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After months spent being indoors, spring’s arrival can distract students and lead to spring fever.

The new season affects both bodies and brains. Thanks to the increased amounts of daily sunlight, students might feel the urge to get outside and move around. For students, spring fever can look like restlessness, distraction, and even procrastination.

Stay on Track

Even though the weather may be nicer, the school year isn’t over yet! There are still classes to attend, projects to complete, and homework to do. Maintaining good learning habits and routines is still important: keeping school skills sharp will benefit students in the long run!

5 Tips to Beat Spring Distraction

These tips can help students of all ages beat spring fever and stay motivated in school until the final school bell rings.

  1. Spring Organization. Spring can also bring the urge to get organized. Put the bonus energy from the increased sunlight to good use with some spring cleaning! Students can sort through their learning spaces, tidy their rooms, and purge any school or supplies that no longer work or that they no longer need.
  2. Stay on Schedule. Minimize disruptions and eliminate procrastination by sticking to a learning schedule and following routines as much as possible. Rather than being restrictive schedules allow students to accomplish more, giving them more free time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.
  3. Set Learning Goals. Spring is the season of renewal which makes it the ideal time to set learning goals for the rest of the school year. The final report card is coming soon!
  4. Keep Using An Agenda. Agendas keep students organized and on track. For extra motivation, flip through the agenda for a reminder of everything that has been achieved so far this year.
  5. Get Extra Help. Online learning, end-of-year projects, and final exams can stress even the most organized student. Enlist the help of a professional tutor to help manage the current workload and learn helpful tips to manage spring fever and seasonal distraction.

Celebrate Success & Recognize Effort

This has been a very challenging year for students. Although it hasn’t been easy, students have been resilient in adapting to the never-ending changes. Continue to focus on all the positive aspects of this year and celebrate every success, no matter how small. The effort that students put into their learning, even when they are distracted by beautiful weather, can help them and make the most out of this school year.

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