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Thanks again for all of your help over the past 10 months. You really have made a huge difference. Our son has been attending Oxford Learning Centre twice a week since January 2013 and we have seen huge growth in his reading ability, confidence, and a significant decrease in his escape related behaviours at school. In January 2013, Marla assessed our 7 year old at a Junior Kindergarten reading level. Thanks to Marla and her teaching team's help, he finished the 2013 school year with a B on his report card, representing he was at the expected reading level for a typical grade one student. Marla and her teaching team at Oxford Learning Centre were skilled in the Ministry of Educations expectations, able to understand our son’s behavioural needs as a busy growing boy, and clear with us as parents about what support would be necessary for him to excel in school. Marla was always available to meet if we had questions and willing to provide her professional input. Thanks to Marla and her team for giving our son the skills he needed to be confident and successful at school. In his words “grade two is easier than grade one, because I go to Oxford Learning”. - Andrea Trafford and Patrick Byrne
Andrea Trafford and Patrick Byrne
“Oxford is a great learning environment with extraordinary teachers and staff. Oxford has helped me accomplish many of my goals and has helped me overcome my struggles at school.” - Sam. Grade 9
Sam. Grade 9
“I like Oxford because they help you when you are stuck on your work and need extra help. They have challenge questions to challenge kids! The teachers always have positive things to say to us when we’re feeling down about school. They help anyone who wants help with their work.” - Kaiyah. Grade 7
Kaiyah. Grade 7
Our son Nischal had problems with a few sounds and his kindergarten teacher was complaining he was behind in his reading level. He was upset and cried a lot because he knew he was behind in his reading. He would come home and tell us that he didn’t want to go to school anymore because he couldn’t pronounce words correctly. We tried so many different things and nothing worked. Finally we found Oxford Learning Barrie North where he has built a very strong foundation for reading. At first he was so scared of meeting his new teachers, but soon enough he was very comfortable with them. This is because of Trish and the Oxford team! They were very kind to our son and the way they helped him improve his weaknesses is very effective. He was over the moon when he read his book by himself! There are no more complaints from school and he has been happy to go to school every day. He has improved a lot! Thank you to Trish and the team…you are doing a great job that can’t be described with words. A big thumbs up from our family! - The Perera Family
The Perera Family
“Oxford has helped my son overcome many of his academic challenges and he feels great about his abilities in school. Thank you Oxford!” - Jack. Father of a Grade 9 student
Jack. Father of a Grade 9 student
Team Oxford Learning is the Best! Good morning I just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you for a wonderful afternoon skating. Nick and I especially wanted to thank you Katie and Brent for helping out the kids on the ice. It was pretty tricky with 4 of us being newbies and 1 experienced skater. Lol! Anyways thanks a bunch.
Sam (Tia's Mom)
Thank you again for your understanding and amazing flexibility. Carly was so proud to announce that she won the reading contest and show off her water bottle that says ‘Oxford Learning!' The life skills you are teaching are showing, and as a result, Carly’s self-esteem and confidence are soaring! These are real results that no one can take away and results that are so important for all areas of her life. Thank you.
Oxford Learning was our lifesaver! When my son first started Oxford Learning he didn't know how to spell or read most sight words. In a matter of less than one month my son can not only spell and read all sight words plus more but he can also recognize the words. Thank you for believing in my son! ❤❤❤
Cathy A.

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