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Does Your Child Have Study Skills for Success? Oxford Learning Investigates.

Study Skills

Tests usually make up a big portion of final grades – so it’s no wonder that they can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for students and parents alike! Writing a successful test is the culmination of many factors including class attendance, asking questions as they arise, regular homework completion, note taking, and dedicated study sessions. Test performance can also be influenced by other factors like sleep and diet (check out our list of amazing brain foods to get young minds ready for learning!). 

Have you noticed that your child’s test results have been slipping or that your child is experiencing a lot of stress around test time?

Oxford Learning is looking to hear from you about your experiences with tests and exams. Take the 2-minute poll below!

If your student is having difficulty understanding the material for his/her next test, Oxford Learning can help! Our learning programs teach students to develop better time management skills, take better study notes and beat procrastination all while providing stimulating practice tests and study tips.

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