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Research proves that children who don’t exercise their minds over the summer holidays can take up to five weeks to get back into the swing of learning when school starts again in the fall!

With a summer program at Oxford Learning, you can ensure that your elementary or secondary school student starts the new school year motivated and confident, with enhanced skills, ready to learn from day one.



In small groups with enriched individualized programs, children learn, grow and explore language. Once children master the skills of decoding by phonics, they’re off into a world of books. Ingrained in the Oxford Learning Little Readers Camp is an approach that also teaches your child more efficient ways to think and learn for lifelong education success. Little Readers Camp is also an excellent introduction to Oxford Learning’s year-round Little Readers Program (Ages 3 to 6) or Beyond Tutoring Program (Grades 1 to 8). Give your 3 to 6-year-old a solid foundation and an important head start.

Sessions and Fees: 

Half-Day: $50 per class 

  • Morning Session: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm 
  • Afternoon Session: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Full-Day: $100 per day 

  • 9:30 am - 4:00 pm 


SUMMER LEARNING: Programs for Grades 1- 12 

Enjoy a memorable Summer Learning experience:
• Celebrate the joy and challenge of new skills and ideas.
• Foster critical thinking, organization and concentration skills.
• Build new reading, writing, spelling, math, and study skills.
• Practice setting excellence as a standard.
• Prepare for higher grades.
• Find confidence and higher self-esteem.


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math 
  • Science 
  • Study Skills 
  • French
  • Test Preparation (SSAT, SAT and ACT)


Sessions and Fees: 

Summer Classes: $150 per class 

  • Morning Session: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm 
  • Afternoon Session: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Hourly Sessions: $60 per hour

Give your child the learning tools they need to succeed with Oxford Learning’s Beyond Tutoring.


High school students take pride in their summer learning accomplishments:
• Set priorities and manage time more effectively.
• Conquer homework and assignments.
• Improve essay writing.
• Learn test and exam preparation and strategies (including SSAT, SAT, ACT)
• Achieve better grades.

Propel your teen into post-secondary achievement and an accomplished future with Advantage High School Success at Oxford Learning.


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Our son has been enrolled in Oxford Learning (Forest Hill) for a few months over the last year. Thrilled to share that his marks have increased and his confidence has soared. Attributing these accomplishments to the management and teaching staff at Oxford Learning. They’re great at listening, evaluating and teaching and most importantly, they’ve helped our son learn the way that works for him. Highly recommend Oxford Learning Forest Hill to any parent that wants to provide the extra help that their child needs to succeed.
Marla M., parent of Advantage student
Enrolling our daughter in Oxford Learning was one of the wisest decisions we have ever made and we wish we had done it much earlier. Our daughter was having a difficult time in grade 12 especially with Math and Biology, but within a couple months at Oxford Learning, her grades went up not only in these two subjects but three others as well! Oxford Learning taught her to manage and organize her time better, study more efficiently, and worked to strengthen her weaker areas. Projects and tests were no longer huge obstacles, she became a more confident student and stress over homework went way down. We have no doubt that the skills she learned at Oxford Learning will successfully carry her through her Post Secondary years. -H, Parent of Advantage Student
H, Parent of Advantage Student
The online classes have been great! Warren is engaged during the class and looks forward to the interaction. They’re really easy to use and he has the hang of how to launch them already. Thank you for continuing to support his learning while we’re all at home.
Leah M., Parent of Beyond Tutoring Student


Part-Time Education Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-09-18

Education Director

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-08-08

Part-Time Elementary French & Math Teacher/Tutor

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-19

Part-Time Math & Science Teacher/Tutor

Toronto, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-03-09

Effective Tutoring in Forest Hill Toronto

Conveniently located in Forest Hill Toronto, Oxford Learning® offers tutoring programs that can help every child boost his or her school performance. With personalized lesson plans that meet the unique learning style of every child, our Forest Hill Toronto tutors focus on teaching your child in a way that is engaging, effective, and fun.

Our dedicated tutors help students reach their goals, whether they are aiming to improve their grade in a particular subject or building better study skills, like note taking, time management, and organization. No matter the subject, Oxford Learning®’s tutoring programs teach students the material and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in every subject, including math, science, English, French, and more.

Online Tutoring • Serving Forest Hill Toronto & Beyond

Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Forest Hill Toronto and surrounding areas, including Englemount, Caribou Park, Lytton Park.

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Math tutors in Forest Hill Toronto

Our tutors help students develop a better understanding of the “what”, “why”, and “how”s of math, so they can develop a deeper comprehension of the subject.

Science tutors in Forest Hill Toronto

From basic fundamentals to advanced applications, our science tutors help students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills to master science concepts.

English tutors in Forest Hill Toronto

Our customized English programs help students of every skill level improve their English and communication skills, including reading and writing.

French tutors in Forest Hill Toronto

Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are all covered in our French tutoring programs, teaching your child the skills and confidence needed to boost performance in French class.

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