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10 AM - 8:30 PM
10 AM - 8:30 PM
10 AM - 8:30 PM
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What Parents & Students Are Saying

I highly recommend Oxford Learning for high school math tutoring. Prior to starting at Oxford Learning, my son struggled with Grade 10 Academic math and considered quitting math completely. For Grade 11 Mixed math, Grade 11 Academic math, and Grade 12 Advanced Functions, he studied at Oxford Learning. Oxford Learning helped him with math concepts and homework as well as study skills and time management. He was willing to go to Oxford Learning and enjoyed working with the teachers. He even went to study sessions over the summer to prepare for Grade 12 Advanced Functions. Oxford Learning was an important part of helping my son change from quitting studying math to succeeding in High School Academic Math.

Julie S

Thank you so much to you, Garry and your Team, for motivating, guiding, and teaching my son. He always comes back home feeling more confident and motivated after going to Oxford Learning. He understands his lessons more clearly and deeply. He definitely achieves a lot at school with the help he receives from Oxford Learning.


Oxford Learning really helps me for school because Oxford Learning reviews the things I learned at school. It helps me with reading because it helps me understand the main idea :)

Owen L. (Grade 3)

This place deserves a 5 star because the teachers are really nice and I learn lots of new things.

Hunter L. (Grade 5)

I like doing work at Oxford Learning. It's fun to do work. I like working with Ms. Hina.

Seto (Grade 5)

Location Specific Programs

Summer Programming


Look no further for quality, education-focused summer programming!


Half-Day Camp

Our half-day camp will run from Monday to Friday, 9AM-12PM every week of summer. Students will enjoy engaging in activities that help develop strong thinking and learning skills while simultaneously improving reading, writing, math, and study skills. Not to mention it will be a lot of fun!

Post-Camp add-ons

For those students who wish to stay on after the half-day camp, we will run three sessions of post-camp activities from 1PM-4PM. These will include:

  • Writing Workshop
  • Math Workshop
  • Coding Workshop (in association with Hatch Coding)

20-hour Skills Workshops

Elementary Math Review (Grades 7 & 8)

Review elementary basics with an in-depth academic analysis that identifies specific math skill gaps. Each student’s 20-hour program is custom designed to meet that student’s exact needs and to fill in missing gaps.

Introduction to High School Math (Grades 9 & 10)

Get an introduction to important high school concepts with an in-depth academic analysis that identifies specific math skill gaps. Each student’s 20-hour program is custom designed to meet that student’s exact needs and to fill in missing gaps.

Study Skills (Grades 7-10)

Designed to introduce students to the study skills they will need in high school, college, and university, this 20-hour program introduces students to goal setting, time management, organization, note-taking, study strategies, and project planning in a small group setting of no more than 8 students.

Beyond Tutoring

For students in grades 1-8, we are proud to offer our Beyond Tutoring® program this summer!

Achieving school success starts with building a solid foundation. Our Beyond Tutoring® program does that by helping your child develop strong thinking and learning skills while simultaneously improving reading, writing, math, and study skills. The result? Better grades and greater confidence. In other words, success!

High school preparation

English Preparation

Preparing for high school English can be challenging for many students. Our teachers will ensure that students are aware of and ready to tackle the challenges associated with higher-level English classes, including:

  • Researching and writing jot notes
  • Writing multiple drafts
  • Editing

Math Preparation

Some students might require more than a 20-hour workshop in order to be ready for the challenges of high school math, especially if they have many gaps in their concept knowledge. Our specially trained math teacher will help students prepare for the rigors of high school math by:

  • Filling in concept gaps
  • Teaching the appropriate methods of working out problems
  • Encouraging students to think "outside the box" when approaching complicated questions

Please get in touch with us today and reserve your spot!

Our Team Members



Centre Director

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Educational Coordinator

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Educational Coordinator

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Senior Advantage (English/Study Skills) Teacher

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Senior Advantage (HS Maths/Science) Teacher

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Math tutors in Markham Unionville

Your child can conquer Math with the help of our Math tutors. Our Math tutoring programs are customized to suit the needs of your child so he or she can boost grades and comprehension.

Science tutors in Markham Unionville

Science opens the door to a vast world of possibilities. Our Science tutors will help your child succeed across the core areas with engaging Science tutoring programs.

English tutors in Markham Unionville

English is more than reading and writing. Our English tutors bring out your child’s best with English tutoring programs that strengthen critical thinking and communication skills.

French tutors in Markham Unionville

Français provides a new lens through which to view the world. Our French tutors teach students to improve their language skills with customized French tutoring programs.

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Make Homework Hassle-Free!

With better homework strategies and a solid homework routine, students can transform homework from stressful to stress-free!

Top Quality Tutoring in Markham Unionville

Markham Unionville is home to Oxford Learning®, a top-of-the-line tutoring service with tutors who combine learning styles and effective teaching methods to help students develop learning skills that last. Whether a child is looking to catch up or get ahead, our tutors guide students to their full potential.

Our Markham Unionville tutors provide expert tutoring to students, allowing your child to develop strong habits that will benefit him or her beyond the doors of the classroom. Oxford Learning® caters to a variety of subjects and educational needs, including Math, Science, English, French, study skills and more!

Serving Markham Unionville & Beyond

The tutors at Oxford Learning® welcome students from Markham Unionville and surrounding areas, including Buttonville, Cachet, Brown's Corners.

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