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What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?

Our engaging & fun summer programs keep students.

  • On track academically
  • Occupied during the long summer days
  • Motivated to start school in the fall

Our Brain Boosting Summer Camps are Back!

Summer is right around the corner, and Oxford Learning Woodstock is excited to be offering our BRAIN BOOSTING summer camps again this year! 

While it is important for students to relax and have fun over the summer holidays, it is equally important for them to keep their brains active.

Just because schools take a break for the summer doesn’t mean brains have to! The brain continues to grow, and like a muscle, it will begin to deteriorate if it is not used continuously and properly.

Oxford Learning has the solution with our summer learning programs that offer the perfect opportunity for students to stay mentally stimulated and motivated, get caught up, and get ahead… all while having fun!

We understand that flexibility in scheduling is of the utmost importance for busy families, and that’s why this summer, we are making it easy for your child to get into their Oxford Learning classes!

No need to commit to an entire week- simply just pick and choose the days you wish your child to attend! Kids can explore all of our fun themes in just one summer! (5 day minimum applies)


Summer Brain Camps 2024

July 2 to 5 • Week 1: STEAM 1
July 8 to 12 • Week 2: LEGO
July 15 to 19 • Week 3: Minecraft
July 22 to 26 • Week 4: Super Mario
July 29 to August 1 • Week 5: Artistic Adventure
August 6 to 5 • Week 6: Drama 
August 12 to 16 • Week 7: Harry Potter
August 19 to 23 • Week 8: STEAM 2

Spaces are limited. Contact us for more details!/p>


Woodstock Oxford Learning Centre is great! My daughter was struggling with math and science and had trouble focusing on her work. Emily and the team at Oxford Learning have given her the fundamentals required in order to be successful by teaching her strategies for success. Tips like breaking down the question, and how to focus and study have been invaluable for my daughter. They are patient, fun, and they understand that individuals learn in various ways. They tailored a program for my daughter and this has given her confidence and she is kicking butt! Thanks so much Oxford Learning Woodstock!
Jill R.

Woodstock Family

Emily Wilhelm

Emily Wilhelm

Centre Director

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Kayla Meyer

Kayla Meyer

Education Director

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Elsa Miranda

Elsa Miranda

Education Coordinator

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Kayla Mckee

Elementary Teacher

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Ryan Kwon

High School Teacher

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David Vaz

Elementary and High School Teacher

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Taylor Rounds

Elementary and High School Teacher

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High School Math & Science Teacher/Tutor

Woodstock, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-25

Part-Time Elementary French Teacher/Tutor

Woodstock, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-24

Elementary Level Teacher/Tutor

Woodstock, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-05-10

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Located in Woodstock, Oxford Learning® provides students and parents in Oxford County tutoring programs that use an engaging, hands-on approach to learning. Whether your child needs help catching up or is looking for more of a challenge, our Woodstock tutors can help your child reach his or her full potential.

Our tutoring centre in Woodstock provides students with customized tutoring programs in areas including Math, English, Science, French, and more. Our tutors help students build the skills and confidence they need to achieve results and succeed in every area and subject.

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Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Woodstock and surrounding areas, including Perrys Lane, Bond’s Corners, Dorland, Creditville, Sweaburg, and Beachville.


We are very pleased to share that our very own Emily Feeney has been awarded the FISH! Award at the 2022 All Franchise Meeting in Niagara Falls! This award recognizes a standout franchisee who celebrates every student, parent, and teacher who walks through their location's doors. Proponents of the FISH! Philosophy understand that you learn best in a happy and supportive environment.

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Math can be a challenge for students at any grade level. Our math tutoring programs are customized to your child’s needs, so he or she can learn math in an engaging way.

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Our science tutoring programs help students develop stronger thinking, learning, and studying skills so they can better understanding science, mastering basic and advanced concepts.

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Strong communication skills are a foundation to success. Our English tutors help students build strong reading and writing skills that can be used in every subject.

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Oxford Learning®’s French tutoring programs are tailored to your child’s learning needs, helping students of all skill levels develop stronger French skills and confidence.

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