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I believe that having my daughter attend sessions during the summer allowed her to get off to a running start in September. The classes at Oxford Learning got her back into the "groove" of school work. In fact, she was excited about starting school and I believe the support from Oxford contributed directly the smooth transition into her new grade. At the end of this year, she is getting A’s in English and Math! It wasn’t easy to convince her to think about "school" in the summer, but enrolling her for a few weeks seemed reasonable. Nancy M
Nancy M
Oxford Learning provides an individualized effective learning program in a low stress, non- competitive environment that has been of great benefit to our children. Summer programming provides an opportunity to reinforce this strategy through frequent exposure and consistency. Sharon R
Sharon R
We find that during the summer, sessions at Oxford Learning help keep our kids focused on "what their main job is". Their main and most important job is to be a successful student - period. We also recognize that it takes a while for some new and unfamiliar concepts to "sink in" and the extra time in the summer helps them to understand and review this material. Phil A
Phil A
Our daughters have attended Oxford Learning for the past few summers and have benefitted greatly from their summer classes. The teachers showed them simple and fun ways to solve difficult questions. Our girls hardly realized that they were working! It is usually hard for kids to get back into a ‘learning mode’ after more than two months of school closure, but because of Oxford Learning summer program, our girls had a head start. This gave them confidence and helped them to succeed at higher levels throughout the academic year. Paul S
Paul S
My daughter had a miserable time in grade one. By March of that year her reading skills were non-existent and her confidence had all but disappeared. My once happy seven year old dreaded going to school and her personality had completely disintegrated. That changed once Oxford became involved in her success. Now, at the end of grade two, she is getting A’s in both math and English. She’s excited about school and faces challenges head on. Oxford gave me my daughter back. Stephanie
I enrolled my daughter in Oxford Learning's Little Readers Program in the summer just after she turned 3. She went two mornings a week for about 6 weeks to have some structure at the end of the summer, and before our family vacation in September. Her writing skills improved immediately and she wanted to practice her letters while we were on vacation. The reaction she had to Oxford Learning was very different than play school. The play school environment is also good for her but it seems to focus on social interaction whereas Oxford’s Little Reader program is more focused on learning. My daughter continued with Oxford Learning in the fall and she loves moving through her workbooks. She is very results oriented. Christie M
Christie M
As parents of children in a French Immersion program, we realize that the long summer break in an English city disrupts the immersion experience. Having our kids attend Oxford over the summer allows them to maintain the rhythm of learning in French, and to get a head start when they go back to school in September. It is also a great opportunity to address specific areas where our children may need extra help, whether it is in reading, writing or math. Tim P
Tim P
Doing well in school has never come easily to me, and I have always struggled with subjects like math and science. I never had any confidence and I felt embarrassed that I couldn't grasp any of the concepts. When my parents decided to put me in Oxford in Grade 8 I was very nervous. I didn't think I would ever be able to understand math or science. However, Oxford was so incredibly helpful and supportive and made an immense impact on my education and personal life. I would not have graduated without the patience and support of all the teachers and staff. Any questions I had or problems I struggled with were quickly addressed. Concepts were covered until I understood. The techniques and strategies I learned at Oxford carried me through my entire high school career. I want to thank all the teachers who are so kind and fun and skilled at their job. Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed! Annie B
Annie B
Despite being highly intelligent and confirmed as gifted by TDSB our Son was struggling in the classroom. I surmise that he was bored and lost in a large group environment developed for the education of girls. With the focused individual attention at Oxford he has blossomed. In fact, I think that he learns more in one hour there than he does over the course of his school week. I am thankful that Oxford is truly focused on the education of my Son. Richard P
Richard P.
Summer at Oxford Learning is a fabulous opportunity. Continuing a student's learning through the summer months absolutely provides continuity in skill development, but even more powerful is the fact that summer is an excellent time for a student to make gains. A student is not coming out of a full day of learning at school so he/she is more open and able to focus on the learning. The pressure of being measured by marks is alleviated during summer and the student is able to learn for the sake of learning not just to meet the criteria of an assignment or test. The three-to-one student-teacher ratio creates an opportunity for the teaching to be individualized and to respond to the pace of learning of each individual student. Review can happen on a flexible timeline that is not tied to the curriculum of the classroom. There are 168 hours in a week and in the summer your child will readily and easily be able to dedicate 4 – 6 of these hours to academic learning. Michelle K Teacher and Parent of two Oxford Learning students
Michelle K. Teacher and Parent of two Oxford Learning students
My daughter who is pretty much a straight-A student was going to Oxford Learning about October to January of this past year. She wanted to just bump up her skill a little bit to enable her to write the test for the MAST entrance exam for Danforth Tech. She wrote it and she got in. She's accepted. She actually got into the leadership pathway at RH King as well but she is turning it down. Juli L.
Juli L.

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