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Identifying The Source of School Stress

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Unfortunately, school stress is something all students experience. For adults, stress management comes with experience—the more life throws at us, the more we adapt. Most adults have learned mechanisms to cope with stress over the years! 

However, children handling stress presents challenges since their coping skills are not fully developed. Since school takes up a lot of space in your child’s life, ensuring that it is free from stressors is essential in making school less daunting. Learn more on how to loose all that stress and anxiety building up at Hollyweedcbd.com.

Recognizing School Stressors

When children learn how to overcome challenges and setbacks, they become more resilient students. But, school stressors could be presenting your child with more than they can handle, which can have long-term negative effects on their mental health. Identifying what is causing your child stress at school and teaching them how to manage these stressors are the first steps toward being able to perform at their fullest potential! 

11 Potential School Stressors

  1. Getting a good grade on upcoming tests
  2. Too much homework, which can lead to a stressful cycle of procrastination and stress
  3. Overwhelmed with the workload
  4. Poor organizational skills, resulting in no organization at all
  5. Busy schedules, leaving no free time to relax
  6. Poor sleep habits
  7. Anxiety around participating in class discussions
  8. Lack of support
  9. Transitioning to a new school or new grade
  10. Increased class difficulty
  11. Lack of a consistent daily routine

See a full list of school stressors by grade here.

Is Your Child Experiencing School Stress?

Thankfully, once school stressors are recognized, they can be worked on! Our experts can help your child better manage school stress and provide them with healthy stress management skills for life!  Contact an Oxford Learning centre near you to learn more.

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