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Hi Cindy! We have been thrilled with Mikey’s progress at school this year. We know it is partly down to his own hard work and that of his teacher but we also feel he has benefited so much from the support he has been given by the wonderful team at Oxford Learning. He truly enjoys going to every session and from our point of view we feel relaxed dropping him off in an environment where he can not only learn so much – but where we also feel he is truly cared for and his strengths appreciated. I attach a copy of the speech he submitted in March that made it to the school finals. I helped a bit with organization and formatting so he could paste onto cue cards but the words are all his. I truly feel it was beyond his grade level (yes, I am a bit biased) and is a good reflection on how far he has come since September. Also amazing to look at it and remember that he has always struggled with Language Arts. Thank you! Steph
We originally had Chloe going to Oxford Learning two days a week, but when we noticed how much she flourished and enjoyed it, we quickly signed her up for a third morning. Chloe’s eyes light up when she tells us about her mornings, and she asks if she has school in the mornings during our bedtime talks. She shrieks with excitement when we tell her that she does. We think that she would happily attend every day of the week! Our experience at Oxford Learning has been absolutely wonderful; you’ve given her a love of learning. M & G Vogiatis
M & G Vogiatis
I would like to thank you for what Oxford Learning has done for my son. Sammy started the Little Readers as a shy three-year old who didn’t speak a word of English. Today, just a year and a half later, he not only speaks the language fluently, he is reading and writing! Your centre has taught my son so much more than the ABCs and One-Two-Threes…His level of confidence, communication, and social skills wouldn’t be where they are not if it wasn’t for Oxford Learning! I will always be grateful to your centre for making Sammy’s first educational experience such a positive one! I will recommend Oxford Learning to any parent looking for a great start to their children’s education. Nadia
Advantage High School Success This is the first time that my son has ever actually looked forward to June finals. He’s now using all the strategies that you’ve taught him. He’s organized, manages his time, and he studies more. We used to have an ordeal every time a test came along. Now he just seems to handle everything so much better. Thank you so much! C. Strong
C. Strong

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Xuechen Sun

Center Director

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Anthony Warren

Beyond and Advantage: Math and Science

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Jasmin Chahal

Beyond and Advantage: English and Social

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Joanna O'Reilly

Beyond and Advantage: Math, English

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Rob MacDonald

Beyond and Advantage: Math, Science, English, Social

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Tianna Borle

Beyond and Advantage: Math and Science

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Tanisha Nkunzi

Beyond and Advantage: French, math, and science

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Samiha Sajida

Beyond and Advantage: Math, Science, English, Social

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Part-Time Math/Science Tutor

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Opens on: 2023-04-25

French Teacher/Tutor

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Opens on: 2023-01-16

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The Sherwood Park Oxford Learning® provides proven tutoring programs to students in our community. Customizing tutoring programs to meet the needs of each individual student, our tutors will help your child improve his or her grades and confidence. Our tutors are dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals.

Oxford Learning®’s customized tutoring programs help students improve in areas such as Math, Science, English, French, ESL, and more. Our tutors strive to help our students succeed across all areas and subjects with engaging, hands-on lessons.

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Oxford Learning®’s Math tutoring programs are customized for students of any grade and skill level. Our tutors help your child improve both basic and advanced Math skills.

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