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What Parents & Students Are Saying

In September of 2014, I contacted Oxford Learning to inquire about reading assistance for my 6 yr old. At home she showed an enthusiasm for books and a willingness to try to read, but lacked the expected skill level & confidence required by the school. We seemed to be progressing at a snails' pace and frustrations were running high. My daughter has always progressed at her own pace and I was sensing that the constant pressure and high expectation surrounding her would quickly deter her from the enjoyment of learning. I was also hesitant to seek outside assistance being a young family on a tight budget. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism I received & was reassured that they were willing to work with me to establish a suitable payment schedule. It was such a huge relief that they understood my concerns. After the initial assessment, a custom tailored learning plan was developed & results were already being noticed after a few sessions. The way my daughter flourished in a short amount of time from a minimal reading level to a 3-4 reading level under the gentle guidance, caring & generosity that was extended to her through her teachers was remarkable. She absolutely adores the staff she has worked with thus far & Meggi's sweet nature most of all. I am eternally grateful for all of their dedication and commend them on a job well done! In honour of our 2nd year anniversary, I wanted to share my experience with others & will continue to recommend Oxford Learning to parents in the same situation. Thank you Meggi & the Oxford Learning team!

Heidi S.

Thank you. What a wonderful experience to see my child transform into a confident, outgoing person. Before starting at Oxford Learning Hamilton, my son was almost a year behind in reading. He was embarrassed that he wasn't picking up the same level readers as some of the other children in his class; then he met Miss Mary. Miss Mary and the other staff at Oxford Learning made him feel important and more than capable to learn and excel in his school work. My son has now exceeded his grade level and loves to read! Julia B

Julia B

I cannot say enough good things about Oxford Learning Hamilton. Oxford Learning Hamilton is under new management and they are doing a wonderful job. When I met with the owner, she was very pleasant and understanding. She gave me a tour of the centre, which looks great and even introduced me to her teachers. When my son came in for his assessment, he was very nervous and anxious because he did not know what to expect. Meggi (the owner) made him feel comfortable. My son even said that he enjoyed the assessment and loved working with Meggi. She was able to pin-point the problems my son had in school and why he had those problems. She had customized a program to help him improve and showed me everything he’d be working on. I was impressed with how organized and detailed she was. My son has been going to Oxford Learning Hamilton for over a month now and he has enjoyed every minute of it. He loves working with the teachers and with Meggi. I can already see a big improvement with his reading comprehension and his confidence. Enrolling my son at Oxford Hamilton was one of the best decisions I have made for him. I 100% recommend Oxford Learning Hamilton to any parent whose child is struggling in school. Stephanie M

Stephanie M

Emma looks forward to going to Oxford Learning because she doesn't see it as schoolwork. Ms. Mary is a wonderful teacher. Emma loves her time with Ms.Mary. In only a few months, Emma has improved by a full reading level and is sounding out her words better. Her confidence has improved. Meggi, the owner is a wonderful lady as and very helpful. A great place for anyone to improve their learning. Thanks Oxford Learning! Nicole G.

Nicole G.

My daughter was struggling with her reading and writing in October, 2015. I signed her up with Oxford Learning Hamilton and since she has started, she has gone up 5 levels in her reading. She now enjoys going to Oxford Learning and learning how to read and write. Her teachers are great and they put effort and time into their students who all learn at different paces. The teachers have also built up my daughter’s confidence, as she was always scared to get the answers wrong. Since Meggi (new management) has taken over, the place looks incredible. She is extremely friendly and caring. She has also made the environment more encouraging for the kids to learn! Oxford Learning is truly amazing and extremely helpful to anyone who needs help. Cheri D

Cheri D

Oxford Learning is very helpful. This is my second year coming here and I feel I am more confident in my work. I am stronger now in many subjects. Last year I was failing chemistry. I came to Oxford Learning and immediately improved scoring 95% on my next test and finishing the course with an 85%. Oxford Learning has also helped me with French. I now better understand the different parts of speech and how to apply them to my written work. This year I am attending Oxford Learning for assistance in Advanced Functions and Biology and am happy to say that I’m doing well in both classes. What I have most enjoyed about Oxford Learning is the friendly environment, the amount of attention I receive and the improvement I see in my marks and understanding of the subject matter. I’m always encouraging my friends to join. Thank-you! Sarah.B


The staff at Oxford Learning are very friendly and I always feel better about my school work after a session with Erica! She helped me ‘ace’ chemistry and feel more confident. This is my second year attending Oxford Learning and I feel more organized, confident and on top of things. It’s very close by and a great place to come to have your questions answered regarding homework/course material…and the treats are always great of course! Maddy


Coming to Oxford Learning has been extremely helpful for me. It provides me with a quiet learning environment and there is a small student to teacher ratio which ensures that my questions will always get answered. I have been very successful in math since starting here. The help Oxford Learning provides has helped me stay on track at school and helped me to keep my grades above average. I enjoy coming to Oxford Learning and would recommend coming here to anyone needing help, regardless of the subject matter. Vanessa.G


The tutors at Oxford Learning understand me and that is what has made the experience here enjoyable. Coming to Oxford Learning has been extremely beneficial to me because unlike school, I feel better knowing you can just ask a person questions that properly understand you. The tutors at Oxford Learning have helped me become more confident and that made me join karate where I am now learning confidence, respect, responsibility and how to have FUN! Coming to Oxford Learning has put my Math and French marks off the charts and also helped me become more organized. Armaan


Oxford Learning has been extremely helpful to me as I work to become more familiar with the area I am currently seeking help for. Coming to Oxford Learning offers me piece of mind. I always know that I will be able to receive help on subject material that I do not understand. Harrison


Careers with Tutor Hamilton


    Position Details


    Oxford Learning Centre Hamilton is looking for committed, reliable and enthusiastic individuals who enjoy working with students in Grades 1-8. Our Elementary Core Programs offer individual support to students looking to improve their academic skills and study habits. Our students are working to develop either their reading, writing and/or math skills.

    A great candidate for this position will possess the following skills:

    • Certified Teacher or currently working towards it
    • Strong English language written and oral communication skills
    • Strong ability to organize and multi-task
    • Strong motivational skills and an ability to keep students on task
    • A passion for teaching and working with children
    • The ability to problem solve and think critically

    A dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives on seeing students succeed will enjoy this role. Interested candidates must be available 1-3 evenings per week starting at 3:45pm and possibly Saturday morning from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

    Position to start in September 2016, with training in August. A commitment until the end of June 2017 is required. Only candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted.

    If you possess all of the above qualities and want to join a high-energy group with a goal to see students succeed, then please contact us.
    Please send your cover letter and resume to hamilton@oxfordlearning.com. Only candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted.

    Hamilton Oxford Learning

    Attn: Meggi Chopra
    930 Upper Paradise Road
    Hamilton, ON
    L9B 2N1
    Tel: 905-318-6363 Fax: 905-318-5115

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