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What Parents & Students Are Saying

"Thank you for showing my husband and I around your centre. You were most helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly! We really appreciate your help!"

Anonymous Parent

"It was a real pleasure to join this wonderful centre. You did an awesome job with the kids, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your kind cooperation."

Anonymous Parent

My sons attended Oxford Learning for the 2015/2016 school year. I highly recommend the program and this centre. With the assistance of the teachers there, both boys were able to improve their marks and maintain them throughout the school year. Apart from the boost in marks, I also credit Oxford Learning North in helping their school year go by smoothly and with reduced anxiety. If there was a particular homework assignment or test they needed help on, they took it with them to their Oxford Learning session and got the personalized help they needed from their Oxford Learning teacher. The boost of confidence and reduced anxiety levels experienced by the kids on a weekly basis made the Oxford Learning program well worth it. In addition, the administration at Oxford North is well organized, flexible, and responsive, which helps when you’re a parent trying to balance busy schedules. Overall, I highly recommend the program and this centre. Thank you so much, Oxford Learning. Well done. Vinita V

Vinita V

Our son is in grade 8 and has been going to Oxford Learning since Grade One. Every August we ask him if he wants to go back to Oxford Learning and the answer is always a resounding "YES!" In addition to the wonderful caring staff, our son tells us that what he likes most about going to Oxford Learning is that it gives him confidence when he is at school because he is already familiar with the concepts. Because of the support he gets at Oxford Learning, Sam does great at school and seeks the help of his instructors whenever he has a text, etc. Because of Oxford Learning (and of course Caitlin and her staff) we have great peace of mind regarding our son's educational success!

Pouneh R.

My son joined Oxford Learning last year. Every time he attends he says that he not only learns a lot, but he enjoys the teachers as well. His recent report card has shown improvement in not only his English and math but also his focus. The environment of Oxford Learning is a safe and friendly place where my son constantly keeps telling me how much he enjoys his time there. It's a very healthy atmosphere with great staff all around. Caitlin is very accommodating and always keeps me in the loop as to how well my son has progressed as well as giving me tips on how I can help at home too. We are very happy at our Oakville location. Thanks so much for bringing my son's potential and ability to life.

Anne marie

I know it is hard to decide when shopping around for services and products especially when the investment is related to the future of our children as is the case of education. Oxford Learning is more than a tutoring place for students; teachers at Oxford Learning have not only the knowledge and experience but also the passion, dedication, commitment, and compassion to help students strive. My son has been with Oxford Learning 3 years now and he has a strong foundation in math which is now helping him to move forward with greater confidence. His critical thinking and reasoning have improved, as has his his mental math and word problem skills. My son loves coming to Oxford Learning because it is also a place where he has made new friends and has fun at the amazing parties they host. If you are looking for the best place to tutor your child, look no further and come to Oxford Learning. Thanks, Caitlin, from the bottom of our hearts Jenny & Javier

Javier Y.

We can’t express enough gratitude for the transformation of our six-year-old daughter! Isabelle finished SK very challenged. She was unsure of letters and the sounds they make. She had little confidence and hardly spoke in class. After meeting with Caitlin and her team I knew we found the right place. The past summer was starting from ground zero. Slowly but surely Isabelle began to develop strategies to help her learn. She loved coming to Oxford Learning and looked forward to it. In addition, her confidence was growing as she started to learn her letters and their sounds and how to sound out words. Her progress has been steady and honestly, we can’t believe how far she’s come. She found the homework fun and wanted to do it. Isabelle now participates in class. Her school report card indicates she’s exactly where she should be at her age. It’s hard to believe months ago she didn’t know her letters and was unwilling to learn. I recommend Oxford Learning Oakville North. A truly rewarding experience!

Cecylia M.

My son's confidence has grown over the years while being in this program. Although his attendance hasn't been consecutive over his elementary years, Oxford Learning has always fit him in around what works best for his busy schedule. The Oxford Learning team of teachers have made him feel encouraged to work hard and set his mind to whatever subject he is working on. It even taught him new study habits he can take with him in his high school years! He feels safe and respected and that the teachers really care about him. I was so encouraged that this program works closely with his teachers to find out what exactly was being taught in the classroom. As a parent, it was so nice to have meetings with the director as a checking-in time to see how he was doing. Even though there are other learning centres out there, this one by far has exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend this program to all ages. Thank you, Oxford Learning! I have one happy boy and a great report card :)

Mari-Rae D.

A huge thank you to all the staff at Oxford Learning. Our daughter’s teachers in the Halton Public School she attended wanted to have her tested for special needs in grade 3. After around 18 months in Oxford Learning, she is approaching grade level in English and reading, and now we are working on math. Our daughter would be in a very different place had it not been for this organisation. She has developed strategies to help her learn and is much more confident. I have also noticed that the school year is less of a challenge for her. We feel confident that she is now able to achieve her goals. If it had not been for Oxford Learning North along with Caitlin and her amazing team, our daughter would have spent many years on an IEP. This would have had a huge effect on her future. Thank you all for your support, flexibility, and quite simply believing every child has the potential to achieve anything they want to in life.

Very thankful parents

Dear Ms. Caitlin Cassidy, First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for taking your time to write me this letter. As you already know, my two sons Andy and Peter and my nephew Thomas , are attending your reputable Oxford Learning, Oakville North centre. My wife and I are very happy and quite satisfied with their study and performance after one year studying at your school. We are also very glad that our nephew has been accepted early into Mohawk College. For my two sons, we are also proud that they have improved tremendously and performed so well at their schools. As parents, we just want the kids to do well in school, and of course, this has happened with the wonderful guidance of your teachers, directors, and coordinators… It also brings us peace of mind just to know that our kids are in good hands. We can never express enough thanks and appreciation to you and the staff at your school. Thanks again. Sincerely yours, TAM

Tam V.

This is an amazing educational set up for kids. The teachers and Caitlin not only teach the requested material (in our case English & Math) but they ensure that their kids are emotionally built up as well. My older boy absolutely loved going there and my middle daughter would want to go into Oxford Learning Oakville North every time we drove by their facility. I was always impressed by the attention to detail when it came to planning their Christmas or Valentine's day parties - they go above and beyond every time to make everyone feel welcome. The progress feedback was very honest and when my kids needed a lot of help, it was specific enough where I could work with them at home and even bring some of those points to their regular school teachers. When my kids got to the point where they were achieving high results, Caitlin put her educational hat on before the business and stated that it would be okay to take them out, as the intense level of support was no longer needed. Although it was purely a financial decision for us to move on, I appreciated the honesty and thought her feedback speaks to the character of teachers this facility attracts. Additionally, every teacher we've dealt with is kind to parents and understanding when we arrive a few minutes late. Overall, the whole experience exceeded my expectation and I feel that I walked away with a child who not only read better but felt good about themselves. Keep up the great work - you matter so much in the whole process of building a self-fulfilled little human :). Thank you again! Marijana

Marijana H.

Our son joined Oxford Learning Centre in Oakville 1 year ago when he was halfway through Grade 1. Our goal was to improve his speaking, reading and writing skills. We found the answer in Oxford Learning. It was very comforting working with their amazing teachers. They are flexible, work with small groups, and closely monitor my son’s progress. Not only did they help my son achieve his academic goals but also improved his self-esteem. Even during the pandemic, they manage to keep running classes effectively and maintain a 2:1 ratio. He made excellent progress and now is ready to move on. I’m very grateful and wouldn’t doubt to contact the Centre again if we need further assistance. Thank you! Cecilia


Oxford Learning in Oakville North has been amazing for our children. The teachers are absolutely amazing and our children love the program. They prioritize their students above everything else. Highly recommend the Oakville North location.

Neena Jetely

My son suffers from anxiety and started attending Oxford last year when it started affecting his school attendance and his marks. The teachers were very welcoming, understanding and informative and transformed his studies. He has gained a positive perspective towards learning and we have seen a drastic improvement in his grades. The centre is always helpful and flexible when changes need to be made to the schedule and there is always an open dialogue about what strategies are working best and what needs to be changed moving forward. My son enjoys attending the classes; he finds the teachers extremely helpful (especially Sarah) and has met new friends. My husband and I wish we had enrolled him at the centre sooner. We want to send a big thank you out to everyone at Oxford Learning Centre for all their help.

Marie H.

When my son went into Grade 9, I saw that he was having challenges and it started to show quickly in his grades. He was especially disappointed with his Math grades given that up to grade 8 he had high Math marks and decent grades in his other subjects. His grades also took a toll on his confidence. So, I quickly did research on Tutoring Organizations and selected Oxford Learning because of its great testimonials and because of the impressive meeting I had with Caitlin. My son was not fully onboard at the beginning, but Caitlin and the great teachers at Oxford helped to get him onboard and resulted in improving his grades and confidence in his abilities. Oxford cares about their students and puts them first. Caitlin and her staff always go above and beyond for their students and have been extremely flexible and accommodating especially with my son’s Rep hockey schedule. During COVID, I do not think my son would have survived or done as well as he did without Oxford Learning. They provided the much-needed online classes and support that his school was not providing. I was extremely impressed at how quickly Caitlin and her staff setup the online classes to support their students. My son is going into grade 12 and is still a student with Oxford and we are so glad to have them by our side.


The staff is all WONDERFUL! They are so caring, the kids love going to class, and are flourishing.

Heli I.

My daughter progressed so well with Oxford Learning. The team had a plan and they knew exactly how to get her there. Amazing team, great spirit, and always there when you need them. Very flexible in accommodating changes in schedule. Highly recommended for kids who need extra help and others who need to be challenged.

Rana D.

My son has been in Oxford Learning for several years now. He absolutely loves it. They are fantastic with him! He thoroughly enjoys being there. I have found that he has been excelling in core areas such as math and reading as a result. I highly recommend them!

Ashley Q.

I’d like to take a moment to share how incredible the experience has been dealing with both staff and management here at this location. The owner, Caitlin, treats every child and their unique needs as her utmost priority and aligns the students with the best teachers and coaches. She makes it her utmost priority to keep each student’s progress the most important focus. I absolutely love Sarah, who is a teacher like none other. She is focused and extremely dedicated to ensuring that all her students get the most attention and focus in achieving their goals. All the staff members are very positive and pleasant. If your priority is your child’s progress in school and ultimately helping them build a successful career, Oxford Learning is the place to go. I cannot thank this entire team enough, for helping my daughter believe in herself and progress so well.


An excellent way to help support and improve your child’s learning. The staff are wonderful! Very encouraging and supportive!


The staff at Oxford Learning Oakville is AMAZING! They are super friendly and helpful. Our daughter has been going there for 2 years now and the results are fantastic. Her confidence has skyrocketed and enjoys doing her school work. I would recommend Oxford Learning Oakville to anyone who requires the services.

Jason G.

My daughter started Oxford Learning in Grade 8. They really helped to ease that transition into high school. She is now in Grade 10 and dealing with Covid, I’m glad we have a place like Oxford Learning to help.


The whole team at Oxford Learning is incredible! They have been working with my son for the past 2 years since he was 4 years old and he is now reading and writing at grade 2 level (and he’s only in SK). They are vibrant and energetic teachers that can engage children to love learning and want to keep going to the centre. I would highly recommend sending your child to the centre as it can make such an impact. My son loves his teachers at the centre.


My daughter joined Oxford Learning a couple of years ago and I am really glad I made this decision. All the staff are very welcoming and have a positive approach toward the students. My daughter needed help with English comprehension and math and now over the period of years I am so happy with her progress so are her teachers. She improved so much in her grammar, structure sentences, editing and organizing her paragraph writing. Hats off to Oxford Learning teachers for brushing up my child's creativity and math skills.

Uzma H.

Our Team Members

Andrew Fernandez

Centre Director

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Caitlin Paolucci

Education/Centre Director

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Sarah A.

High School Math/Science Teacher

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Sabrina G.

High School Math/Science/English Teacher

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Shaylin H.

High School Math/Science Teacher

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  • 25-Hour High School Prep Program

  • 35-Hour ACT Program

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  • Individualized High School Programs

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Careers with Tutor Oakville North

  • Part-Time High School Math/Science Teacher/Tutor

    Position Details

    Our centre has grown rapidly and we are seeking exceptional teachers for our high school students. An ideal candidate for this position will possess a passion for education and teaching, attention to detail, availability at least 2 evenings/week, a comprehensive understanding of the high school math and/or science curriculum, and experience with children.

    This is a FANTASTIC job for university students or recent university/teacher graduates; it looks great on your resume, will help you hone your teaching skills, and will expose you to a beautiful variety of students and teaching styles!

    Typically, we prefer OCT-certified teachers, but will consider superb undergraduate candidates! Below is a detailed outline of this position and its expectations. Please review this information carefully before applying.

    A stellar candidate for this position will possess the following skills:

    • OCT-certified preferred
    • Bachelor’s degree or third/fourth-year university students with extensive tutoring experience
    • Fluent English language (written and oral communication skills)
    • Must have extensive knowledge of the current grade 9-12 math and/or science curriculum, including but not limited to, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Data Management, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

    Teaching Requirements:

    • Must be available 2-5 evening and weekend shifts/week (10-24 hours/week)
    • Dynamic, energetic and outgoing personality
    • Highly organized, able to improvise and multi-task
    • Friendly, personable and versatile
    • Kind, cooperative, and a team player

    If you have a passion for learning and love helping students achieve their potentials, please email a cover letter and resume to us!


    oakville@oxfordlearning.com ​

    ATTN: Caitlin Cassidy, Education Director

    Tel: 905-469-1929

    1131 Nottinghill Gate, Unit 14, Oakville, ON, L6M 1K5

    Thank you to all the applicants, and good luck!

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