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Summer break is fun, but losing learning skills is not. Summer learning programs at Oxford Learning stop learning loss in its tracks and help students:

  • catch up on key subjects
  • build stronger learning skills
  • start their next grade ahead of the curve

Here’s how summer programs stop learning loss and help students get ahead for next year.

Specials & Packages

  • 40-Hour Package - $47/Hr
  • Get Ahead Package: purchase a minimum of 24 hours and receive a 10% discount.
  • Are You Ready for Grade 9 Math? Boot camp program (min. 24 hours and receive a 5% discount)
  • Referral Special: Refer a friend and receive a 10% discount on summer tuition (new students only)

Please call 519.624.8762 to learn more about our summer programs. We look forward to seeing you at Oxford Learning this summer!

Summer 2024 Reading Challenge:

We want to see all the places we can go to when we read books. All of those adventures that are discovered by reading teach us about the world and the power of imagination.

We have a bulletin board up in the centre where we want to see just how far we can go. We have set a goal of reading 200 books by the end of summer! Will you help us achieve this goal?

There are prizes up for grabs for participating each month! Each book read will give you a ballot to win a prize.  

Want more ballots? Write a book report or book review (depending on your age/grade) and get 5 MORE BALLOTS!

We have templates at the center for you to use and hand in.

We hope to keep all the filled-out templates and put them in a binder for everyone to see and maybe get ideas for a new book to read. Your review could also lead someone else on a magical journey.

Read a book. Write the name of the book on one of our balloon shapes and have a teacher or staff member put it on the wall. We may ask you a few questions to see if you actually read the book;)

It’s that easy - Happy Reading!


Hey Oxford Learning, this is Eyosyas. I’m here to say thank you to you guys for helping me get good marks and grades, which you did. A special thank you to Nick because for the past months, Nick has helped me and showed me how school can be easy, telling me to be ready for anything. He also got me good marks so that’s a big thank you to him and everyone that I worked with in the past 10 or 9 months! Thank you for making me a way better student. I hope you guys have an amazing summer.
I would highly recommend this location. The program works wonders. I can see the improvement in both my children.
“My child had a hard time accomplishing his classroom work, but after time at Oxford Learning, his self-confidence has risen higher and higher.” – Hani
“Since last summer we were looking for a place to send our kids, where they can have proper guidance, learn, and feel secure. Finally we found Oxford Learning, where we can send them with confidence that they are not wasting their time and it is a good return for the money.” – Mohammad
"I am so happy with the progress Christina has made going to Oxford Learning. Her reading has far exceeded my expectations in such a short time. Oxford Learning has not only improved her reading, it has also improved her self esteem." - Flo
“Brody has been attending Oxford Learning for 5 months. He was incredibly nervous and shy at the beginning. The teachers have been amazing at helping Brody come out of his shell and have created a safe and welcoming environment for him to learn at his own pace. Over 5 months the teachers at Brody's school have commented on his overall improvement in reading and language comprehension. Brody is in turn more confident in his abilities and doesn't fear asking for help. He is going to continue attending Oxford Learning for the long term. It's a special "club" that he is a part of and now enjoys learning more than ever.” - Samantha
“Andrew usually does not like extra homework or extra help (school education after school time), however, he seems totally fine with Oxford Learning and likes the fact that they help him with his homework.” – Wendy
"We are very proud of Liam's progress at school and with the help and guidance of Oxford Learning, Liam has raised his math grade substantially. Thank you Oxford Learning!” - Karen
Over the last two years now I have seen a huge improvement in my girls' reading and comprehension, moving up 3+ levels. Oxford Learning has given my girls more confidence in school projects and tests. The girls don't have an "I'm stupid" attitude any more. I have tried Kumon in the past with little results, and it ended in a huge headache of take-home homework, which we just fight to complete each night. I have also tried Sylvan Learning; it was a good homework help and support. Oxford Learning has been a far better program and has shown much more success all across the board. I guess the saying is true: you get what you pay for! I enjoy that every six weeks you get an update and overview on how the kids are moving along. Oxford Learning has shown care in my girls and their progress. Thank you for helping us, We think you are great!
April Maria N.
About a month ago I enrolled my 8-year-old son at Oxford Learning Cambridge. It was to help keep him motivated to learn and not fall behind. So far he looks forward to his online classes using “zoom.” It has also taken a huge stress off my shoulders knowing that my son is staying on track. Since I am not a teacher I find homeschooling quite challenging at times. A huge thank you to all the teachers at Oxford Learning Cambridge.
Andrea N.
The director here is great. She has lots of experience and I’m very confident in all the decisions she and I make together for my daughter.

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Oxford Learning®’s Cambridge tutoring programs help students achieve success at every grade and skill level. No matter your child’s goals or needs, our tutors help students succeed with an active, hands-on approach that emphasizes teaching children knowledge, confidence, and learning skills.

Our tutoring programs are customized to meet the unique learning needs of every student, whether he or she is falling behind in class or needs help improving his or her grades. Our Cambridge tutors teach your child the skills needed to succeed in particular subjects like Math, English Science, and French, as well as study skills, time management, and organization so your child can reach his or her full potential.

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Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Cambridge and surrounding areas, including Branchton, Glen Morris, Sheffield.

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Our tutors help your child build the knowledge and confidence needed to make sense of math, with individual attention and engaging, hands-on examples.

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Science can quickly become overwhelming to students who are struggling. Our tutors help your child master basic and advanced science concepts and improve his or her grades.

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Our English tutoring programs teach students effective communication skills, including reading comprehension and writing fundamentals they can use in every subject.

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The tutors at Oxford Learning® give students the support they need to develop their French reading, writing, and conversation skills, so they can improve French confidence and grades.

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