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Hi dear Maya, Thank you for the report, I would like to let you know that in my opinion the teacher who evaluated my daughter did a correct reading of her strengths and weaknesses, I want to clarify that I fully agree with this report and I want to congratulate you on the accuracy of this evaluation. The schedule indicated works for us. My daughter is very motivated. Please let us know when the tutoring will start. Many thanks. MM.
My son attended the numeracy tutorials after class, which were extremely helpful in improving his understanding of math concepts. The tutors were patient, explained the material clearly, and provided additional practice problems to reinforce his learning. I would highly recommend these tutorials to any parent looking to provide their child with additional support in numeracy. Thank you, Oxford Learning Markham South, for a great job!
I enrolled my two children at Oxford Learning this summer for a month. It was the most amazing experience and the best thing that I could have done for them. At first I was hesitant as my children are only 3 and 5; however, from the initial assessment I felt comfortable. Everyone was very nice, professional and knowledgeable. Prior to attending the assessment I exchanged numerous emails with the centre and they always responded promptly. My kids had fun; their teacher was amazing and they learned a lot. I would not hesitate to re-enrol them again.
Shukri Deria
Dear Ms. Najma, I know for a fact when Vijay started at Oxford Learning his academics were nowhere close to where they are now. All he knew at that time was 'my name is Vijay and I love cars!' He has shown so much enthusiasm for learning. This I know can only happen for a child who is 3 years old because of all the love, effort, and comfort he has with his teachers and more so, his secure class environment. I still can't believe that Vijay can read! Thank you to his wonderful teachers! Vijay loves "Oxpord"; he couldn't have said Oxford when he started but now he can read, spell and write! Naraine R
Naraine R
My twin sons Devin and Ryan have been attending the Markham South Oxford Learning Centre for about three years. They both have become more confident in themselves since coming here and are more willing to do their school work. One of my twins who has a learning disability in reading and writing, has come a long way and even his teachers at school say how hard he tries. I feel this is due to the help and encouragement they receive from their teachers at Oxford Learning. Najma and Katie are always welcoming and willing to talk to you when you have a concern with your child’s school work. My boys are happy and are progressing very well at school and I thank all the teachers here for everything they do. I would definitely recommend Oxford Learning to other parents. Heather
Our little Smita continues to excel at school. I am happy to tell you that she has received an award for being an "Avid Reader". She also MC'ed at her school with over 500 guest attending. Her confidence speaking has come from confidence in reading. These accomplishments came from Oxford Learning; your teachers, your help, your support. Your school is surrounded by care and loving teachers and most of all, security and learning. Thank you. G Sharma
G Sharma
Oxford Learning has been a wonderful experience for my son on every way. His teachers are caring, patient and knowledgeable. He is learning AND having fun all at the same time. He actually told me, he chooses Oxford Learning over his regular school! Huge bottom of my heart thank you to Cyrus and all the teachers!
Hi Alice, Results from J’s math test written on Monday, May 27; I'm extremely pleased and look forward to seeing more of these. Take care and thank you for getting him on the right track in not only grasping the concept being taught, but also developing the patience for reading and problem-solving. With kind regards, S

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The topic of summer learning loss is far from new. As early as the 1960s, education experts have been studying the learning losses that occur over the summer break. Their findings were maybe not that surprising: the extended break from school and learning leads to a dramatic decrease in learning motivation and in subject comprehension. Math skills take the hardest hit, with many students returning to school in the fall significantly behind where they were in spring.

But it’s not all bad news. The research also shows that preventing summer learning losses is as simple as maintaining academic learning during the summer. In fact, the data shows that students who kept learning in the summer didn’t just maintain their academic standing, they were also able to make impressive academic gains.

There’s even more good news: summer learning does not have to be a formal to be effective.

Free from the time commitments of the regular school year, summer is an opportunity for students to make big strides in their learning—to catch up in difficult subjects, or to get ahead in subjects they are passionate about.

Whether in camps or in classes, there are many reasons that summer learning can lead to a better learning experience for your child:

  1. Summer learning is often more engaging for students.
  2. Students can feel relaxed knowing that they have time to focus on one subject without distraction
  3. A new environment, a different teacher, a fresh instructional approach—a new perspective can make a challenging subject “click”
  4. Summer semester is shorter, so students can see more progress and gains in a shorter timeframe, which boosts motivation

If you have been searching for a solution that will help make learning "click" for your child, consider summer learning. 

Our flexible scheduling balances out summer family fun with academic support that can help make next year the best school year yet.

Your child’s better summer begins right here.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate Grade 9 entrance exams at Oxford LearningMarkham South

International Baccalaureate (IB) is gaining popularity in most schools across Ontario and is a new system of learning. To meet the requirements of our parents and students, we have introduced IB test prep for grade 9, which includes English, Math, and French.

Based on past experience and Oxford Learning’s proprietary curriculum, our students have aced their admissions test and have been able to gain admission to the school of their choice. We have structured classes and individualized programs which enable each student to learn at their pace and gain success in their academic endeavors.

The concepts required to succeed in IB tests are taught in class; these include creative writing, picture analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving, Mathematics review, French (spoken and written), etc.

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Part-Time French Teacher/Tutor

Markham, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-11-30

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