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Part-Time Education Administrator

Mississauga, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-12-06

Part-Time High School Math & Science Teacher/Tutor

Mississauga, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-12-08


We are very sad to leave Oxford Learning. My son has been attending for five years and has grown a very close bond with his tutor. He will enter college in September and has a light course load this semester. As a parent, it was always reassuring to know that he willingly attended his classes and had someone he could go to with any schoolwork-related problems (as he no longer asked for my help). His school marks reflected the work that he did at Oxford Learning and the support he received from your team. For that, we will be forever grateful.
Wonderful team at Mississauga Central! Thank you again for all your support!
Oxford Learning is a very good experience for my 4 kids, with all the teachers here. Especially Lauren . My kids love all their teachers and love going to their classes.
Great Experience for my kids
My son has been going to Oxford for French help, his writing skills in French have improved greatly since he has been attending. Thank you!
Excellent French Program
Tutors at Oxford Learning are helping my children a lot. Though as it is a short period my kids are being tutored, they still need a lot of work and I hope we can continue with them.
Thank You Oxford Learning!
The centre has been such a fantastic experience for our family. It provides a caring, supportive safe space and learning experience for our girls. We appreciate the well organized program you run. It has been a pleasure working with this centre.
Amazing centre.

Mississauga Central Family

Shawn S

Centre Director

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Lauren C

Lauren C

Education Coordinator

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Heena L

Heena L

Education Director

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20-Hour Study Skills Program


20-hour Study Skills Workshop

Did you know that studies have shown that 4 out of 5 parents believe the beginning of the year is the best time to build study habits and prepare for the rest of the year? Our 20-hour Study Skills Workshop helps do just that! Research has demonstrated that learning how to study more effectively boosts confidence going into tests, strengthens self-esteem and helps students become self-motivated to strive for better grades. Kids with better study habits use their time wisely instead of passively studying for what seems like endless hours on end. 

The purpose of this program is to help your child become the best version of him or her self!

We have outlined below the topics to be covered in the workshop running for High School students in 2020. It’s a full 20 hours and for an investment of $500, it works out to cost only $25 per hour! Imagine the competitive advantage your child will have over their classmates when they are equipped with the tools to excel above the rest of the class.


Who is the Teacher?

  • OCT Certified Instructor (Not a University student)

How many students per class?

  • 8 maximum (we feel this is the ideal number for an inclusive workshop)

What topics are covered?

  • Organization                                      Memorization strategies
  • Project planning                                Group study strategies
  • Active reading                                    Types of test questions
  • Organization                                      Time management skills
  • Project planning                                Dealing with distractions
  • Active Reading                                  Effective study strategies
  • Study habits                                      Organizing notes properly
  • Test day preparation                        Note-taking
  • Active listening skills                       Having the right attitude
  • Effective goal setting                      Study strategies Math /Science
  • Applying study strategies in different classroom settings
  • Integration of newly learned skills into the classroom environment


 When are the class times?

  • July 17-21, 2022: 11 am - 3 pm
  • August 14-18, 2022: 11 am -3 pm 

How do I register?

Please email the centre with the following:

  1. Subject Heading - 20-Hour Study Skills Registration
  2. Parent's Name
  3. Child's Name
  4. Current Grade
  5. Registration for week choice #1
  6. Registration for week choice #2
  7. Phone number to reach you 

When can I sign up?

Registration goes live March 13, 2022

Fine print: Registration is only available to the first 8 applicants per session. If your first session choice is full, you will automatically be placed into your second choice. Oxford Learning reserves the right to cancel a session if less than 4 students register for that particular week. In this case, your money will be fully refunded if we cannot find another suitable week for your child to attend. All material is provided.

Please send students with a healthy, peanut-free lunch as the sessions are quite long.

Upon receipt, one of our team members will call you within 24 hours to finalize the weeks and gather pertinent information.

Thank you again for your trust in Oxford Learning. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Oxford Learning Team


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