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5 Steps to Unlocking Every Student’s Potential

Unlocking students potential

Is it possible to unlock students’ potential? Within every child is the potential to achieve great things in both school and life.

Helping students tap into their potential can be a challenging task—even for the most experienced teachers. 
What if there were methods that could be used to help students unlock their full potential?

5 Steps to Unlocking Every Student’s Potential

There is an idea called Whole-Child Design Blueprint, which has five steps to help unlock students’ potential. Here are the five steps in no particular order:

  1. First, begin by establishing a shared purpose and commitment to holistic development and fair results for all kids as the foundation for setting improvement goals and priorities.
  2. Then co-create a secure, supportive school and classroom atmosphere that promotes a strong sense of community and belonging.
  3. Now change the basis to developmental relationships — among teachers, students, leaders, and the community.
  4. Help to facilitate rich learning experiences that integrate knowledge, skill, and mindset development to set students up for success.
  5. Now participate in transformational change as a class by sharing leadership and ownership.


The Power of Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is the hero.

Many educators and students around the world believe that personalized learning can be a great teaching method. This is because personalized learning tailors the learning materials and pace to reflect each student’s needs and abilities.

Moreover, science is always discovering more and more about children’s brains. They’re unlocking students’ potential and gaining valuable insight into how teachers can unlock a student’s brain.

This is also why many teachers are moving toward personalized learning. It helps to give students more control over the materials used, learning style, and learning pace. Above all, this shift toward a more holistic education provides students with a more engaging learning experience, which will give students a solid foundation for the future of learning.

Subsequently, there has been a fear that personalized learning does remove human intelligence from the school environment. However, this is no longer the case—it extends it. For example, empowering teachers with learning resources will increase student engagement, improve grades, and autonomous learning. Most importantly students will build stronger resiliency and their curiosity will also be fostered.

All of which are key to unlocking students’ full potential.

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