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Registration is now open for our Summer Learning Camps! Call us today to get information on our fun enriched daytime camp sessions that will help your child maintain all the hard work they've put in over this school year - and get them an edge for the next - all while having fun!

Your child’s brain never shuts off, even when on vacation from school! It’s always hungry to learn and grow. But when it’s not nourished and challenged for a period of time—such as over the summer months—it begins to lose neural connections. All that great information learned during the school year begins to fade away. It gets harder and harder to recall.

That’s because a two-month break from learning stalls academic momentum and causes students to regress academically. In fact, summer learning losses are proven to be cumulative—learning losses in elementary school may never be regained and can follow students through high school. Statistics show that by the end of grade five, children who have not participated in summer learning can be as much as 2-3 years behind their peers.

Luckily, it’s not all bad news: the backward summer learning slide can be avoided simply by maintaining academic momentum over the summer months. By keeping the brain thinking and learning over the summer, it stays healthy, happy, and on track! Ongoing research into summer learning shows that students who participate in summer classes have an educational advantage over their peers who take the summer off. If you are looking to give your child an academic advantage, there is one sure-fire way to do it: summer learning classes. Call us today.


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What Parents & Students Are Saying

We had parent/ teacher meeting last week and his grade 1 teacher has noticed such a change in Noah since last year, that he is actually willing to work and learn and do homework ( thanks to you guys). It's so great to hear that everyone is on the same page. I just love you guys so much, I don't know what to say. It's amazing how much you have helped Noah gain confidence and he actually wants to try and do homework. Thank you for everything !

Pam S.

My daughters are in grades 10 and 12 and have been attending Oxford Learning for the last 12 years. We are truly grateful to this establishment! The girls started attending the Oxford Learning Little Readers program when they were in preschool, which gave them a great head start at reading: they both enjoyed reading chapter books as children and still enjoying reading to this day. When my girls graduated from the Little Readers program, they continued with Oxford Learning’s language program throughout elementary school and into high school. Students are expected to write in proper, well-structured English- both in high school and university- yet the public education system does not always provide students with a strong foundation in grammar and writing. The Oxford Learning Tutoring program provides students with this foundation so that students will be prepared for wherever life takes them in the future. My girls also completed their volunteer hours with the Oxford Learning Little Readers program, which they enjoyed a lot. Overall, I feel that Oxford Learning has given the girls great English skills, work/homework ethic, time management skills, and has increased their chances for success in life. Thanks, Oxford Learning!

Olga V.

Careers with Tutor North York Lawrence

  • High School Math and/or Science Teacher

    Position Details

    High School Math/Physics Tutor

    We have an opening for an upbeat, dynamic High School Math and/or Science teacher who wants to work in a rewarding teaching environment. Candidates must be comfortable teaching students in grades 9-12.

    A great candidate for this position will possess the following skills:
    • Bachelor's Degree and B.Ed. required.
    • Strong English language written and oral communication skills
    • Must have extensive knowledge of the current curriculum
    • Knowledge of Grade 11 and 12 Physics
    Teaching Requirements:
    • Must be flexible in availability
    • Dynamic, energetic and outgoing personality
    • Highly organized, and able to think on your feet

    We focus on cognitive personal development and look for individuals who will honor Oxford Learning teaching methods and philosophy in a fun environment. We will train you in our innovative Interactive Coaching methods that teach students how to learn and study more effectively. If you have a passion for learning, love helping students achieve their potential, please email a cover letter and resume to us.

    Applicants must be available at least 2 evenings per week and possibly Saturday.

    Please send resumes and cover letters to:

    North York Lawrence Oxford Learning

    Attn: JasonLeliever
    201A-3130 Bathurst Street
    Toronto, ON
    M6A 2A1
    Tel: 416-781-1225 Fax: 416-781-1294
    Posted: October 16, 2013

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