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North Vancouver Family

James Elliott

Centre Director

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Chrissy Robinson

Education Director

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Negin View

Teacher K-8 French and English; K-10 Math and Science

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My daughter started tutoring at Oxford Learning about two months ago. She always got by with good marks and minimal effort through Gr. 9, but Gr 10 was a rude awakening and with a failing grade in the first term of Math 10, we sought tutoring.  After speaking with several tutoring organizations, we chose Oxford Learning due to their philosophy and holistic approach to learning which includes a focus on getting and keeping organized. A thorough assessment conducted by Oxford Learning identified that we were not dealing with an intellectual problem or a learning disability, which helped to direct the tutoring approach. Care was taken in selecting a tutor that my child could accept and relate to.  Although the first few sessions were rocky, with my child not very interested or motivated to participate, she now is fully participating in tutoring and finding it very helpful. While it is still early days, she is now going into exams feeling prepared and much more confident, instead of feeling defeated and stressed. Overall, tutoring has offered her a great deal of relief. Positive results in her grades are starting to show.  We look forward to continuing on with Oxford Learning while she finds her footing and grows to be a responsible learner. MS
Grade 10 Math
Hi Minaz I hope you know that I’m more than pleased with Oxford Learning. Leora has gotten real benefit from her lessons on an array of levels. Christina is a wonderful teacher; I’m very grateful for the one-on-one work she is doing with my daughter. Russell
Dear Ms. Shroff, Oxford Learning has helped me so much with my math. I was never very confident with my work, but Oxford Learning taught me to trust my own judgement. It also made me realize that it’s ok to make mistakes or to not understand something. I can ask for help because I know that is how we learn. At first I thought the things that Oxford Learning was teaching me would never apply in everyday life, but now that I am in a higher grade I use those skills all the time! The staff here is AMAZING!! They are really friendly and love teaching. They never get annoyed with you...even if you ask the same question 100 times. They would never raise their voices or get mad at you or make you feel ashamed in any way. I definitely recommend Oxford Learning to anyone who needs a bit of a push, or even people who just want to get ahead of the game. I love coming to Oxford Learning, it has made me more organized and makes me feel more optimistic. F.B., Grade 8 student
F.B., Grade 8 student
Hi Minaz, Just a brief note : My 11- year old son was struggling with his studies in grade 5 when we enlisted the help of Oxford Learning in North Vancouver. Oxford Learning's tutors have been very attentive to his specific needs and with their program in a few short months his grades have already increased all round significantly. He no longer gets frustrated with his homework and enjoys the time he spends at Oxford Learning which has helped with his general confidence all round. If your child is struggling or requires better study skills I recommend Oxford Learning's approach and system, it has made a positive difference in my son's studies. Thank you Oxford Learning . Best regards, Brian
When we finally decided to meet with Telsey at Oxford Learning, we were completely hopeless that my son’s situation would ever get better. From the first meeting, Telsey gave me hope that he would get through this. He was in French immersion and struggled from Kindergarten. By Grade 3 he transferred to the English program and he was so far behind his peers in reading, spelling and phonics. My son became extremely frustrated and this turned into a dislike for books, even the thought of reading and ultimately a dislike for school in general. The impact on the family was significant and it became a major stressor. Coming to Oxford Learning was the best decision we have ever made. You can’t quite explain it until you experience it. Within 3 weeks of Oxford Learning we noticed a difference in my son’s confidence and progress. By the second month, he had made significant strides and even his school teacher was amazed. At Oxford Learning, they take the kids back to the basics and to the root cause of the problem. The teachers are patient, kind and talented instructors that foster a positive learning environment. Today, my son is a completely different kid and we can’t thank Oxford Learning enough… His confidence has reached new heights, his progress is phenomenal and he can’t wait for his next Oxford Learning session. Our family highly recommends Oxford Learning to anyone who has a child struggling in school. LKC
Dear Telsey Shroff, My husband and I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you about Gabriel’s progress in your centre. Gabriel took the kindergarten TOPA test in March of 2011. The test was designed to measure phonic readiness. At that time Gabriel scored 2 out of a possible 20. At that time we came to you and Gabriel began three times per week in the Little Readers program at your centre. Within 10 weeks of Oxford Learning, Gabriel was re-tested on the TOPA T test. We are pleased to report that he scored an astounding 19/20. Not only have Gabriel’s test scores improved he has also demonstrated a much improved attitude towards school and homework. Our son regularly comes home from Oxford Learning listing all the words he knows that begin with the “letter of the day”. My husband and I are tremendously impressed with the centre and would recommend Oxford Learning to all of our friends. Gabriel will definitely continue at Oxford Learning in the after-school program in September. Best regards, LCC


French Teacher/Tutor

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Opens on: 2023-01-13

High School Math & Science Teacher

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Opens on: 2023-01-13

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