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Here’s how summer programs stop learning loss and help students get ahead for next year.


My daughter is in Grade 8 and was struggling with math. At Oxford Learning, they were able to pinpoint the precise areas where she needed extra support and then provide a teacher to tutor her. The time commitment for my daughter was only 2 hours per week, and we noticed a difference after the first week! Her math skills are currently at secondary school level which means that when she starts high school next year, she'll be able to hit the ground running. But by far the best result of the extra help she's received at Oxford Learning is the confidence boost in all facets of her life, in all subjects at school and even in her personal life. We received an email from one of her teachers asking us what had changed in her life recently - as she was participating more in class and taking more pride in her assignments. I have no doubt that these changes were all thanks to the tutoring she received at Oakville South Oxford Learning. Thank you so much!
Tanya K.
My daughter has been going to Oxford Learning Oakville South for math help for two years. The work with her has been instrumental to her success. When the Covid-19 crisis hit and the school moved online, Oxford Learning was quick to act. We were a little nervous at first, but my daughter, now in Grade 10 said she wouldn't be passing if it wasn't for Oxford Learning. They are flexible and accommodating. The online zoom is fantastic! I highly recommend Oxford Learning Oakville South to anyone looking for quality, professional, and attentive tutoring.
Julie C.
I am in Grade 11 and have been attending Oxford Learning for 4 years now, and I can't imagine what I would do without it. No matter what subject I need help with, there is always someone who can help me and answer any questions I may have. The teachers always do such an amazing job helping and encouraging me to do the best work I can do. I love and look forward to attending Oxford Learning because I learn so much in such a positive environment.
Avani T.
I've only attended Oxford Learning for one semester but already I've seen a difference in my level of organization, my notes are much neater, and my grades have improved. For the first time ever, I set aside study time on the weekend and actually followed my schedule. I like coming to Oxford Learning because it is a good environment for healthy learning, the staff are positive, and we have a good time learning. It really has made learning fun. Justin Grade 10 Oakville South
Justin-Grade 10
After attending Oxford Learning for grade 12, I noticed a significant change in my motivation levels toward school. Oxford Learning helped me to realize that school was there to help me achieve my future goals and that I should take full advantage of what it could teach me. Attending Oxford Learning helped me become more organized and now my school binders and notes are a testimonial to that all on their own. I also learned the importance of using an agenda and I have handed in all of my assignments also I show up to class on time. After all of these things came together for me my grades went up. This was considered somewhat of an "Oxford Learning Side Effect" because my parents were just happy that I was going to school, that I wanted to do well and that I was more motivated. It took me a while but with the help of the team at Oxford Learning I know that University is now a possibility for me. Ian Oakville South
Thank you all so much for your help through the past four years. I know that I would not be where I am today without your guidance, help and life lessons, these I will carry with me for many years to come. Cyrus 1st Year at Laurier University
Cyrus 1st Year at Laurier University
My son has enjoyed his time with you and has grown in his confidence with his school work. Your positive and encouraging atmosphere has had a great impact on him. You always made him feel welcome. He felt that his concerns were being heard and validated. He also enjoyed the french aspect of the program. Thank you again for all of your assistance and collaboration with him. He has greatly benefited from the program. Regards, Jacqueline
I am writing to tell you how pleased my husband and I were with the progress that our son Matthew (age 4) made, while attending Oxford Learning's Summer Little Reader's Camp 2010. Prior to entering the program, Matthew could read and spell, however he was having difficulty holding a pencil and writing legible letters and numbers. Each session during the summer camp he was encouraged to write in his in-class and at-home homework books, and we were amazed with the progress that he had made from the first to last session of the camp! He was holding the pencil properly and his letters were well formed and legible and he made tremendous progress with his reading too! Matthew's progress was the direct result of the Little Readers program and his superb teacher. We could not have asked for a better more caring instructor in Miss Fanny and the small class size gave Matthew the one-on-one attention he needed. Matthew thrived on the challenges set out for him each class and especially loved doing 'homework", without ever being asked. He would tell my husband and I that it was time to do homework and he was disappointed when he was finished! The positive reinforcement of "sticker" rewards, and comments such as "Super Job", "Wonderful" served to boost Matthew's confidence. We will definitely continue with Oxford Learning's Little Reader's Program at your facility Nicole (in Maple Grove) in 2011 and would be happy to provide a reference. Sincere thanks, Sue & Chris Maple Grove
Sue & Chris
Thank you for all your help with my daughter during summer school. You have gone above and beyond and we really appreciate your dedication. Her marks improved at the end but she still is not doing well in exams and tests. I am looking forward to seeing her English mark after attending summer school. Kerri
You know you've found the perfect place with the best people when your children enjoy doing more schoolwork! Oxford Learning has created a safe and relaxing culture of learning both physically and virtually when they had to pivot so quickly with the Covid-19 situation. The Oxford Learning team is exceptional but a special call-out to Sarah for her personal touch and sincere interest in the student's success. While we've definitely seen an increase in our children's academic confidence, the impact on their overall confidence with improved organizational and critical thinking skills has really made the difference. Thank you all at Oakville South Oxford Learning!
Siobhan B.


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