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Build Summer Math Skills for Better Grades Next Year

Summer is a break for students, but time away from learning can cause school skills to drop. All school skills drop over the summer but math skills drop the most. It’s easier to lose math skills than reading skills because both children and parents alike forget about math outside of the school classroom. That’s where a summer math tutor comes in!

Math isn’t just for the classroom! Mathematics is an important part of everyday life, used in areas such as cooking, planning, shopping, driving, etc. Without it, how would teens learn how much they need to save for school or how much they need to upgrade their phone?

Math Can Be Challenging

Math is often thought of as the most challenging school subject. For many students, understanding math does not happen intuitively or automatically, it requires plenty of effort and practice to understand math concepts. Math requires patience and persistence—skills that many students are not great at.

Strengthen Math Skills This Summer

There are plenty of ways for children to keep their math skills active and avoid the summer brain drain. Studies have found that:

  • Students can increase their math retention by 2/3 simply by doing 10 minutes of math per day in the summer
  • Adding 10 minutes of math homework per day can lead to students’ lost progress in math dropping by 1/3
  • Regular physical activity can lead to increased concentration and improved mathematics and test scores

How Summer Math Programs Can Help

Whether your child has a great math performance or needs some help in the subject, working on math skills this summer programs can help. Math summer programs allow your child to explore complex mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way. Summer math tutors help students succeed in two main ways:

  1. Build Math Confidence. One of the biggest obstacles that students face when struggling in math is with their confidence. When students work on building math confidence, they’re less afraid to make mistakes. They’re also more likely to challenge themselves to handle more difficult math problems. As a result, the student’s math skills and confidence increase.
  2. Practice and Preparation. Math curriculum moves quickly. When students miss a math concept, they can easily fall behind. By working on key concepts and practising until mastery, students catch on missed concepts, build math confidence, and even get ahead of the curve with an early introduction to next year’s math skills.

Get A Head Start This Summer!

Covid-19, lockdowns, and the global pandemic have caused all students to fall behind. For many students, learning motivation has completely waned. That’s why fun and exciting summer programs that are customized to each child’s learning needs are necessary! Not just to catch up and get ahead in math concepts, but to rediscover their joy for learning…this summer, and all year long. Contact a location near you to enrol today!

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