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Is Your Child Reading Enough? Oxford Learning Investigates

Strong comprehension skills are essential for learning and extremely important to practice with your child from a young age. Developing good reading habits has a profound impact on comprehension levels, and impacts a student’s ability to understand words, concepts, instructions, and even develop new memories. Making time to read every day is an important part of ensuring that students are building these skills both at home and in the classroom. (Having a tough time getting your child to pick up a book? Check out these tips on getting your child excited about reading). 

Does your child snuggle up with books, or is he/she or struggling to keep up? Take the survey below and let us know about your child’s reading habits.

If your child needs help in school, Oxford Learning offers reading tutoring programs that are designed to improve his or her learning and comprehension skills with one-on-one tutoring sessions and engaging lesson material. Contact us today to learn more!

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