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Summer break is fun, but losing learning skills is not. Summer learning programs at Oxford Learning stop learning loss in its tracks and help students:

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Here’s how summer programs stop learning loss and help students get ahead for next year.


Both of my sons started in Little Readers when they were age 3. My older son just completed Grade 2 with a glowing report card. He loves reading now and will finish chapter books in both French and English, in a few days. He has been working on his writing skills, which he didn’t enjoy before, and he tells me now that he likes writing little stories. My younger son just finished JK. His teacher was very impressed that he could already write his name before he started school. I have noticed him sounding out words on his own now. He read a whole children’s book out loud to me without very little assistance needed. They both also love the half-day camps in the summertime. It’s a great way to prevent the summer slide.
Oxford Learning has been phenomenal!  My daughter started to struggle with Grade 11 physics and needed help. We looked into a couple of Tutoring Service Companies in Ajax and immediately realized that Oxford Learning understood we needed more than just help with homework.   Mr. Alvin has been able to present and review the various physics concepts in a clear and concise manner. This has gone a long way (in a short period of time) to clear up the confusion my daughter has been struggling with, and more importantly, builds a foundation to help prepare her for Grade 12 physics.   Stephanie and the team really understand the importance of a flexible learning environment.  My daughter has been doing online tutoring and it has provided an excellent, easy environment for learning. Best of all, no matter the weather, the tutoring classes are fully available, and my daughter can independently attend her tutoring sessions without relying on my schedule to be free to drive her.   If you are thinking about tutoring services, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at Oxford Learning Ajax. You won't be disappointed!
My two children attend Oxford Learning. My son (who is 7) started the Little Readers program when he was 3. After completing the program, my husband and I were so impressed that he was not only ready for Grade 1, but he was ahead in math and reading. He is now finishing Grade 2 and currently in the Beyond Tutoring. Since starting school he has maintained A's and A+ on his report card. My daughter is also at Oxford Learning, currently a Little Reader and at 4-years-old she is already reading and doing math. I would recommend Oxford Learning to any parent looking to get his or her child ready for school, extra help, or to keep their child ahead of the class. I also recommend the summer program, it is excellent in preventing learning loss during the summer months. My family has been very happy with Oxford Learning, it is a pleasure when dealing with the staff. They are amazing people that truly care about the students and their success. They are very supportive and always ready to provide feedback and helpful tools so that I can help my children to be successful. Thanks, Miss Steph, Miss Nadine, and the Oxford Learning team Sherrie
... Eric says he's learning lots and glad you guys are helping him through his learning. :) Charmaine B. (mother of Ava 8 & Eric 12)
Charmaine B. (mother of Ava 8 & Eric 12)
We are very pleased with Oxford Learning and the accomplishments that our son has achieved. Since attending Oxford Learning, he has excelled five reading levels in less than one year! His ability to tackle school assignments and homework has increased drastically. He is more focused and confident which has led him to academic success. We would recommend that any parent whose child needs that extra help to succeed, start with Oxford Learning. You will get results. Thank you, Ms. Steph and the Oxford Learning teaching staff.
Mother of a grade six student
I've been meaning to connect with you to let you know how happy Megan was after you met with her the other day. She felt like she has already learned so much and I can see already that she is feeling more confident in her writing ability, so thank you for that! Thank you again for all your support in helping Megan and Harry be successful in their studies, it has made such a difference in all of our lives. Susan S. (mother of Megan 17 and Harry 13)
Susan S. (mother of Megan 17 and Harry 13)
I really love Oxford Learning! It makes my heart happy. I have learned new words and I am able to spell them.
Grade One student
Hi Tom, I'm glad that Debbie followed up after our conversation and came in to talk to you about tutoring support for Azjani. I am so appreciative of the attention and care you show with Lauryn, and I tell all my friends how much of a difference you've made for her. Keep up the great work, and I will continue to share my experience with other families looking for alternatives to public school teaching and learning strategies. Ann R. (mother of Lauryn 8)
Ann R. (mother of Lauryn 8)
To The Oxford Learning Ajax Team, For all your creativity, patience, caring and enthusiasm, thank you! Lauryn's improvement has been remarkable and she is confident because of your tools and teaching. Keep inspiring children to achieve their full potential! With warm regards, Ann R. (mother of Lauryn 8)
Ann R. (mother of Lauryn 8)
I must tell you that Mariam was very pleased with the overview that you gave her on how to understand the title of a book. Adam is also very happy with his tutor Mr. Gary. Adam has improved on his writing and he is now paying attention to his letters. Shannon K. (mother of Mariam 14 & Adam 11)
Shannon K. (mother of Mariam 14 & Adam 11)
Hello Teresa, I am extremely thankful for all that you have done for Dallas. I truly appreciate your efforts with him and his learning. Not only have you and Oxford Learning staff helped him achieve academically but his confidence has increased tremendously. I will never forget picking him up from class and him telling me that he enjoys going. I knew at that moment, before the marks increased in school, that I had made the right decision in enrolling him. I will always be grateful for your interest in Dallas. You have to done so much good in his life. You truly are amazing at what you do. Lizz S. (mother of Dallas, 12)
Lizz S. (mother of Dallas, 12)
I am so happy that we chose Oxford - you are having a profound effect on Hannah's learning!! Nicola (mother of Hannah, 9)
Nicola (mother of Hannah, 9)
Thomson, I really want to thank you for your help. It made a huge difference and I don't think I could have done as well as I did without your help. I ended up with 80% in Chemistry and 84% in Math. I am so pleased with my marks and hope to maintain them next year. Thank you for your help. I always enjoyed my sessions with you; you were always able to make it easy to understand and fun! Thanks a tonne! Danielle (16)
Danielle (16)
Thank you for teaching me things I thought were difficult before I came to Oxford Learning. Now it's all become easier to understand and I want to thank you for that. Vijey V. (12)
Vijey V. (12)
We are very excited with Marcus' progress so far - thank you and we are definitely keeping him enrolled for the summer months for his usual days. Simon mentioned that Ms. Erin was quite pleased with him and so are we. We can definitely see a huge improvement as well and we are very happy. We wish we could have placed him at Oxford Learning much earlier! Ana R. (mother of Simon 4 & Marcus 6)
Ana R. (mother of Simon 4 & Marcus 6)
All three of my kids attend (Grade 3, 1 and JK) and we see how well their confidence grows as they get older and and able to cope with challenges. All thanks to the extra help they gain from attending Oxford Learning. The staff and teachers are always willing to listen and propose well-suited solutions to combat any learning challenges my kids may encounter. They are now well above their grade level as a result and able to attain A's on their school reports.
Alvin P.
My son attended Oxford Learning as he needed some help with Grade 11 and Grade 12 math. Oxford provided the support that he needed and he ended up with really good grades! He does not think he would have done as well without the help from Oxford. When we had to switch to on line tutoring due to COVID, my son continued to receive the same level of support as he was receiving in person. Huge thank you to the entire Oxford staff, you have all been amazing!
We found the services provided by Oxford Learning were excellent. My son received instruction for Grade 12 math. The tutor supplied was the best tutor he's had. I wish I came across Oxford Learning for my son from Grade 9 and up. We highly recommend their services. Thank you again for helping us remember our appointments. :)
Mary-Lou E.
Oxford Learning Ajax has been phenomenal! I cannot say enough good things. We already saw marked improvements in our child's reading within just two months, and within seven months, they are reading at their upcoming grade level and continuing to improve every week. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and helpful, and the regularly scheduled progress reports really help us as parents to know how things are going. Would recommend it to everyone!
Our kids have been attending Ajax Oxford Learning for more than six years and have absolutely loved it and have had such a positive learning experience. It’s one of the classes they never asked to quit, which speaks volumes. The teachers and staff are so amazing with the kids. Oxford Learning has definitely helped our kids excel in school. Highly recommend Ajax Oxford Learning to those interested in enriching their kids' learning!


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