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David was excellent with our teenage daughter, and her instructor is so helpful and relates extremely well with teens. Marks and confidence improved in just a short time!
Molly K - ". . . so helpful . . . marks and confidence improved in just a short time."
We had an excellent experience at the Hespeler Oxford Learning location. Our son attended with a focus on solidifying his understanding of math concepts and ensuring he had a good foundation heading into high school. Math became one of his strongest subjects at school, earning top marks, and his confidence improved significantly. The staff was wonderful to work with, and they were very flexible when we had to change or move our son's scheduled sessions due to conflicts. Highly recommend!
Kelly D-H - “We had an excellent experience at . . .”
My daughter has been going to Oxford Learning in Hespeler for over three years. She loves going and even sometimes goes a bit early to chat with Dr. David. Thank you, Oxford Learning for continuously helping my daughter feel confident in her learning journey.
JenR - “. . . Thank you for . . . helping my daughter feel confidence in her learning journey.”
I have seen a great improvement in my grades since starting Oxford Learning; everyone here is great at what they teach and super kind. I am extremely happy and grateful that I have come here for two years, as they have helped me get into all of my chosen competitive university programs! I would highly recommend this Oxford Learning to anyone needing to boost their grades.
Anooshka, S - ". . . extremely happy and grateful . . ."
Oxford Learning has helped me significantly with my Advanced Functions math class. I have learned more these past few months than ever in all my previous math classes. I no longer feel like I am at a disadvantage from my peers. I am proud to have understood most concepts in math this semester.
Emma H - ". . .I no longer feel like I am at a disadvantage. . ."
My time with Oxford Learning has helped me in school by allowing me to understand the assigned information that my teacher, confusingly, explained in class. It has allowed me to thrive and participate in class since I actually understand the material now. My grades have significantly increased in math since I started attending Oxford Learning, and they seem to be climbing further as the course continues.
Caelin S - "My grades have significantly increased in math . . ."
My son has been coming to the centre for a couple of years now for math enrichment and he absolutely loves working with Ms. Wendy. Both she and Dr David are so friendly, accommodating and just all-around amazing people and educators. I highly recommend this centre.
Gabriella S - "I highly recommend this centre."
A great investment in my son's future. David and his team are truly passionate about tutoring! They have been able to focus on my son's specific needs and help him gain the confidence and understanding he requires to succeed. Thank you!
John C. - ". . . truly passionate about tutoring!"
They have done an amazing job teaching my son and helping him with all this online learning.
Cherry L-W “Amazing”
“Hi, did X have a good first class?” “Yes, she did! I would describe her as feeling happy and confident after the session last night. Wendy was fantastic! I was most surprised by how positive her attitude was to the online learning experience (usually she leaves her synchronous math class feeling frustrated and overwhelmed... and I would even say disconnected). The absolute opposite took place last night! What a great start!"
The Absolute Opposite Took Place
Oxford Learning in Hespeler has had a profound impact on my son’s learning and self-confidence. Dave and Wendy are truly passionate about education and their commitment and inspiration have sparked motivation within my son. His academic average has improved by ten grade points. His favourite subject has become math. He is now setting realistic goals and planning an academic future. Our family has an immense appreciation for the centre.
Our family has an immense appreciation for the centre.
It has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. The level of effort and care put into the working relationship has been far beyond our expectations. Genuine care is taken and they really work to get your child to a place of success. I cannot say enough good about this Oxford Learning location. Thank you!
Pamela O.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and for thinking of your students during this very difficult time. Our daughter has been with your centre for over a year and has come such a long way in her learning. Having this online option is brilliant and she loves it. So, thank you for keeping her pathway to learning open.
Cindy L.
It is my pleasure to recommend Oxford Learning in Hespeler. My daughter had excellent success in both Grade 12 Functions and Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors. When she started she had a lack of confidence and difficulty with the pace of these classes. After spending time working with Wendy my daughter finished with an 89%, the highest mark she’s ever achieved in a math course. In addition to great results, the customer service and personnel attention were also excellent. Thank you Wendy and David!
Sandra E. - “. . . my daughter finished with an 89%. . .”
We loved the reassurance that online learning gave us as parents, but also our son. Especially during this time of uncertainty, the ability it gave for some normalcy and getting back to our regular schedule with Oxford Learning tutoring sessions. Having our son be able to continue learning when out of school for such a prolonged period of time is paramount to his educational success. We found the online tutoring very straightforward to set up and our son felt it was easy to use.
Sean W - We loved the reassurance that online learning gave us . . .
Initially, I was hesitant, but I am so glad Dr. David reassured me, and we took the chance. Our daughter is loving her sessions. Thank you for being progressive and moving online so she can keep learning. We look forward to being able to continue until sessions can resume in person.
Jen R. - Our daughter loves her sessions.
My son came upstairs with a big smile on his face. ️ He enjoyed the lesson. It has kept his mind positive. Great idea! Have a great day!
Christine P - He came upstairs with a big smile on his face.
The Oxford Learning Program has had visible results with our son. He is more open to learning, does not have a negative reaction to writing and overall, is a happier child and student. I want to thank you Dr David and Ms Catherine for all your help.
Anamaria T: The Oxford Learning Program has had visible results
Kids loved their classes today! We are looking forward to Wednesday.
Stephanie D - Kids loved their classes . . .
My daughter has been working with Oxford Learning for about a year and she has made tremendous academic gains! Her reading, reading comprehension, spelling and writing have all improved. She is more confident in school and loves to go and see her teachers, Dr David and Mrs Wendy! Oxford Learning will continue to be a big part of her education. Thank you!
Ana R - ". . . she has made tremendous academic gains! . . . She is more confident in school and loves to go . . ."
Oxford Learning Hespeler has made such a positive difference in our lives. It has given our daughter a wonderful sense of confidence, a foundation to grow from, a passion and love for learning and a healthy boost to her grades. It has given her parents a customized toolbox of strategies to help our daughter to continue to learn in the way that is best suited for her. Why do we highly recommend Oxford Learning Hespeler? The personal care and attention they provide, the connection they build with us as parents and our school, the highly qualified teaching team they employ, and the fun atmosphere of their facility.
Greg & Katrina M. - ". . . made such a positive difference in our lives."
I am very pleased that my daughter can keep up with her learning skills at Oxford Learning during this difficult time. She said that it is working for her and that she enjoyed the class.
Shane M - . . . pleased that my daughter can keep up with her learning . . .
This is the best tutoring ever. I hope they get an award!
Cameron E (Gr. 7) "Best tutoring ever"
So thankful to have found support through Wendy and David at Oxford Learning in Hespeler. Wendy took the stress out of compulsory math and made it bearable. Our goals were reached because of Wendy's approach to teaching and the flexibility of the centre which totally focused on the needs of the student. Well worth the investment and we would not hesitate to return!
Lindsay R. - "Our goals were reached . . . we would not hesitate to return!"
I feel very fortunate to have found Wendy and David. The personal care and attention they provide have made such an impact on our daughter's confidence. They are the kind of teachers everyone wishes they had.
Vintee I., "They are the kind of teachers everyone wishes they had."
Not only brilliant academic results but a positively changed teenager. Highly recommended!
Steven M. - ". . . brilliant academic results and a positively changed teenager."
You know it's a great place when your child wants to go every day.
Christine P.- "A great place!"
Wendy and David have made such an incredible impact on my child’s confidence and marks in school. When your child’s math mark grows 30%, as a result of their (Oxford Learning's) style of education, I’m not sure of any better way than to tell everyone I know how incredible of a place this is. Thank you!
Kimberly S. - ". . . incredible impact on my child’s confidence and marks in school."
Absolutely amazing! My kids enjoy their time while learning and have become more confident. The staff empower the kids and make them feel valued.
Amanda G. - "... empower the kids and make them feel valued"
My daughter attends twice a week. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. My daughter actually looks forward to her "Oxford Learning days." I highly recommend this place to any parent considering extra help for their children.
Thomas R. - "... looks forward to her Oxford Learning days."
I found the centre very welcoming and accommodating with people's schedules and other life commitments. You were very flexible with changing a session time if necessary or adding extra time when it was needed. The people working at the centre were very warm and friendly and created a comfortable environment for new students to feel at home. Thanks for a positive experience! I would encourage others to use your services.
Jana P. - ". . . encourage others to use your services."
Our daughter has always struggled in math until she started at the Hespeler Oxford Learning Centre. Wendy not only taught her math but also inspired her. Our daughter's marks went from the '50s to the '80s and finishing Grade 12 Academic math with 97%. The beautiful side effect from not only her results but her time with Wendy was seeing her confidence grow and how happy she was after each session. Highly recommended and a great return on investment in our daughter. Priceless! Thank you, Dave and Wendy, and Team!
Tamara H. - " . . . seeing her confidence grow"

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