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What’s Happening in School in January?

January is an important month for your child’s education. Students of all ages and grades are back in class after an extended holiday break.

But that doesn’t mean that going back to class is easy! The transition to returning to the structure and routine of being in class after being away from school can be difficult for many students. Getting back into the school swing after the holidays can take some time.

What Else Happens in School in January?

As the first month of the year, January can act as a reset button for habits and routines in life. While many of us set resolutions for the year ahead, January is a natural month to reflect and review the year that just passed and look ahead to the upcoming months.

For students in Elementary School, January is an important month to set goals, review routines, and develop stronger learning habits.

  • Goal Setting: Does your family set goals in January? Setting academic resolutions for the year ahead is a great way to get students of all ages thinking about what they would like to achieve in the rest of the school year. Setting goals is easy with the CAM system.

January is the end of the first semester for students in High School on a semester system. The end of a term means that final exams may be given.

  • Final Exams: Final Exams can be a stressful time for students. In fact, research shows 61% of teens admitted to feeling a lot of pressure to get good grades. That’s why solid study skills are key for all students. The more organized and on-track students are, the less stressful finals will be.
  • College and University Applications. While actual deadlines will vary from province to province and across institutions, January is often considered a key month in the post-secondary application process.
  • SAT and ACT US College Entrance Exams. For any Canadian student heading to a college in the USA, January is the perfect month to look up upcoming SAT and ACT registration and testing dates and make plans for the upcoming semester.

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