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Here’s how summer programs stop learning loss and help students get ahead for next year.

North Bay Family

Paige Shemilt

Education Director

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Cassie Wood

Education Coordinator

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Julia Einarson


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Kristen Jackson


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Steph Kast


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Thank you Oxford Learning for teaching my girl to read. Her growth and skills in the last few years are thanks to your program. Thank you for stepping up during this Covid-19 pandemic and continuing to educate and inspire Hope with learning, reading, writing, math and French. Oxford Learning, you make a difference in children's lives.
Danielle, Paige, and the entire Oxford Learning team are truly amazing! They can adjust the program to individual needs...the virtual program has significantly helped my children’s needs. I highly recommend Oxford Learning North Bay to all!
"I have 3 kids who have been doing Oxford Learning sessions for the last 5 years. The Virtual Table Learning sessions introduced by Oxford Learning North Bay has been a great initiative & given my kids some form of normalcy during this very hard times. We are so thankful to Paige & the staff at Oxford Learning for always being there for us. You are all so appreciated!"
I cannot say enough about how Oxford Learning has stepped up since this virus started. They made sure my son was still getting what he needed by setting him up on a virtual table with them. It’s so wonderful how they keep us posted on how each session went as my husband and I are still working. They are absolutely amazing . Even letting us know any concerns they have with him. Thank you Laura for everything you are doing to help Max and your concerns. We truly appreciate it. Thank you Paige, for all that you do. You always go above and beyond . Max really misses all of you but is happy to see you even if it is virtually. He always asks when will he be able to give you hugs again. Oxford Learning has done so much for Max and I can’t get over how much he has learned and grown from going to Oxford Learning. Best decision we have made.
Oxford Learning learning has the most exceptional staff that are welcoming and always have your children’s best interests at heart. They ensure your child’s needs are met. When COVID was declared a pandemic, I was extremely worried my daughter would fall behind as she needed to attend Oxford Learning for the extra one-on-one help. They quickly came up with the virtual learning which allows her to stay on track during these uncertain times. Oxford Learning always goes above and beyond for their students and this was just another example of how dedicated they are to all their families. Thanks so much Paige and Danielle for everything you do.
"We are SO impressed with your incredible service Paige! You guys are doing SUCH important work for the community!
Virtual learning has been a great way for the kids to keep up with their studies through this challenging time. Paige and her staff have been a wonderful support, and I can’t recommend Oxford Learning enough! Many thanks to all you do with the kids!
Dear Paige and Co-Workers Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work this past year with Ben. We have noticed such a difference. Ben went from a kid who did not like school, having lots of books (but not reading any of them), and a not-confident kid, to a kid who now likes school, reads his own books (everyday—sometimes more than games!) and his confidence is through the roof! We cannot thank you enough for the motivation, learning strategies, and confidence you have taught our son. Thank you!
Tracy B
Oxford Learning has been amazing for our family. Both my son and daughter have dyslexia and were years behind in reading. My son hated to write like it was painful. Oxford Learning's program literally got my kids above their grades in reading and now they both actually like going to school. Their confidence is way up and my little one will be starting now. These guys know this program works. Thanks Paige! Thanks Oxford Learning!
Megan F.
Oxford Learning has helped my son so much. I can’t get over how much French he has learned in such little time. He has more confidence in his reading and speaking French. Love the staff there. They are so friendly and take the time with us as parents as well as my son. They take the time to listen and talk to you and give suggestions to help your children. Paige and the staff are amazing. I can’t say enough about them and it was the best decision we have ever made and so happy with the results. My son asks if he could go every day. Thank you, Oxford Learning.
My daughter struggled in grade 2. After being assessed, she was flagged with dyslexia. The school system denied that there was a problem. We have been with Oxford Learning for two years now, and she's gone from an SK-level to entry grade 4! We love Oxford Learning and all the strategies they have taught our daughter. Highly recommend!
Dear Paige, Thank you so much for a wonderful summer at Oxford Learning! I am so thankful that you have helped me learn university calculus and I now feel so much more at ease going in to university this year! I appreciate all of the amazing tutoring you have done with me over the years. You have always helped me improve upon my math and raise my grades. Coming to Oxford Learning has made me feel much more comfortable in the classroom and during tests. I hope to keep in touch because I will miss getting to see you and everyone at Oxford Learning during the year! Thank you!
Paige and her team of teachers have provided exceptional support for our children. They are very accommodating with schedules and have been instrumental to the kids' success in school. We are very appreciative of their patient, kind approach to bringing out the full potential of our kids and highly recommend Oxford Leaning North Bay!
Diane Percival
Paige and her wonderful team of educators have taught our daughter reading, writing and math for the past four years, and she wouldn’t be doing as well as she is today without them! Thank you, Oxford Learning North Bay, for taking the time to understand our daughter's needs and playing to her strengths to help her succeed. We will always be grateful!


French Teacher/Tutor

North Bay, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-23

High School Math Teacher/Tutor

North Bay, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-23

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