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Math & Science Tutor/Teacher

Ottawa, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-09-06

French & English Tutor

Ottawa, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-09-06

Full-Time Education Coordinator

Ottawa, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-10-19

Education Coordinator

Ottawa, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-11-10


I am currently a first year student in university and I had difficulty adjusting to my crazy schedule at the beginning of my first school semester. I am currently taking the Study Skills program at Oxford Learning and it has helped me adjust to life in university. The Study Skills program has taught me how to prioritize homework, how to develop good study habits, and the program also includes tips on how to tackle test questions. The program also involves creating a schedule and setting goals throughout the school year, which has helped me adjust to university life and has also helped me excel in my classes. I definitely recommend the Study Skills program to any high school students and university students who are having trouble at school or just need extra help with their studying habits.
Katherine L.
This place is amazing! My 8-year-old was just finishing Grade 2 and still wasn't able to read. He was having so many issues at school, and had no self confidence. I put him in Oxford Learning over the summer, and by the end, he was reading! When he started in grade 3 he was a new boy. He was so eager and willing to learn. For the first time, he said he was proud of himself! Oxford Learning took a boy who struggled and found a way to reach him and help him learn, and for the first time in his life, enjoy reading. They made it fun, and recognized that every child learns differently. He still goes there, and he loves going there with all the amazing teachers. I highly recommend Oxford Learning. I have nothing but gratitude for them for all the help and effort they have and continue to give!
Katherine R.
I love coming to Oxford Learning! Oxford Learning has helped me with Math and English when everyone gave up on me. It has boosted my self-confidence and my self-esteem, I can now work independently and work on my homework myself. My parents are very proud of me. Thank you Oxford Learning Orleans:)
English & Maths
I have been receiving mainly math help from the same tutor for three years at Oxford Learning. The first year I went to Oxford Learning was grade 8 and I was struggling with word problems. After going to Oxford Learning, I understood how to go about solving more complicated problems with ease. I felt that each quiz I took got higher levels than before. I feel that if there is a lot of struggle with comprehension of concepts in elementary school, it is easier and quicker to help. Meanwhile, the tutoring I received for high school math was certainly helpful but it took longer to solve or complete problems considering longer equations and complicated wording. Since one session is only one hour, most of the time solving one problem takes up almost the whole session. I would like to be able to solve a variety of different problems if I am studying for a math test. My memory of math concepts has become broader and I no longer give up after approaching a slightly difficult problem. I have always been independent when doing homework and assignments or projects (maybe even too independent) but Oxford Learning has made me reach out more for help when I am struggling. In grade 8, I was able to do grade 9 math and in grade 9, I was able to do grade 10 math. I was always one step ahead and that boosted my confidence. Right now, I am in grade 11. I have noticed the change in workload and speed of the math course I took in the last semester. Oxford Learning really helped lessen the worry of not doing well in the course. The main thing to learn at Oxford Learning is the SQ-RCRC method of reading problems or whatever texts you have. It stands for survey, question, read, cover, recite, and check. I think this has been useful for me when solving math word problems and studying in general. One thing that I do not exactly like is the question in a booklet called Integrating Oxford Learning that everyone has to complete before moving on to homework or workbooks. The question asks you: "What Oxford Learning strategy did you use at school today?" I don't know the exact purpose of this question since almost every time I answer, the strategy is always the same. It doesn't exactly motivate me to use strategies from Oxford Learning. It's a little repetitive. Other than that little question, overall I was satisfied with the service given by Oxford Learning.
Cathy Z.
Great staff. Very friendly and accommodating. Great place to help your child catch up or get ahead in school subjects.
Colin W.
Angad A.
Nice tutors! I enjoy my time here but still learn what I need to learn. Online classes are easy to connect to with Oxford Learning.
Andrew L.
I am very pleased with the level of education, commitment, and professionalism at Oxford Learning. The staff cares deeply and works hard to support their students. This has been more evident than ever during this pandemic. They have worked so hard to make sure that the students continue on their path to improvement. They have also worked very hard to help make it easier for the parents. I have seen tremendous improvement in my children's French and math skills. As a parent, I am constantly kept in the loop and I feel very comfortable discussing my children's progress. I am a very satisfied customer!
Ruby D.
I just want to take this opportunity to provide a review of my experience in working with Shella and her team at the Orleans Oxford Learning Centre. They have always provided excellent customer service and are a pleasure to work with. Oxford Learning does a great job in focusing on the needs of the student, not just in terms of the curriculum, but also to develop the study skills and strategies that work best for them, using learning skills assessments and using feedback from the tutors themselves. The tutors are young and energetic, and they really make it a fun learning experience! Mark and Frank (in particular) have always been there for us to make math and science a success! But they have so many other great tutors at Oxford Learning in all subject areas and grade levels – in both French and English. I have worked with Oxford Learning systematically over the last 5 years to improve the academic performance for three of my children, and their success has provided them entrance into top post-secondary schools and programs. I really thank Oxford Learning for playing an important role in the development of my children into the fine young adults – and the professionals that they are well on their way to becoming!
Scott B.

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