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5 Easy Summer Reading Tips For Parents

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Summer reading is important. Yes, it’s summer! But there are some easy ways to implement summer reading.

In the summer, there is the dreaded phenomenon known as the ‘summer slide’ where many students tend to lose much of what they learned during the school year in the summer months. While it’s tempting to let your kids relax and have fun during the summer, they should also still be learning. There are fun ways to keep learning during the summer where it won’t cause any arguments. 

Keeping children reading during the summer is vital. It’s a skill that children shouldn’t let dwindle during the summertime. Reading is an important life skill that we all need, especially children. 

There are so many benefits of daily reading, and here are five tips on how to get your child reading daily during the summer. 

5 Easy Ways to Start Summer Reading

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1. Read to Them This Summer

Reading aloud to your child is the most important thing you can do to help them become successful readers. Give your story times a selection of books to choose from. Be constant and patient, then observe the magic happen.

Your youngster must have some degree of comprehension in order to hear a book read aloud. And comprehension is the first essential skill in order to begin summer reading. 

It’s important for children to master the ability to listen before they can read independently.

They advise that reading aloud to your child while reading aloud to them one-on-one is a fantastic bonus. Additionally, entertaining elements like goofy voices, music, and other adornments are included in them.

2. Have a Summer Topic a Day or Week

Getting your students to read during the summer is easier said than done. The simplest way to manage what your kids read is to assign one topic every day. Staying academically motivated and critically thinking may be achieved by devoting 10-15 minutes daily to one subject. 

You can choose from a variety of topics that interest your child. Are they interested in dogs? Choose a dog breed a day to read about. Maybe it’s dinosaurs? Or perhaps it’s space. Choose an overarching topic and find smaller ones within it. 

That’s it; this will help to keep you organized and your child interested!

3. Take Trips to the Library This Summer

Making a trip to the public library is always fun. Encouraging your child to go to the library and find some summer reading material that’s fun and interesting for them will always lead to them wanting to read more. 

If your child doesn’t want to pick up any books, get them to research a topic that interests them by finding books related to that subject. 

For most students, summer is all about freedom, and this is an opportunity to make that freedom more academic by having them choose what they want to read or research. 

4. Give Them a Diary to Write In

The one thing more challenging than getting students to read may be getting students to write. Having them keep a summer reading log is a great first step, but you may want to go even further. 

Give your kids a diary at the start of the summer and ask them to use them as their diaries, writing down their thoughts, what they did that day or anything else they want. 

They will learn to communicate their emotions and sentiments in a safe environment, which will aid in their development of social-emotional skills. 

The finished product can be a fun record of their summer activities that they can keep forever.

5. Bake or Cook all Summer Long

Skills used in the kitchen check off all of the boxes. 

When cooking or baking, kids need to read a recipe, apply arithmetic to combine the components, learn about food safety, and engage directly with science. 

Your children may even learn about a different culture if you select cuisine from that particular area. Plus, kids who learn to cook benefit in other ways, too, as they are more likely to eat healthily and live healthier lives. 

There might be a little bit of a mess, but you’re also making enjoyable experiences that will last a lifetime. Additionally, you get to eat all of your work later.

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