helps me learn. Storme Age 7
Storme Age 7
Hi Oxford Learning family, I'm adjusting pretty well to university life. There are, as expected, some bumps along the way, but overall I am enjoying my time here and am getting used to the new structure and routine that university holds. I am so happy to be taking courses that really interest me. I think the most constructive and valuable thing that I have learned from university thus far is that I no longer have any idea what I want to do with my life. Coming to university, I had what I thought I wanted to do very well mapped out, down to the courses I would take and what I would specialize in during my undergrad. However, in the first 3 months I no longer have any idea and I must admit that it is very liberating to not be under such a rigid plan anymore, and to embrace the possibilities as they come. I miss you all so much, and I really do credit the help that Oxford Learning gave me with the successes and opportunities that I have been given in the past three years. I love you with all my heart and I hope that you'll be willing to have me visit when I come home. I hope everything is well at the centre and with each of you individually. Lots and lots and lots of love and gratitude, Lavinia <3
The changes we have seen in our 8 year-old son since he started in the after-school program at Oxford Learning are absolutely remarkable. He started the program with good reading skills but minimal interest in challenging himself with books or writing anything of substance. He now asks to write in his journal before bed and is working on a "chapter book" at school about a pirate adventure! His handwriting has improved drastically, as has the care and pride he takes in his work generally. He has developed a love for reading and writing that is priceless, and we can't thank the wonderful teachers Oxford Learning enough for instilling that in him. Wendy M
Wendy M
Oxford Learning is the best place to learn and have fun because the teachers are very friendly and they help you when you need it. Some of the work is not hard anymore. If you want to try Oxford Learning, it’s a great place to learn. Keya Age 13
Keya Age 13
Dear Lorelei and Shelly and the Oxford Learning Team, I decided tonight to write you a thank you note for all that you have done for Jessica. I am afraid that the words may not come as easily as I would like them to because I am afraid that words could not express what your help has done to not only jessica but our entire family. I think if I had not made that phone call a year ago we would be facing a completely different path of life four our daughter. One where we have lost her to self destruction, low self-esteem and a complete disregard for school and teachers. I truly believe that was the path she was on. What you all have done for her in this past year is nothing short of amazing, it has been a true gift. To see her successes at school and in life has been such a joy to watch. She has confidence, she has pride and she has matured so much and become a very confident 13 year old girl ready to face school challenges and she now has a lot more opportunities ahead of her as she grows and continues school and eventually a promising career path. When I think of the countless phone calls and emails I received from her teachers in grade 6 about her behaviour, about her inability to learn, about her lack of effort and that she all but shut down to everything to do with her learning, her poor results on her report cards. And then a few short months later after she was with you, when she was in grade 7 the incredible positive phone calls and emails from her teachers and the positive report cards that had me constantly shaking my head saying... are they sure they have the right girl?? Who is this girly who has replaced my daughter? I am so proud of Jessica I can't even begin to explain to her how much she has changed, I am not sure she realizes it yet but I know someday she will cross your paths again and she will be able to say that this experience changed her life and made her who she is. I would lay money on it. She is a wonderful girl and I am so proud of how hard she worked and the efforts that she made to really make sure she got the most of her time with you all. She couldn't have done it with out you all, your friendly, positive, no pressure way of approaching learning is amazing. I hope that we have out grown your services, but I am comforted to know that if we need your help, you will be there. We will make it a point to stop in a visit once in a while and will do our best to keep you updated on Jessica's life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done. We will miss you so much. Lots of love, Kim S.
Kim S.
Oxford Learning teaches me a lot of stuff in language and math. In English, for example, they teach me about conjunctions. In math they help with whatever I’m having trouble with. They teach me things that I’ve never learned before. They even help me with homework and projects when I need it. Ryan Age 12
Ryan Age 12
Oxford Learning has helped me with my English work. I never realized it but everything they have been getting me to do has helped with what I am doing in school. Oxford Learning is very fun when you try your hardest! Jessica Age 13
Jessica Age 13
Oxford Learning turned out to be the answer to our 8 year old son’s reading confidence issues. The feedback we received after his initial assessment clearly pinpointed areas for development, and the plan for addressing the deficits was geared to his specific issues. Staff were available and willing to answer any of our questions, and were very flexible as far as scheduling to meet our needs. They were very positive about his progress, and were well able to demonstrate the gains he was making along the way. His first report card three months after starting at Oxford Learning was proof-positive that it was making a significant difference in his academic performance. Oxford Learning was time and money well-spent. Vicki B.
Vicki B.
The people at Oxford Learning are very nice. They teach me and help me learn my own way and it is so much easier for me. I like Oxford Learning and I like learning again! Abbey Age 10
Abbey Age 10


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