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I have had 4 children move through the Oxford Learning Program over approximately 9 years. I have enrolled my children at Oxford Learning in the Little Readers program (alternative to Kindergarten) and the Enrichment program. My children have experienced improved grades in language and math. I believe that this program can help reinforce concepts taught at school. - Sharifah Yaseen

Over 9 Years at Oxford Learning!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the staff at Oxford Learning East (Markham). My 6-year-old son attended the centre from November 2016 to May 2017 for assistance with his literacy in French. I found the staff to be incredibly patient with him and my husband and I were both shocked at how little he complained about having to do an extra hour of schoolwork twice a week. It's a real testament to the manner in which his tutors Miss J and Miss B engaged and encouraged him.
 One thing I do want to note is that at one point I did become somewhat frustrated with the apparently slow progress my son was making. As the program is certainly a significant financial investment, I discussed this with the program coordinator Stephanie K. Not only was she willing to meet with me and discuss my concerns on numerous occasions, but she truly went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied with the resolution. In closing, although I withdrew my son one month earlier than originally planned (end of May), I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that not only did he finish at the reading level promised by Stephanie back in November, but he went from a D- to a B in reading. His teacher stated he had made the greatest overall improvement in his class and my son was incredibly proud of himself. Again, as I had stated some frustration throughout the process, I thought it important to ensure that the staff at Oxford Learning Markham East are informed of the final results and know how grateful we are for all of their efforts. We have, and will continue to recommend them to others. Kind regards - T.A.

French Success!

Careers with Tutor Markham East

  • Make a Difference with Oxford Learning

    Position Details

    Education Coordinator

    Make a Difference with Oxford Learning

    If you are enthusiastic, outgoing, positive, and want to work in an environment that is full of energy, then Oxford Learning has a position for you!

    As a successful Education Coordinator:
    • You will champion the Oxford curriculum, manage and ensure the quality of education standards and teaching staff.
    • You will communicate with parents to keep them informed on program progress and alter program prescriptions to best suit the student.
    • You will administer Oxford Dynamic Assessments, customize goal-based programs for Oxford Students and monitor programs for performance, establish relationships and communications with students’ school teachers for insights on progress at school. Create a positive learning environment for the student during all phases of the instructional program.
    A great candidate for this position will possess the following skills:
    • Strong English language written and oral communication skills.
    • High ability to organize and multi-task.
    • Professionalism, creative and eager to learn.
    • Experience working with children is preferred but not required.
    We Require:
    • High Motivation to be successful
    • A University degree
    • From 5-10 years of post undergraduate life experience
    • Flexibility in scheduling

    If you possess all of the above qualities and want to join a high energy group with a goal to see students succeed, then please contact us.

    Only candidates who meet our competency requirements will be contacted.

    Please email resumes and cover letters to:

    Markham East Oxford Learning

    Attn: Naheed Yusuf
    9275 Highway 48, Suite 2
    Markham, ON
    L6E 1A1
    Tel: 905-201-2700 Fax: 905-201-2702
    Posted: October 10, 2013

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What's New at Markham East


Attention all parents with children 3-5 years old! Our Little Readers are READING! With a strong focus on building phonetic awareness, our Little Readers Pre-school program helps young children aged 3-6 learn letter names and sounds. Once they have done so, students are able to begin blending the letter sounds together to form words.

Here is one of our four-year-old students completing a page in his Word List 6 book. This part of the pre-school program allows students to repeatedly practice decoding and reading sight words while also asking them to comprehend the words they are reading. Great job!


With thefall season upon us, the Little Readers have been very hard at work! Our daily art activities incorporate fundamental skills such as phonetic awareness, fine motor development and inquiry. Each week, various activities cater to the strengths of every child by allowing for musical exploration alongside creative and active learning. Students have learned songs and utilized their fine motor skills to explore the four seasons, as well as phonetically decode the F-A-L-L letters!

We are proud of our preschool and kindergarten students! Their art pieces are beautiful exemplars of what it means to have fun while learning!