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Why Some Richmond, BC Students Struggle With Paying Attention in Class

Every student will struggle to pay attention in class at one point or another. Attention struggles can have many sources, whether it's a disruptive classmate, a subject they are not interested in, or a non-stimulating instruction style.

But when students struggle to pay attention in class, parents can wonder if their child could have a learning difficulty such as ADHD.

The Oxford Learning Richmond tutors know that it’s important to keep in mind that not every student who struggles with attention has ADHD. In fact, there are many reasons that students might struggle with paying attention.

Signs Of Concentration Struggles: What to Look For

Common signs that your child is having trouble concentrating in the classroom include:

  • Low grades
  • A dislike of school
  • Disruptive behaviour in class

These signs don’t automatically mean your child has a learning difficulty. Before you start looking for solutions, the first step is to identify the reasons your child is having trouble focusing in school.


9 Reasons Your Child Is Having Trouble Paying Attention In School

  1. Lack of practice. Many young children have a hard time focusing in the classroom simply because they are in a new environment. This can also happen to older children after a break from school, such as March break or summer holidays.
  2. Doesn’t understand the material. What might look like a lack of concentration could actually be a lack of understanding of the material. This lack of understanding can lead students to stop paying attention and consequently fall further behind.
  3. Children need to be challenged more. The subject material in class may need to be more challenging for some children. Children who need high-level challenges in school can lose interest in the material and stop paying attention.
  4. Distracted by external stimuli. The classroom can be a place full of distractions, from chatty classmates to a cluttered workstation. Some children have a harder time than others filtering out these distractions, making paying attention to the teacher more challenging.
  5. Lack of motivation. In some cases, your child’s concentration problem may actually be a motivation problem. This lack of motivation can lead to a number of issues in the classroom—including disinterest in the material.
  6. Mismatched learning style. Different students have different learning styles: some learn best by seeing, some by hearing, and others by doing.
  7. Lacking proper sleep or nutrition. If your child is not getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep each night, they won’t have the energy needed to concentrate in class.
  8. Disorganization Problems. A disorganized notebook or workspace can distract students. Students who are disorganized in class spend time searching for supplies and materials rather than paying attention to the teacher and the lesson.
  9. School Anxiety. Students who are overwhelmed by a subject may simply check out, leading to dropping grades and confidence.

Solutions for Success From the Oxford Learning Richmond Tutors

If your child is having severe problems in the classroom, such as constant disruptions, distractions, or poor grades, and you have ruled out the other items on this list, it could be time to look into possible learning difficulties.

In some cases, these children may have learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, or Dyslexia. They may also have auditory issues such as CAPD (Central Auditory Discrimination Disorder). 

Each of these can be addressed with specific instruction approaches that the Oxford Learning Richmond Tutors can provide. Along with a customized learning plan, Richmond BC students with Attention Struggles can improve their focus and succeed in the classroom.

Once you know what’s causing your child’s focus issues, you’re ready to start making a plan to overcome it.

Give us a call for a personalized learning plan to help your child succeed.


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"To whom it may concern, Thank you for building Oxford Learning centre, because it helps me build confidence. When I am struggling, I will get a teacher to help me. The reason why I am writing to you is because my class listed companies that we loved and I chose Oxford Learning centre because it helps kids learn more academically. I come every Monday. I get to math, English, social studies, and sometimes science! Oxford Learning is not just about studying, it’s also very fun and joyful. This is why I chose to thank Oxford Learning centre."
Anonymous Student
At the beginning of this school year Isabelle was struggling tremendously in school. Her reading, writing, and comprehension were not at grade level, and she was finding it difficult to grasp new ideas and concepts. She was quickly falling behind in all of her classes, even by the end of the first month! By October I had enrolled Isabelle with Oxford Learning. I have always wanted the best for my child, as education is a very important issue. I had heard many positive remarks about your program and felt it was worth a try. As school went on, I noticed remarkable progress with Isabelle’s schoolwork and self-esteem. Her grades have improved and her confidence has grown to a new level, both socially and academically. She works very hard in school and is no longer struggling as before. Overall, she is a much happier student! S. Holmes
S. Holmes
Many times we have heard that the first six years form the rest of a person’s life. Now that we are coming onto five years in the parenting games, we feel that we are off to a pretty good start, in part due to the great crew at Oxford Learning. With the slogan, “We can teach a child to read at age three,” it is nice to have a service that actually delivers on that promise! T. Despas
T. Despas
The staff at Oxford Learning Richmond have really helped my daughter with virtual tutoring using video conference. She is practising her French speaking and readings skills during this Covid-19 school closure. Making sure she is ready for school when it does open back.
I have both my kids doing online classes with Oxford Learning Richmond - and are very happy to keep their learning English & math going. With the teacher in the video it feels like an actual class. Thanks
Nikki C
We just moved in last August, and Oxford Learning has been a great help with my two boys since then. My older son was ina bilingual school so I did not want him to lose his French, and my younger one is starting school so I wanted him to get started. The kids love the place and the program is customized for every kid. I could tell by now that it made a great difference and they came a long way this past academic year. Needless to say the administration there is very helpful and flexible with timings and the method of payment.
Oxford Learning was very professional and supportive for our Homestay student who was studying for the ILETS exam. They were particularly good at preparing him mentally for the exam day. Thank you!

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