Location Specific Programs

Oxford Learning Academy

Our engaging and interactive, academic-based alternative Kindergarten program gives your preschooler a head start with school success. We offer half-days (9:30 a.m. - 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm) and full-day programs.

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After-school enrichment- Grades 1-7

5-day, 4-day, 3-day and 2-day options

Students within walking distance will be picked up on foot and walked to the centre; other students may be dropped off by bus. We provide a healthy snack and facilitate the completion of homework. Afterward, we provide enrichment activities individualized to suit the needs of each student.

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Little Readers/ R.E.A.D. Elite Program

Designed for children aged 3-6 years. One key skill that your child needs to become a successful student is reading. Studies show that early reading skills predict future academic success. As your child develops reading skills, imagination, dedication, and achievement,  their learning skills, self-esteem and confidence will improve.

We offer one-hour weekday sessions in the evenings, or 2.5 hours on Saturday mornings.

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Beyond Tutoring Program

Our Beyond Tutoring program helps students build a strong foundation in the basics, as well as develop thinking and learning strategies that make school easier. Beyond Tutoring makes good grades possible. English, Math and/or French tutoring available for grades 1 to 8.

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En Français Program

Broaden opportunities for your child with our En français French program. Whether a student is in introductory classes, immersion, or is French first language, our customized programs focus on French grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary to help students of every skill level say “oui” to better grades in French.

To register students in Grades 1-8, follow this link (same form and pricing as Beyond Tutoring Program): 


To register students in Grades 9-12, follow this link (same form and pricing as Advantage Program):



SSAt, act & act

Boost your skills and confidence with our experienced teachers. Learn test strategies, expand vocabulary, improve writing skills, review math concepts, and practise critical thinking. Get ready for the challenge!

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Advantage High School Success Program

Develop new strategies and tackle your studies with our expert teachers. Take advantage of our curriculum support, exam preparation and Saturday study hall. We can provide help with Mathematics, English and Writing, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, EQAO Prep, and much more for Grades 9 to 12.

To register, follow this link:



Friday Night Science 

Oxford Learning High Park is hosting a Friday Night Science evening. Children will enjoy an evening of science experiments, crafts, holiday fun, dinner and trivia! Designed for children aged 9-14 years.

To register, follow this link: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/2185/friday-night-science-trivia-night


Oxford learning Camps

Grades 1 to 5

Runs on PA Days, March Break and Summer Break.

Each camp offers an enriched full day (9:00 am - 4:00 pm) program which includes themed activities, reading, writing, math and outside play.

PA Day Camps:

November 15, 2019: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/1538/oxford-learning-pa-day-camp-november-15-2019

December 6, 2019: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/1539/oxford-learning-pa-day-camp-december-6-2019

January 20, 2020: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/1540/oxford-learning-pa-day-camp-january-17-2020

February 14, 2020: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/1544/oxford-learning-pa-day-february-14-2020

March Break Camp, 2020: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/1548/oxford-learning-camps-march-break-2020

June 5, 2020: https://oxfordlearninghighpark.registration.payscape.com/programs/1545/oxford-learning-pa-day-camps-june-5-2020

Oxford Learning Bilingual Academy


Oxford Learning Bilingual Academy is an academic program that fosters personalized education. At Oxford Learning Academy, every student has an individualized program geared towards his/her specific needs and talents in an educational setting alternating between English and French.

Oxford Learning Academy is a learning community with one goal: student success.

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This SUmmer We are happy to provide our students with Summer Tutoring packages, booster weeks, and Summer camps


Summer Camps  

Brain Camps (Ages 4-7) and Science Camp (Ages 8-11)

Education meets innovation at our Oxford Learning Brain & Science Camps!
Our goal is to ensure a fun, active, and educational summer break. Our students will be fully immersed in the world of learning, exploration, and discovery! 

WARNING: Kids may use big words and ask complicated questions after attending our Summer Camps!

To register please follow the links:

1. Brain Camps (Ages 4-7) 

2. Science Camps (Ages 8-11)

International English Immersion Camp

Our English Immersion camp is designed for international students aged 9-14 years.  Our learning centre is located in the heart of the Junction and High Park area. We are easily accessible by public transport and all Toronto attractions. Our students will benefit from Oxford English programs designed for individual needs, small group setting and daily trips to Toronto gems. I am including a brochure with activities we propose for our students. Our only requirement at this point is a minimum of five students to run the program.

Please follow the  link to register your child: English Immersion Camp


Summer Tutoring Packages

Studies show that students who participate in summer learning programs have an academic advantage in the fall; they are ahead in reading, they are ahead in math, and they start the school year ready to learn. Maintaining academic momentum over the summer prevents “brain drain,” helps students remember the material they've previously learned, and keeps their brains in active learning mode so that they are ready to learn from the first day of school.

Oxford Learning Summer Tutoring Package (SK – Grade 12):

Reading, Writing, Math, French, Science

10 hours........$500.00

16 hours....... $800.00

25 hours ....... $1100.00

Assessment: The cognitive assessment identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses and determines which study skills and work habits we need to focus on. It also covers basic skill levels for English or French and identifies any skill gaps.

Academic Assessment: $100

To reserve your spot please complete the Registration Form and send it to Admin Team at highpark@oxfordlearning.com or call 416-762-4447 for more information.

Booster Week Tutoring (Grades K-12)

Our years of experience have shown that students who aren’t prepared for September can easily fall behind early, and recovery is more difficult than it seems. To combat this “summer learning loss”, we are offering students a head start in September with two Booster Weeks, running July 27 – 31 & August 24 – 28. Classes will be 2.5 hours every day from Monday to Friday and will focus on math, English, or French. Programs will be individualized for every student with a focus on filling in knowledge gaps from previous years and previewing curriculum topics for the year ahead. Our Booster Week programs have proven to be a stress-free way to sharpen skills and build confidence in preparation for the challenges of September.


To reserve your spot please complete the Registration Form and send it to Admin Team at highpark@oxfordlearning.com or call 416-762-4447 for more information.


SSAT PRep intensive

Boost your skills and confidence with our experienced teachers. Learn test strategies, expand vocabulary, improve writing skills, review math concepts, and practise critical thinking. Get ready for the challenge!

Daily Schedule:

Part 1 of Course - August 16 - 20 / $500
Part 2 of Course - August 23 - 27 / $500


9:00 am - 9:00 am - Exam strategies
9:30 am - 11:00 am - Math
11:00 am - 12:00 pm - Brain Gym


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Vocabulary Builder
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Brain Games
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Reading
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Writing

Hot Lunch*  - $12.50/day​ optional

To reserve your spot please complete the Registration Form or contact highpark@oxfordlearning.com, or call 416-762-4447 for more information.









Our Team Members

Hanna Gernega

Hanna Gernega

Centre Owner and Director

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Ellen Orr

Ellen Orr

Education Director

Read Bio
Lovleen Jones

Lovleen Jones

Education Director

Read Bio
Corinne Simonyi

Corinne Simonyi

Beyond Tutoring English and French

Read Bio
Salma Mohamud

Salma Mohamud

Beyond Tutoring Teacher, Advantage Teacher

Read Bio
Dylan Bednar

Dylan Bednar

Oxford Learning Academy Teacher

Read Bio
Alannah Grech

Alannah Grech

High School Coordinator and Advantage Teacher

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Bronwyn Ferguson

Bronwyn Ferguson

Beyond Tutoring Teacher

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Romain Speciel

Romain Speciel

High Level Math and Physics Teacher

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Jacqueline Castiglioni Frenay

Jacqueline Castiglioni Frenay

French Teacher

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Hannah McPhee

Hannah McPhee

High School Math and Physics Teacher

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Axel Mierczuk

Axel Mierczuk

Beyond Tutoring Teacher

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Upcoming Events

10-Month or More Discount for Beyond Tutoring and Advantage student savings: Commit and pre-pay to receive 15% off*! Make sure that your child begins this year strong and keeps the momentum going. *Note: prices are for 2 hours/week or more.

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Our first PA Day camp is on October 11, 2019

Education meets innovation in our Oxford Learning Science Camps. Join us for a day full of Halloween-fall-themed science activities! We're talking owl-pellet dissection, skeletal study, spooky chemistry experiments, and more.

WARNING: Kids may use big words and ask complicated questions after Science Camp! 

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We'll be hosting a Science Night-In on Friday, November 1from 4-9 pm at our Centre! This exciting evening will feature an Escape Room, Interactive Science experiments, lots of treats and maybe a few tricks too! The evening will be designed for children aged 9-13 years, with a fee of $80 per child. Pizza and snacks will be provided. New students are welcome! 

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At Oxford Learning, we believe that the best way to engage kids is to stimulate their minds in any and every way possible! Our Brain Camps are a fun mix of academics, technology, nature, arts, and sports that will help to prevent summer learning loss by reinforcing the skills that kids already have and by introducing them to new ideas that will enrich and advance their learning. Our experienced, enthusiastic teachers will develop individualized academic programs for all of our students to make learning both effective and exciting. Students will have the opportunity to explore new mathematical ideas, advance their literacy skills, play logic games, create art, and, most importantly, make new friends. This year, we are also very excited to offer kids the chance to learn about robotics and programming using actual LEGO robots!

Please check our Summer Programs Brochure for more details!


PS... Here's what we did during Spring Break Camp: https://bloorwest.snapd.com/events/view/1138121



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What Parents & Students Are Saying

"Mattia’s report card that came out last month was the best one we have seen in a long time. I think a lot of that has to do with Oxford. " Jason (Parent) "I believe that Oxford taught Mattia how to study. Thanks again for such a great job!!" Genta (Parent)

Jason and Genta (Parents)

"At home we struggled with getting homework done. Our role as parents got tougher and tougher as every night we battled to get the homework done. When Oxford Learning came into play, that battle became much less difficult. Not only did our son's grades and confidence improve, but things at home were also much better." - Ruby P. (Parent)

Ruby P. (Parent)

“My daughter started attending Oxford Learning High Park in January 2010. Her class marks at that time were very poor in several disciplines. Oxford Learning provided several teachers in all disciplines that were able to teach my daughter how to approach a problem. They also provided her with valuable tools including time management skill sets. This fall she will be entering grade 12 with aspirations of attending University in 2014. Thank you Oxford Learning." - Jamie M. (Parent)

Jamie M. (Parent)

"I highly recommend Oxford Learning at High Park. My son's experience had been amazing. He gained confidence, independence and enthusiasm to learn. Educators at Oxford Learning give the attention and the skills that school sometimes is not able to provide. Amanda (Director of Education) and her supportive, friendly Staff, are always there to answer any questions and/or concerns I had. His report cards say it all, he went from a "C" average to an "A" average. There is no magic, it doesn't happen overnight, but it happened, thanks to this great team of educators. They gave my son the positive attitude towards school. It had been worth every penny. Thanks for all your help." - Maria N. (Parent)

Maria N. (Parent)

"Oxford Learning has helped me in math. They helped me out with my long division. It’s made B's go to A's." - Patrick D. (Gr. 5)

Patrick D. (Gr. 5)

Good morning. My son, J, has been working with Hanna since the summer, and I wanted to let you/her know that she has absolutely changed his life. I am in awe of his complete transformation and confidence level when it comes to his school work. He has a new found excitement and enthusiasm for learning, and actually wants to do well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Our Spring Break Camp is featured in the Bloor West Snap article. Check it out: https://bloorwest.snapd.com/events/view/1138121

Snap Article

What's New at High Park

Science Night-In

Friday, November 1 from 4-9 pm 

We'll be hosting a Science Night-In on Friday, November 1 from 4-9 pm at our centre! This exciting evening will feature an Escape Room, Interactive Science experiments, lots of treats and maybe a few tricks too! The evening will be designed for children aged 9-13 years, with a fee of $80 per child. Pizza and snacks will be provided. New students are welcome! 




Boost your skills and confidence with our experienced teachers. Learn test strategies, expand vocabulary, improve writing skills, review math concepts, and practise critical thinking. Get ready for the challenge!


To reserve your spot please contact highpark@oxfordlearning.com or call 416-762-4447 for more information.

Careers with Tutor High Park

  • Part-Time French-language Teacher

    Position Details

    Part-Time French-language Teacher

    Oxford Learning High Park is looking for a dynamic teacher to teach our French language Program. A successful candidate must be comfortable working with children of all ages. Requirement for a French Language Teacher include:
    • Undergraduate or post-secondary qualification, A degree in education or equivalent experience
    • Strong communication and multi-tasking abilities
    • Experience with children in a teaching or tutoring environment and/or teaching certification
    • Flexible availability; able to work 2-4 evenings a week from 4-8 pm as well as weekends
    • Passionate about the French language and desire to work with children
    We look for individuals who will honor Oxford Learning teaching methods and philosophy in a fun environment. We will train you in our innovative Interactive Coaching methods that teach students how to learn and study more effectively. If you are a passionate educator who loves to help students achieve their goals, please email a cover letter and resume to us. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

    Please send resumes and cover letters in confidence to:


    High Park Oxford Learning

    Attn: Ellen Orr 406 Pacific Avenue Toronto, ON M6P 2R4 Tel: 416-762-4447 Fax: 416-762-7158 Posted: November 14, 2019
    Location Homepage Email Us

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Math tutors in Toronto High Park

Many students dislike math. Our math tutoring programs make math easier to understand with with engaging, fun math lessons that help students gain a better understanding of the material.

Science tutors in Toronto High Park

With customized science tutoring programs, our tutors provide a personalized approach that helps your child understand science in a way that makes sense to him or her.

English tutors in Toronto High Park

Our English programs are designed to help students build more effective reading, writing, and comprehension skills that will help them achieve better English grades.

French tutors in Toronto High Park

Our French tutors teach students the skills and confidence they need to master the language, including vocabulary, writing, and conversation skills.

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Get Organized and Get Better Grades

One of the key skills students needs to get better grades is organization. Unfortunately, organization isn't always taught in school. Oxford Learning can help! By learning how to group, sort, and categorize, students learn to apply organization skills to all areas of life, including their schoolwork

Tutoring in Toronto High Park That Makes A Difference

Oxford Learning®’s Toronto High Park tutoring programs are designed with the student in mind, and customized to meet his or her individual learning needs. Our tutors believe that every child can benefit from a tutoring program to help him or her boost performance in the classroom and beyond.

At Oxford Learning®, we provide engaging and effective tutoring programs in subject areas including math, science, English, and French, as well as programs designed to improve students’ study skills. Our Toronto High Park tutors are dedicated to making sure your child achieves results, while having fun at the same time.

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Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Toronto High Park and surrounding areas, including Rockcliffe, Lambton, Bloor West Village.

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