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Getting Into the School Swing After the Holidays

Goal setting

A New Year means a chance to set new academic goals for the year ahead! The most common goals during the New Year involve finances, health, fitness, and well-being. 

But what about goals for school? 

Setting new academic goals is a great way for students to contemplate what they would like to achieve academically in the coming year. 

New Year, New Academic Goals

Over the holidays, students can easily fall into a comfortable routine and stop prioritizing their schooling. But now that the New Year is here, it’s time for students to get back on track! 

Setting school goals is a great way to help students transition into the learning mindset and prepare to return to class refreshed and energized for the year ahead.

Students can set goals in different areas, including:

  • Improving Marks in different school subjects; math, French, science, reading, history, etc.
  • Homework Skills: procrastinating less
  • Study Skills: not leaving studying to the last minute
  • Soft Skills such as time management and organization
  • In-Class Skills such as taking better notes and paying better attention or participating in class

Learn how to reset study skills with 10 new year’s resolutions for students.

Time to Get Motivated 

For students in high school, the end of the semester may be looming, which means exams are coming up fast. For elementary students, the halfway mark of the school year is here; if school issues need to be addressed, it is better to get started sooner than later.

While students’ educational goals will differ depending on many factors, setting them is simple when students follow the CAM method of goal setting. 

Ensuring that each goal they set is: 

  • Clear 
  • Achievable
  • Measurable 

Students will be more likely to achieve that goal. The CAM system encourages students to be as specific and realistic as possible. 

For example, a C student in math should not aim for an A+ on the next test but rather to improve by 5-10  points. Students can measure and track their progress by working incrementally and identifying achievement milestones, which encourages motivation.

Take Action Now

Every school goal needs an action plan: once students have specified their goal, the next step is determining what they need to do to meet it. 

Having a goal and a plan helps students stay motivated and on track.

As students check off small tasks and see the end result getting closer, it makes them feel successful and accomplished, which increases the desire to keep working toward the end result.

No matter where students stand academically, setting a goal for the New Year gives a sense of purpose and creates benchmarks for students to track—and celebrate their progress. 

Need Help with Goal Setting This New Year?  

Starting the New Year with a tutoring program is a great way to support students as they achieve their goals. A personal tutoring program can help close any skill gaps and help struggling students get back on track.

Additionally, a customized tutoring program can stimulate students who aren’t challenged enough to excel.

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