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I wanted to thank you for teaching my son to read. Full sole credit for him reading in English goes to you and the wonderful staff at Oxford Learning Don Mills. My son attends the local early French immersion program (starting full immersion in senior kindergarten). When we started with you last year in Grade 1 in November when he turned 6, he could not read at all in English and literally only knew his letter sounds. This past year he has improved continuously – as your progress report shows – he now reads at his grade level (Grade 2) in English. It was most satisfying to hear him say I can’t read – and after prompting to just try saying the words he knew in the book he brought to me to read to him – he realized that day that he not only could read the words – but he understood what he was reading too. He is now so confident in reading that he volunteers to read out loud to others in a classroom setting! Thank you so much for providing the skill of reading to my child; you have literally changed his life! Please pass on my many thanks to all the teachers and staff who worked with him and continue to broaden his horizons every week. Warm regards, Nicola (Kaden’s Mama)
I wish to thank the staff and teachers at Oxford Don Mills for their amazing dedication to all their students. My son Joshua is currently in grade 2 and started attending Oxford a year ago. At that time he was reading and writing at a JK level but thanks to his incredible teachers, today he was evaluated at a grade 2 reading level with 97% comprehension and accuracy. I truly believe he would not have been able to do this without Oxford. He loves both Mr. Matthew and Ms. Nicole and looks forward to his sessions. They make learning fun and yet challenge what he thinks he’s capable of accomplishing. The assessment that Josh was given and the way his program was created and delivered was perfect for him , it gave him the building blocks and strategies he needed to progress and believe in himself. I am grateful beyond words to each and every one of the teachers that has worked with Joshua over this last year, please accept my sincere thanks. His success is a direct results of your efforts, patience and dedication to him and all the kids. -Nicole L.M
Nicole L.M
My son Oliver has experienced enormous benefits since beginning his program with Oxford Learning. We have been delighted to watch as not only have his grades dramatically increased but his overall confidence towards school work has too. He has also greatly benefited from the lessons in time management. The staff at Oxford have been wonderful and are happy to answer or meet with us to discuss Oliver's progress at anytime. Put simply the Oxford program has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommended it to anyone considering a tutoring program for their child. - Tamara M.
Tamara M.
I appreciate the hard work you are doing with our students, who have come a long way in their academics this year. I've been impressed with not only their progress but also their growing engagement with reading, writing and math. - Mr. M. (T.D.S.B. teacher)
Mr. M. (T.D.S.B. teacher)
Dear Oxford Learning, Thank you for helping me so much with all my work. It has helped me improve a lot. But most of all thank you for making me feel like I was at home when I came to Oxford. I thought it would be exactly like a normal school but all the teachers were so nice and always asked me how my day was. They would never mind if I asked a lot of questions. Thank you! -Michael Gr.8 (math)
Michael Gr.8
I have to say that your centre is exceptional. What ever basic skills Yasmeen received has helped her a lot in her current academic performance. She is excelling in math. Thanks to you and all the teachers she had. Looking back, it was certainly worth every penny and every effort. - Reem A.
Reem A.
I cannot express enough gratitude and satisfaction with the Oxford Learning Centre located at the Donwood Plaza. This centre is much more than just a tutoring facility. Since my son started at Oxford Learning, I have seen a significant improvement with his grades and his level of confidence. This is solely attributed to the unique program developed by Oxford Learning to meet my son’s learning needs and through the positive environment they provide. The highly qualified staff have consistently displayed their skills and commitment to mentoring my son. On several occasions, staff members have reviewed with me my son’s ongoing academic performance. This is a clear commitment to the excellent service they provide to my son and me. Oxford Learning will definitely become a long-term commitment and investment for my son’s academic development. -Anna N.
Anna N.
I really enjoyed my last class because I usually have trouble with math, but once I did my Oxford Learning work, I found math to be much easier. Stress for exams has been lifted off my back. Thanks! -Siemco, Grade 9
Siemco, Grade 9
I’ve been going to Oxford Learning for six months now and already I see the difference in my grades. Thanks to Oxford Learning, math is now really easy for me. I like going because my teachers are always around to help me study. -Liam A., Grade 8
Liam A., Grade 8
My daughter has had an amazing time in Little Readers. Thanks to you, she has progressed a ton! She can now read basic words and is working hard on her math. Thank you! -Victoria D.
Victoria D.
Just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given my two children. One needed math help, the other, writing. Smart kids can be cool these days and their self confidence and the respect they get from fellow students has improved right along with their grades. Report card day is a now something we all look forward to. It takes commitment from everyone, but the results have been dramatic. Thanks again, - The G family
The G family
I would like to thank you so much for your outstanding teaching for my Lucas. Lucas had his reading exam at OLPH and he made it to level H which is grade 2 level. I am ecstatic that he has a great start for JK. I hope he will continue liking learning. I will continue to bring my kids to your mini school ? Oxford. Again thanks very much. - Erly
Oxford Learning has made a difference in my daughter’s life. It allowed her to build confidence both inside and outside the classroom. She appeared more determined to complete homework without giving up like she used to. She was able to transfer the knowledge learned at Oxford to her other subjects, such as history, science, and French, and saw an increase her average in math by 5%! I am forever grateful for the guidance that the Oxford Learning Teachers have given to my daughter. With Sincere Thanks & Appreciation. - K.S.
It's more fun than school! -Eric, Grade 6
Eric, Grade 6
Nina loves Oxford Learning. Keep up the good work! -Natasha K.
Natasha K.

Don Mills Family

Leanne Salton

Leanne Salton


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Breanne Salmon

Breanne Salmon

Education Director

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Lesley Merriman

Lesley Merriman

Little Readers and French Teacher

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Tashon Daley

Tashon Daley

English Teacher

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Zoe Michailidis

Zoe Michailidis

French and English Teacher

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Eirini Abadeer

Education Coordinator and Teacher

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English and French Teacher

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Brain-Boosting Summer Camps!

Fun & Educational Summer Camps for Ages 3-12 | $380/week
Register for 4+ Weeks and Save $50!

Week 1: S.T.E.A.M. | July 2 - 5 (Short Week)
This camp is loaded with FUN! Putting it all together with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math! Each day, we will begin a new theme and explore how S.T.E.A.M. is a part of everything we do. Whether it is studying motion through a yoga pose or using fractions for baking, students will have a mindful S.T.E.A.M. experience!

Week 2: Around The World | July 8 - 12
Jet set around the globe this week for epic adventures! Kids are in for a whirlwind of global discovery and fun! Learn and explore all about the wonders of our incredible world - now is your chance to become an expert world traveller. Students will enjoy learning all about different cultures, foods, traditions and habitats. Lots of interactive group activities this week!

Week 3: Imagination and Invention | July 15 - 19
Dream big this week! Unleash your inner architect and design your ultimate dream castle. Think outside the box and invent something groundbreaking that could shake up the world. Get ready for a whirlwind of creativity, fun, and learning as you explore the wildest corners of your imagination!

Week 4: Olympic Sports Week | July 22 - 26
Let's dive into the Olympic fever this summer! Brace yourself for a week-long sports extravaganza where we'll be exploring all kinds of sports and cheering on our favourite Olympians. On your marks, get set, and let's GO!

Week 5: Medieval Magic| July 29 - August 2
Join us this week on a journey to a fantastical realm of castles, knights, princesses, and dragons! Get ready to unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in a magical medieval world filled with enchantment and fun. Students will create a knight's armour, design a treasure map and learn many new things to spark their imaginations.

Week 6: Space Is The Place | August 6 - 9 (Short Week)
What lies beyond the moon? Get ready to suit up as astronauts this week and embark on an out-of-this-world adventure. Dive into a black hole, roam Neptune's surface, and even grab a bite with some quirky aliens. Buckle up in your rocket ship and get set to launch into the cosmos with us!

Week 7: Time Travelers Adventures | August 12 - 16
This week, brace yourself for a wild time-traveling ride! We'll high-five some cavemen, zip through the ages, and even jet off to the year 3024 to design our own futuristic creations! Get ready to dive into history with our very own time machines - it's going to be a blast!

Week 8: Animals And Nature Week | August 19 - 23
Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! It's Animal Week - the wildest time of the year! Prepare to cozy up with some furry friends and uncover the secrets of creatures big and small worldwide. We'll be putting together a special showcase featuring our adorable pals and the mysteriously thrilling beasts. Let's get ready to rumble in the jungle!

Week 9: Wacky Week | August 26 - August 30
Get ready to laugh, dance, and party! During this last week of summer, we will let loose and celebrate. We will have crazy hair day, beach day, dress up day and more! Students will love the crazy antics this week and will have a great time having a big party to wrap up the summer in style. Our last day of the summer will be a movie day and a pizza party. You don’t want to miss it!

Back To School Bootcamp | August 19 - August 30
All Ages: 9 - 12 Daily
(30 hours for the price of 25) - $1298

Can you even wrap your head around it?! Back-to-school madness is upon us, gearing up for an incredible academic year. This week is all about getting that A-game ready and being the superstar of the new school term. Head back into class next week feeling super confident. Whether you are starting kindergarten, heading into a new year in elementary school or getting ready for the challenges of high school, we can help you feel motivated and ready.


Special Camp Notes:

  • $380.00 a week (save $75 on short weeks)
  • A deposit of $100 is required to register and is non-refundable.
  • Camps run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • No refunds for cancellations 2 weeks prior to camp start date.
  • All new campers are required to do an academic assessment ($50) prior to the start of their camp
  • Students are required to bring their own NUT-FREE snacks and lunch. Pizza lunch Fridays!

To register, call us at 416.391.1838 or email us at donmills@oxfordlearning.com

Evening classes run: 4 - 6 pm Monday - Thursday

Oxford Learning Don Mills Summer 2024 Programs

At Oxford Learning Don Mills, we continue the momentum of learning all summer long! Join us for our day camps and evening classes to ensure academic success and confidence for the coming school year.

Please contact us for more information regarding our 2024 Summer Camp (space is limited!)

Little Readers (ages 3 - 6)

For Little Readers students, our main goal is to build strong reading skills in English and French. We do this through our unique phonics-based programming that helps your child learn while having fun!

Beyond Tutoring, En Francais, And Advantage Programs (ages 6 -18)

Customized to your child’s exact needs, our individualized programs will help your child review foundational concepts, develop thinking and learning skills, and get a head start on next year’s subjects!

Please call 416.391.1838 to learn more about our summer programs. We look forward to seeing you at Oxford Learning this summer!


Elementary Teacher/Tutor

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-08-16

High School Math & Science Teacher

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-08-16

French Teacher/Tutor

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-08-16

High School Math & Physics Teacher

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-04-05

Effective Tutoring in Toronto Don Mills

Conveniently located in Toronto Don Mills, Oxford Learning® offers tutoring programs that can help every child boost his or her school performance. With personalized lesson plans that meet the unique learning style of every child, our Toronto Don Mills tutors focus on teaching your child in a way that is engaging, effective, and fun.

Our dedicated tutors help students reach their goals, whether they are aiming to improve their grade in a particular subject or building better study skills, like note taking, time management, and organization. No matter the subject, Oxford Learning®’s tutoring programs teach students the material and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in every subject, including math, science, English, French, and more.

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Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Don Mills Toronto and surrounding areas, including Don Mills, Lawrence, Underhill, Donwoods, Cassandra, Broadlands, Wexford, Parkwoods, Maryvale, Victoria Village, Graydon Hall, and Bridle Path.

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Math tutors in Toronto Don Mills

Our tutors help students develop a better understanding of the “what”, “why”, and “how”s of math, so they can develop a deeper comprehension of the subject.

Science tutors in Toronto Don Mills

From basic fundamentals to advanced applications, our science tutors help students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills to master science concepts.

English tutors in Toronto Don Mills

Our customized English programs help students of every skill level improve their English and communication skills, including reading and writing.

French tutors in Toronto Don Mills

Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are all covered in our French tutoring programs, teaching your child the skills and confidence needed to boost performance in French class.

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