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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Both Bryn's mum and I are completely astounded and very proud of his progress on not only his academics, but more importantly his confidence and maturity that he has shown to his work these past 12 months. We can confidently say that your team has been a tremendous influence, inspiration and mentor to him. Thank you for your investment in Bryn. It's made a difference which we greatly appreciate. And I'm certain Bryn would agree. Sandy and Tanya R.

Sandy and Tanya R.

This letter is in appreciation of the hard work of you and your staff with respect to Matthew’s amazing progress since he has been enrolled with you at Oxford Learning. As a French Immersion student with limited French support available from us, Matthew has moved to the very top of his class due to your support and tutelage. As well, Matthew’s study habits, and confidence has improved significantly, and with your assistance he finds himself at the very top of his class in most subjects. Matthew cherished his time with you and your staff, and we believe he has developed habits that will serve him a lifetime. We do not hesitate to recommend you and your staff to anyone considering Oxford Learning for their children. Michael & Jody S

Michael & Jody S

Dear Oxford Learning Staff (from student), You have helped me improve on my reading, math, and helped me build on my self confidence. I have learned a lot of skills that I can also apply to my schoolwork and homework. I have made lots of friends and built on my social skills. If I didn’t come, I would probably still get my “b's” and “d's” mixed up and I might still have messy writing. Oxford Learning has helped me so much. Thank you Oxford Learning staff! From Annika S.

Annika S.

I am a past student from your program and I'd like to give a huge thank you for everything. When I started in the program I was just starting grade three and couldn't read, write and could only do a little bit of math. Now I am going into my fourth year of university and just got accepted into a special BFA program that only accepts 8 people a year. I owe a lot of my success in my education and budding career to Oxford Learning. Every skill and exercise that I was taught, and all the time the teachers at Oxford Learning gave to me helped me get to where I am now. I don't think I could have ever got to where I am now in life and in my budding career. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program to help children and people in learning. I am very proud of attending Oxford Learning for the years I have attended. The centre I attended is the one in Regina SK. The teachers and the head instructor of the centre are amazing, they take great pride and care in their students. I know two of the teachers that have taught me are retired now, but a couple of the other instructors I had are still there when I visit. I really hope your CEO takes great pride in the work he has put in that has created an amazing company that helps children reach their full potential. I know without the help from one of his companies I would have never been literate. I really hope the best for Oxford Learning because it holds a special place in my heart. Tegan S. former Regina Oxford Learning student

Tegan S. former Regina Oxford Learning student

Deciding to send our daughter to Oxford Learning has been one of the best decisions we have made. In two years, attending two times a week, our daughter has gone up 5 reading levels. Upon enrolling her, almost immediately, we noticed an improvement in her self-confidence. This increased confidence enabled her to try harder, not give up, and celebrate what she could do, not just get bogged down in what she couldn't do. We found the staff to be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and motivating. Planner meetings were regularly scheduled, providing us with an update on progress. Oxford Learning staff did a lot of extra things – like birthday cards, Christmas gifts and open houses with the opportunity to mingle, visit, and nibble! I would highly recommend Oxford Learning to any parent whose child is struggling in school. Sharon L.

Sharon L.