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How Good Posture Can Help With Confidence

Student taking a stretching break to improve posture.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to manage a bad mood: meditation, time outdoors, journaling, and therapy, to name a few! But what if we told you that body posture actually plays a huge role in improving your mood, mindset, and overall energy?

The Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is a powerful one. It shows how our mental health can affect our physical health and vice versa—if either one is unhealthy, the connection can weaken, causing various health issues to arise. Unfortunately, many students are struggling because of the pandemic, so ensuring they take care of their mental health is crucial.

Posture, as well as general body position, gestures, and facial expressions, can heavily influence how you think, feel and act. For example, if you’ve ever noticed how sitting or standing up straight can make you feel more confident and engaged in a task, that’s the mind-body connection at work! There are multiple ways you can strengthen this connection to better your overall well-being. 

Improved Posture = Improved Learning

With all of this said, good posture and mindful movement can be highly beneficial for students. They improve cognitive function, specifically concentration and mood—two major components for classroom engagement!

Here are some tips for implementing with your child:

  1. Set movement reminders during homework time to improve productivity. Don’t be afraid to ask your child’s teacher if they incorporate movement breaks into the daily routine.
  2. Teach your child about power poses—body language that helps with confidence.
  3. Invest in ergonomic furniture that encourages good posture. Standing desks and certain chairs are a great way to avoid sitting in an uncomfortable position for long periods.

Confidence In The Classroom

We have more strategies to ensure your child feels confident as they learn! Check out these tips, or contact us today!

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