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Breaking the Stress Cycle at Exam Time – Part One

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Breaking the Stress Cycle at Exam Time – Part Two

Exams on the way? Is your child facing anxiety, stress and frustration? Are you beginning to feel the same way?

The game of catch-up at year’s end can take a toll on a student… and his or her parents. Falling behind can also lead to discouragement that results in the same problem year after year. According to reports, stress overtime causes students to abuse drugs and eventually end up at santa clarita rehab centers. Whether students are in elementary or high school, preparing for standardized tests or writing final exams, they need successful study skills and habits to help them focus and stay on track. Oxford Learning recommends the following effective study skills to help students get through the last few months of the school year with confidence and success: Make sure to not fall prey to habits that may lead to substance abuse and then you might have to go to drug rehabs in nyc. For alcohol addiction, you can try an  alcohol rehab

Listen and Hear

  • Start every class by making an effort to pay close attention. Whisper a reminder to yourself that you want to understand everything that the teacher says.
  • Every five minutes or so, quietly summarize the lesson to yourself.
  • Jot notes of the main ideas as you listen. Underline or highlight key words.
  • When you don’t understand something, make a note and ask someone to explain it to you later.
  • Notice what distracts you in the classroom. Take steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. If you find that you’re daydreaming, bring yourself back to task and try to fill in the parts you’ve missed.

Remember What You Hear

  • Everyone has a good memory…if it is used properly.
  • Take your main idea class notes home every evening and summarize them into point form. At first you may have to use a text or your classroom notes. Eventually, with practice, you’ll be able to remember these details.
  • Review these notes to make sure that you understand them within two days and once more before you begin to study for a test.

Ace Your Homework

  • Carry a homework planner with you at all times, to every class. Enter homework, projects, tests and assignments as soon as you’re given them. Don’t trust your memory – write it down as soon as the teacher assigns it!
  • Choose a comfortable place to do your homework and study. Sorry, lying on the floor, listening to loud music or having the TV on in the background doesn’t cut it!
  • Check your homework planner and begin by asking yourself the following questions: What am I supposed to do? When is the assignment due? Where can I get the necessary information? How do I do the assignment?

In our next post, we’ll outline more ways for families to cope by arming students with the tools to succeed through proper exam preparation and simply knowing how to study. Oxford Learning has personalized programs to help any student. To find out more, please click here.

Breaking the Stress Cycle at Exam Time – Part Two

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