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Beat the Odds This Summer with a Program at Oxford Learning!


It feels like spring is around the corner, and we at Oxford Learning have already started planning for our Summer Programs that we offer every year in July and August. Summer programming is key to your child’s continued success. Did you know that if students complete 16 classes through the summer, that’s the equivalent of just 1% of their summer?


We are excited to inform you that we have started offering an early bird promotional rate for our summer packages. The classes can be used anytime in July and August. If you are interested in our summer programs, we recommend taking advantage of this limited-time offer, as it is our lowest pricing of the year. 


Early Bird Price for 1 package of 8 hours for classes in July and August 2024: $395. If you purchase two packages for 8 hours each, the academic assessment fee (if required) of $150 will be waived. To secure a spot at the promotional rate, a deposit of $50 per package is required.


Research into summer learning shows that during the summer, students can lose two months of reading and writing skills and up to 2.6 months of math skills! Considering that students at all levels have fallen behind due to the pandemic, it becomes clear that they need summer learning programs more than ever! Oxford Learning summer programs can help your child beat the odds to get ahead this summer and start the next grade on track!


About Us


We are offering in-person as well as virtual classes depending on individual preference. Classes are offered in the evenings, Monday through Thursday, and on Saturday. We offer programs for all age groups starting from Preschool to Grade 12. We teach math, English, French, social studies and science to students up to Grade 8. For High School students, we offer tutoring help in English, French, functions, advanced functions and calculus, data management and probability, chemistry, biology, physics and computer science.

Two-thirds of our high school students achieved 80% and above this last quadmester/semester. The percentage of high-performing students in our high school group continues to improve each quadmester. Please visit our Events page for further details.

Please visit our Testimonials Page to review comments and feedback from our parents. Also, visit Our Team page to get more information about our highly qualified and experienced staff members.   

For our In-Centre programs, we strive to offer a safe learning environment for students and teachers by following strict COVID protocols, including temperature screening at entry, monitoring air quality in the Centre and installation of Homedics 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifiers, which include UV filtration and ionizing feature to kill the germs and the viruses. 

For further information and details, please call the Centre at 416.622.1800 or email us your inquiry.


The Etobicoke West Oxford Learning Centre at the West Mall has been an outstanding team to work with throughout the past 4 years. They have given our daughter the opportunity to succeed in her learning program and the strategies to work through challenges. The Virtual Platform that has been arranged during this isolation period has been a great experience. Our daughter has adapted very well, and the exceptional instructors, Laura, Manisha, Shaini and Kamalika, have given her the same experience virtually that she had in person. She has been using services available for both the English language program and the math program and engages with the program 6 days a week. This has allowed her to have some consistency during this challenging learning time. Many thanks for all the efforts and support provided by the team.
Aaron & Michelle M. Parents of a Grade 3 Student
I have two kids, in SK and Grade 2, both enrolled at Oxford Learning in the French program for several months now. Since my kids are quite young, I was curious to see how they would adjust to the online platform recently offered as an alternate mode to in-person tutoring. They have been participating in the online French program over the last few weeks, and I've been really impressed with the progress my kids have made. I've also been really impressed with the teachers' ability to ensure the kids maintain their focus and interest while also simulating the in-person learning experience. The online tutoring program has enabled my kids to continue their French education and keep up with their learning goals. I'm very pleased with the online learning experience and highly recommend it.
Leonor T., Parent of Grade 2 and SK Student
Due to COVID-19, my school has been providing me and my classmates with online sessions for about 6 weeks. However, when completing assignments, I feel like I don't get enough attention from my school teacher. Online Oxford Learning classes have given me the attention I need while working in a quiet, structured environment. During scheduled classes, there is one teacher for every two students. These small class sizes ensure I get as much one-on-one time as possible with my teacher. I also admire how structured the Oxford Learning program is. Teachers scan and send pages from your Oxford Learning workbooks, and have the same copies as them so they know which questions and pages I am working on. Once you complete a set of pages, teachers add the next book according to your weaknesses and strengths, so the program is completely customized to your way of learning.
Suhani P., Grade 6 Student, Mentor College
My two kids, Grades 5 and 10, have been going to Oxford Learning at Bloor and West Mall for more than two years now. They are enrolled in math and language programs. It is always a pleasure to work with each team member at the centre. They try to ensure good learning skills for the students and push them to reach their academic goals. The online platform offered is helping my kids to stay engaged in learning during this challenging time and to make sure that the basics are covered. I love it when they prepare for online lessons and make sure they connect on time. The teachers help and guide them during the session, and they feel that the lesson was so helpful to them. I am happy with the online learning platform and would recommend it.
Ornela A. , Jon and Justin's mother
Hello, my name is Rebecca, and I'm a Grade 10 IB student at Michael Power High School. I have been attending Oxford Learning for math and French since I was in Grade 10. By attending Oxford Learning and working with various teachers, I have developed the ability to apply different techniques and strategies to all aspects of academics and gather the determination to learn and excel at something new. I have learned and ensured that I always check my work, and by applying SQ-RCRC to my work, I can learn concepts quickly. Learning math and science concepts beforehand has helped me get 99% and above in math and science in Grade 10. Oxford Learning has groomed me to be a great student. It has helped me be a keen and good learner and built a strong foundation to strive to learn more. I have learned to check my work properly, analyze test results, organize my work, follow different strategies to solve questions, and also taught me how important it is to do your work properly.
Rebecca H., Grade 10 IB Student
I wanted to let you know that Katie did amazing on her exam! She got a 90% on her exam, which brought her average up to 83. She is thrilled. Please thank Ljiljana for us! Well worth the cost and time commitment!
Kathy M, Mother of Katie, Grade 11
My child has been with Oxford Learning for one year. What a difference! She has progressed very well in her reading and writing. I can see a change in her! The staff is amazing, very patient, and they encourage her to push harder. The staff keeps me informed and up-to-date with her progress and provides good advice on what we can do at home to help her along. The tutors are truly invested in my daughter. I am extremely satisfied, and I highly recommend Oxford Learning. I appreciate and thank you so much for all your hard work.
Liz F, parent of Lauren
We have been clients of Oxford Learning for the past five years with the Etobicoke West Mall location. Both of my children started at Oxford Learning to gain additional help with math at the Grade 7 level. My son continued on with Oxford Learning until Grade 12 due to the success and support provided by Oxford Learning, and my daughter is continuing at the Grade 11 level. The organization has been instrumental in both of my children gaining and understanding better math skills, and therefore their marks improved overall. The organization, specifically Kamalika, has ensured that communication is always open, and she has taken the time to ensure that my children have received the proper testing and proper follow-up required to maintain their success every year. I would not hesitate to recommend Oxford Learning to any parent who knows that their child would benefit from extra encouragement and practice with any of their school courses.
Fiona T, parent of Ryan and Sydney
Dear Kamalika, Bob and Lilliana, I wanted to thank you for the good work that you have done with Jasmine and Louis. I appreciate the personalized approach to the study plan, which takes into account each child's learning style and schedule. I am grateful for the detailed analysis of the children's tests and day-to-day work, which is used to customize the study plan to address any gaps or weaknesses that are found. We have seen great improvements in the children's confidence level and math test scores, and we look forward to working with your centre over the next few years! Thanks again for your efforts!
Shirley F, parent of Louis and Jasmine
My son has improved greatly since starting language and math at Oxford Learning. He's always been a good student, but since he started Oxford Learning, he brings home Level 4s in his reading and writing assignments from school. He seems to understand his school language assignments more and is more capable of working independently. As well, recently, he showed me a school math test where he received 90%, whereas before, his math marks were in the high 70s and low 80s. I like the extra math and language sheets that he gets for homework from Oxford Learning. He is working on reading, writing, multiplication and division almost every day. His attitude towards school has changed. My son loves coming to Oxford Learning, and he loves going to school. Thank you to the caring staff at Oxford Learning (Etobicoke West) for making a difference.
Anonymous Parent of Grade 5 student
I am pleased with the improvements my daughter has made while attending Oxford Learning. She has surpassed her grade level in math and French and is now focusing her efforts to further enrich her knowledge in these subjects. Her attentive and caring tutors at Oxford Learning have helped her gain confidence and feel comfortable tackling new challenges.
Edna H, parent of Rebecca
We decided to enrol our boys, ages (5) and (3) in the Little Readers Program at Oxford Learning (Etobicoke). Our boys attend without any hesitation 2 days a week. The staff, led by Miss. Laura, holds a genuine interest in our boys where every opportunity is used to build on their strengths and develop any weaknesses. An initial assessment took place to gauge the working level of our boys. From this point, our boys were taught in the areas of spelling, the letters of the alphabet, phonetics, songs, circle time and even math! From time to time, our boys will come home with certificates of success, stickers, an improved literacy base and, most importantly, smiles on their faces! Thanks, Miss Laura and Oxford Learning, for your incredible work!
My daughters (6 years and 3 years) have been attending Oxford Learning since they were just over two years old. My elder daughter began in the Little Readers program and has now moved on to the core program. My younger daughter continues to attend the Little Reader's program. In both these experiences, I believe that the Little Reader's program sets an early foundation by teaching letter sounds, phonics, printing, fine motor skills and, more importantly, the discipline of doing homework. My elder daughter has moved on to the core program that involves learning to read and write sentences, comprehension and math. Based on the feedback from her school teacher (she is now in Grade 1), she is well ahead in her reading and printing abilities. She is disciplined about completing her homework, which is an important skill to develop early. I have received feedback from other parents that are facing challenges in teaching good study habits. Oxford Learning has helped to ease the transition from kindergarten to Grade 1. We have also found the teachers to be highly skilled and invested in the children’s progress. They frequently reach out by arranging parent meetings to discuss the children's progress. They are also in regular contact with my daughter’s school to get their feedback. In the past, they have immediately reacted to any recommendations from their teacher and have complemented this with their own assessments. For instance, she started to work more on her math during the summer when some weak areas were identified. As a parent, these interactions have made me more aware of my daughters’ abilities and weaknesses. What sets Oxford Learning apart from other programs is the ability to identify weaknesses and customize a remedial program based on the child’s abilities. The program excels by pushing them to do the best they can. Thank you to the entire Oxford Learning team!
Anand P, father
I approached Oxford Learning Etobicoke West in June 2015 to help my daughter, who had just completed Grade 5 French Immersion. Our goal was to help her increase her vocabulary when speaking French and to give her an opportunity to converse in French over the summer months. She worked with a great teacher once per week. When she returned to school in September, her Grade 6 teacher remarked on the richness of her French vocabulary. My daughter was happy with the outcome, and we decided to return to Oxford Learning Etobicoke West in June 2016. I also appreciate how willing the centre was to accommodate my requests and share my daughter’s progress with me at regular intervals. I would definitely recommend Oxford Learning Etobicoke West to French Immersion students looking to enrich their learning.
Ruth S., Parent of Julia S. Grade 7 student.

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Summer Programs At Oxford Learning


Get Ready for Next SCHOOL Year WITH US!

As we are all aware  this school year has been very challenging for both students and parents due to the back and forth transition from virtual to in person learning in the schools. This may have created gaps in your child's academics, and summer is the best time to fill those gaps and get ready for the new school year in September.

Even if your child has had a  reasonably stable school year in virtual learning, summer is a great time to get a head start into the next academic year.

It is a known fact that during the summer break,  on average, students tend to lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in their academics. Therefore, an active academic routine through summer always promises good results.

Better grades next year begin with summer programs at Oxford Learning.

  • Preschool to Grade 12
  • Both Virtual and In Centre options available (subject to Covid regulations)

The Summer Promotion this year, where we are offering the lowest tuition fees, will be ending soon. We request you to register your child immediately so you can take advantage of this offer.

Please enquire DETAILS about Summer Value Packages & Promotions for this Year!

Please email us at etobicokew@oxfordlearning.com or call us at 416.622.1800, and we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.





















Better grades next school year begin with summer programs at Oxford Learning.

  • Preschool to Grade 12
  • Both Virtual and In Centre options available (subject to Covid regulations)

Please enquire about Summer Value Packages for this Year!

Tutoring in Etobicoke West That Makes An Impact

Oxford Learning®’s Etobicoke West tutoring programs help students achieve success at every grade and skill level. No matter your child’s goals or needs, our tutors help students succeed with an active, hands-on approach that emphasizes teaching children knowledge, confidence, and learning skills.

Our tutoring programs are customized to meet the unique learning needs of every student, whether he or she is falling behind in class or needs help improving his or her grades. Our Etobicoke West tutors teach your child the skills needed to succeed in particular subjects like Math, English Science, and French, as well as study skills, time management, and organization so your child can reach his or her full potential.

Online Tutoring • Serving Etobicoke West & Beyond

Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Etobicoke West and surrounding areas, including Islington, Eringate, West Deane, Markland Wood.

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Math tutors in Etobicoke West

Our tutors help your child build the knowledge and confidence needed to make sense of math, with individual attention and engaging, hands-on examples.

Science tutors in Etobicoke West

Science can quickly become overwhelming to students who are struggling. Our tutors help your child master basic and advanced science concepts and improve his or her grades.

English tutors in Etobicoke West

Our English tutoring programs teach students effective communication skills, including reading comprehension and writing fundamentals they can use in every subject.

French tutors in Etobicoke West

The tutors at Oxford Learning® give students the support they need to develop their French reading, writing, and conversation skills, so they can improve French confidence and grades.

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