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After six months of disappointment with another tutoring company, my 7-year-old daughter and I made the switch to Oxford Learning in Paris. At the beginning of the summer she was several grade levels behind in reading. After two short months, and by the time she went back to school, her reading had improved tremendously. She went from being unable to read JK material to scoring perfect on Grade 2 tests. We have been blown away by how much the Oxford Learning family cares about her success. In my opinion, the support she receives at Oxford Learning is infinitely better than what we experienced elsewhere. Not only does my daughter love tutoring, but she now loves school. My only regret is not switching to Oxford Learning sooner!
In seeking out a local tutor for my daughter, my research brought me to Oxford Learning in Paris. I met with Tiffany and knew this was the perfect fit for our busy family. I was able to schedule my daughter’s lessons at times that were convenient for me, and Tiffany is/was always flexible, understanding, and prompt. Over the course of the past year and a half, my daughter has made some BIG changes academically. She has always struggled with the confidence to approach difficult school work and it was often very challenging for her to maintain focus in a class setting. Oxford Learning has provided her with some great tools to use in those situations where she is confronted with a challenge at school. They have also been very accommodating with her need to maintain focus, allowing her to wear headphones while completing her workbooks. Oxford Learning (Tiffany) is consistently reviewing my daughter’s evolution through the program, and keeping me updated with regular meetings. Our meetings always include an in-depth, up to date, review of progress and goals written by my daughter, and her teacher(s). I would recommend Oxford Learning to anyone looking for a personal, reliable, professional, supportive experience for their child.
Our oldest son is a bright, compassionate boy that has not been thriving in the traditional school setting. It's not a great fit for him and his self-esteem and confidence have suffered as a result. As a teacher myself, I have tried every trick in my repertoire to boost him up, with little success. It's difficult for our own children to see beyond the "mom facade" and see their mother as a teacher. After many years of feeling frustrated with schools, ourselves, our son and poor report cards, we stumbled upon Oxford Learning in Paris. We were impressed with their attention to detail right from the beginning. They looked at all of our sons abilities so they would know where he needed help and how to meet him where he was at. The program was not well received by our son in the beginning. He flat out refused to go some days, but we stood firm and took him, sometimes literally yelling and screaming. Then one day he came out with a smile on his face and a hint of quiet appreciation following a session. I later learned from Tiffany, that he had used some of his time to teach a fellow student a new concept, one that he himself had already grasped. This was a huge turning point for our son. Such a small opportunity provided him with so much personal growth. He began to see himself in a whole new, positive light. It ignited a spark in him that had been snuffed out, many years ago. We had always known it was there, but he needed to experience it for himself. I know it was the first time since he was a little boy that he began to believe in himself. He had bought into a fictional story about inability and disappointment for many years. His ability to prove his value through teaching another, made his start to challenge some deep personal beliefs. Since that day, we have been regaining our beautiful boy! The immense change in all areas of his life is astonishing! He now reminds me of his tutoring sessions. He quickly self-reflects about academic and social situations at school and is able to recognize areas for improvement. He is completing homework assignments on his own and actually looks forward to school. He is participating on school teams and as a bus patroller. He no longer believes that his only role at school is to be the class clown. He knows he has so much more to offer and is taking the risk. He is helpful, thoughtful and affectionate at home with us and his three siblings. He even offers to help them with their homework. Every day I am amazed by his new confidence and progress. I look at this young boy with so much admiration and pride. He is so strong and I can see with certainty, the amazing man he will soon become. Oxford Learning has provided our son with so much more than tutoring. They have given him the opportunity, to realize for himself, his true potential. Our journey with Oxford Learning has just begun, but the future is bright.
My son has struggled with school, particularly reading, for a few years now. When we approached Oxford Learning in Paris for help, they identified he may have CAPD (central auditory processing disorder). I had never heard of this before but after reading about it we decided to have him diagnosed, and sure enough that is what he has. This explained a lot of things we were seeing and has helped shape teaching strategies for him going forward. His confidence has grown a lot since starting at Oxford Learning and for this I am grateful.
"Our daughter started at Oxford Learning in Paris in January 2016 for help with her French Immersion studies, and we are so very grateful for the amazing help and support that Tiffany and her staff have provided for Ainsley over the past year. Oxford Learning has not only helped Ainsley improve her French language and vocabulary skills, but it has also been incredible to watch the transformation and development of her confidence at school and in group settings. We have watched Ainsley change from being an anxious student, who was scared of putting up her hand in the classroom or providing an incorrect answer, into a happy and confident French student who is excited about going to school each morning. In addition to her French skills having improved significantly, Oxford Learning has also taught Ainsley how to prioritize and organize her school work. Thank you Oxford Learning!"
Alicia & Ryan
My daughter has been attending Oxford Learning Paris for a year now. She has special educational needs. Through the patience and perseverance of the Oxford Learning team my daughter has gained enormously in confidence and self esteem and has improved considerably.
Our son was a reluctant student before Oxford Learning. After six months we've seen significant improvements not only in his work habits but also with his attitude towards school. Before Oxford Learning, working with him at home resulted in a lot of frustration for everyone involved. Now he has had such an attitude shift and has gained so much confidence he is able to work and complete things without prodding. He has shown an eagerness for learning that we did not know he possessed. The excitement and pride that he now takes in his homework and projects is all due to the confidence that Oxford has helped him gain. Our only regret with Oxford Learning is that we did not start him sooner.
Amy & Will
Our son has been attending Oxford Learning for several months now and we have noticed a huge improvement, especially with his confidence and self-esteem. After a difficult previous school year, it is a great relief knowing that he is finally able to flourish and feel good about himself as a learner. Oxford Learning Paris has been able to get the best out of him based on his learning style and by creating an individual learning plan for him. His progress has been substantial and impressive and it is most rewarding to watch him apply all of his learned skills across the curriculum and not just in one specific area. His brain has been "turned on" and he now believes in himself and recognizes his strengths. Tiffany has created a positive and caring space for children of all ages. We are very appreciative of the regular assessments and lesson plan review meetings that allow us see how our child is doing. Our son looks forward to his tutoring nights and enjoys getting that special attention that always makes him feel valued. To us, that speaks volumes.
Lisa & Eddie
"I am the mother of three amazing boys. My oldest son has always struggled with speech, language and reading skills. We were starting to feel a little lost with how to help him with his reading in Grade 3. I was trying to help him at home but he was so quick to tears and I knew I needed to find another person to take on this tremendous task. I met with Tiffany before she had even officially opened the doors to Oxford Learning in Paris and I knew right away that I had found the place that would help my son. He is a soft, sensitive little boy who often lacked self confidence - especially when it came to reading. I remember the day I told him he would be going to a place that would help him make reading 'easier' and he gave me the biggest smile, hugged me and said 'thank you'! We haven't looked back since that day. One year later he continues to go to Oxford Learning twice a week and his confidence is now soaring. He went from a little boy who would shy away from attempting to read any words, to a boy that read 8 chapter books this Summer! He WANTS to read and he now believes "HE IS A READER". His academic progress has also reflected the great work his teachers at Oxford Learning have instilled. He went from a failing grade in Grade 3 in reading to 'grade-level' at the beginning of Grade 4. The smile on his face and the look of pride I saw flow throughout his body when I told him this great news is something I will always remember as a mother. He still attends Oxford Learning because they are still helping him reach his full potential. We are grateful as a family that we walked through the doors on that cold January day."
Krista & Colin
Fantastic staff who truly show their care about the children they are helping. Always a positive result with each class.
Rita B.

Paris Family



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Education Director

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Education Coordinator/French Teacher

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  • Part-Time French/English Teacher/Tutor Wanted

    Position Details

    Part-Time French/English Teacher/Tutor Wanted

    Part-Time French/English Teacher/Tutor Wanted

    Passionate about puns? Excited by literature? Eager to help students succeed in English/French?

    We are currently seeking part-time teacher-tutors for a role in our learning centre. This position is perfect for anyone who loves working with students, enjoys teaching the ins and outs of language, and is passionate about helping others build their skills in this area.

    Tutor-teachers at Oxford Learning do not have to lesson plan before class, as all lessons are pre-planned. Applicants will be fully trained in our proprietary philosophy and methods.

    Position Requirements:

    All Teacher-Tutors at Oxford Learning work during after-school and evening hours, Monday to Thursday from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. A commitment until the end of the school year is preferred. Your students will love working with you, and being reliable is a must.

    This role is in-person. You must be able to commute to this location. This is not an online position. Vulnerable sector screening is mandatory.

    We encourage you to apply if you have the majority of the following requirements:


    • Bachelor’s degree or similar certification in a relevant field
    • Fourth year university students with extensive tutoring experience will be considered
    • Teaching certification an asset
    • Good knowledge of the current Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum


    • Some experience teaching/tutoring at a Kindergarten to Grade 12 (or equivalent) level
    • Strong English written and oral communication skills and ability to guide students' understanding
    • Ability to multitask and balance working with up to three students at a time


    You will work directly with students as an Interactive Coach with the following responsibilities:

    • Teaching up to 3 students at a time at different levels
    • Teaching online and in-person
    • Following the Oxford Learning methodologies and philosophies
    • Filling in post-lesson notes
    • Completing daily student communication updates
    • Maintaining a friendly and professional manner at all times

    Smiles, High-Fives & Happy Students

    In this position, you will play a key role in helping students develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. The rewards of helping children overcome academic hurdles and realize their inner potential can be very fulfilling. You will be rewarded with smiling faces and high-fives during every shift. Other rewards of the role include:

    • fun staff events
    • ongoing training opportunities
    • frequent check-ins and feedback
    • company growth opportunities
    • hands-on development of your teaching skills

    Job Type: Part-time

    Salary Range: $18 to $20 per hour


    • Evenings
    • Monday to Thursday

    About Oxford Learning

    Oxford Learning is a Canadian supplemental education provider helping students get better grades since 1984. Offering a full range of programs for students of all ages and abilities, Oxford Learning uses the science of cognitive learning to help all students develop stronger learning skills they can rely on for life!

    Are you the superstar teacher-tutor we have been searching for? Apply now!

    Please send your cover letter and resume to:

    Tiffany Bere

    Oxford Learning Paris

    1084 Rest Acres Road, Paris



    We thank all applicants for their interest in joining the team at Oxford Learning Paris. However, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.

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