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5 Literacy Activities for Young Learners

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Many parents ask “how can I help my young child become a book lover?” or “what are some ways my child can improve his/her language skills?” Everyone knows literacy is an essential skill for school success, and no parent wants his/her child to fall behind right from the get go. But it doesn’t have to be about relentlessly studying flash cards and completing reading tests.

Literacy can be fun!

Here’s 5 activities to help your child develop literacy skills AND have a good time!

1. Play games involving letters and sounds.
Board games are great (tech-free) family fun, and can build grammar and reading skills, as well as strategy, problem-solving, and numeracy skills, which are all essential to school success.

2. Read books together.
Nothing beats a rainy Saturday or pre-bedtime snuggle with a book. Reading together is great bonding time, and can (and should) lead to interesting conversations about what it is you’re reading about.

3. Get creative while reading.
Draw pictures of what you’re reading, act out scenes, put on a character puppet show, or make up alternate endings. Use your imagination and make your books come to life!

4. Visit the library.
A trip to the local library can lead to discovering new books, new activities, and new friends! Make it a regular routine and your child will anticipate library day every week!

5. Recognize reading isn’t always about books.
Watching your child sit down with a book for an extended period of time is ideal, but is not the only sign of developing literacy skills. Street signs, cereal boxes, video games, comics… your child can practice reading a lot of things that aren’t books!

*Bonus Tip* 6. Practice what you preach.
The easiest way to get kids excited about reading, language, and learning, is to do the same yourself. If they see you doing it, they’ll want to do it too!

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