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The School Year Wrap Up

The end of the school year is an important milestone for students. While the transition from one grade to the next always worth celebrating, not every grade is marked with the pomp and circumstance of a graduation. However, the end of EVERY grade, whether it is a graduation year or not, is a time for  review and reflection. Along with discussing the final report card, having a school year wrap up discussion is an important way to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of the past school year, both personally and academically.

Some school years tend to fizzle out…having a school year wrap up conversation can help ensure that your child’s school year ends with a bang!

Here’s how:

Take stock of this past school year

So the last day of school has come and gone. Lockers have been emptied, schoolbags have been put away for the season, and report cards have been read. Now it’s time to take stock of the past school year. Think of it like a yearbook page–an easy way to sum up the grade and make make this school year memorable:

Here are some discussion points:
  • Favourite subject learned this past year?
  • Least favourite subject this past year?
  • Favourite teacher?
  • Best project worked on?
  • Something most proud of?
  • Best thing that you read or watched this year?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of this grade?
  • New friends made?
  • Favourite school activity?
  • What work do you want to save from this school year?
  • What tip would you give other students entering the grade you just finished?

The school year wrap up doesn’t have to be a formal discussion; it can and should be a fun and celebratory way to mark the passing of another grade. Consider going out for ice cream together, and while you’re strolling along, you can also discuss your plans on keeping the learning momentum going for the summer break.

It’s also a great opportunity to talk about summer learning, and make plans to keep the academic momentum going all year long!


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