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New Year, New School Goals!

Setting goals for the year ahead helps students start the New Year on the right foot.

Make setting school goals in 2023 simple with the CAM system:

  • State Goals Clearly. Be as specific as possible.
  • Make Goals Achievable and realistic.
  • Make Goals Measurable to track progress.
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As a parent, I have always felt that it’s important to keep academic learning a priority over the summer months. This summer my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter spent a couple of hours with Danny focusing on a variety of approaches to math. Both of my children felt, after just a couple of weeks, that they learned more in that timeframe than they had their entire school year. Danny made the learning fun and didn’t just focus on the actual math calculations but also on how to following directions, how to best approach a lengthy word problem, and how to stay focused on answering exactly what is being asked. I know, without a doubt, that from the time spent at Oxford, my kids are better prepared to jump in to the new school year with confidence and valuable lessons that will help them for years to come. We can’t thank Oxford Learning enough for a super summer of focused learning.
Renée P.
It’s been a long few years with you and math, but it has finally come to an end. I’m glad to be done, but I’ll really miss seeing you now that it’s over. I couldn’t have made it here without you, and I’m so grateful to you for sticking with me all these years, I know it can’t have been easy. You are an excellent teacher and I wish you luck in helping others like you’ve helped me for a long time to come. Than you for being an amazing, strong, hard working person!
Gina C
Thank you Danny and Oxford Learning! We will be forever grateful for the way you and Oxford Learning helped our son over the past 18 months. Our son has never shown much of an interest in school but things got worse when he entered High school and the academic and organizational demands increased. He couldn’t keep up and wouldn’t accept help at home. We even tried other tutors without success and in one case it made the situation worse. I remember how right from the beginning the staff at Oxford Learning were so respectful and encouraging. Caitlin clearly outlined what she could provide and her expectations for our son during our intake session and my hope began to be restored that he could set and achieve academic goals and be matched with a tutor that could relate to him and meet him where he was with his learning. Our son was then matched with his tutor Danny who found ways to individualize his program to achieve results. For what seemed like the first time an educator listened to our son and took the time to discover his interests and use them as a springboard for his lessons. As a parent it was such a relief to see our son relax in a safe learning environment where his ideas were valued and encouraged. It followed that this helped motivate our child to set goals and to try. It took dedication from everyone involved but with time and patience Danny’s efforts paid off as our son began to gain confidence and believe he could learn. I would highly recommend Oxford Learning and in particular Danny as a tutor. Danny is a gifted teacher whose professionalism and willingness to do right by his students is remarkable. He was the perfect fit for our son and gave us options at a time when we had run out of them.
Anne H
I like Oxford Oxford Learning because my books are fun. I have improved my reading in many ways. The main thing so far is reading out loud. I also enjoy the teachers. They are very nice and have helped me a lot. I have learned many things and would recommend Oxford Learning to all my friends.
Sheena, Grade 6
Thanks to the dedication and hard work from all teachers at Oxford Learning, I have seen my shy guy come alive! His confidence in what he has learned is wonderful but his willingness to try something new is even more awesome. Thanks again for all you have given us.
M. Willis
Since my children attended Oxford Learning, their grades have gone up. We don’t have to remind them to do they homework because they know how to organize their time. They are also feeling better at school. We thank the teachers at Oxford Learning for their patience, guidance and support.
C Smith
It is so important that a child be introduced to a program that is both educational and fun. I’m a firm believer that it has a huge impact on how a child views education. My son started Little Readers after a couple of other “preschool” programs. There was no comparison! He learned so much more in one month than he did in the previous 9 months with the other programs. Little Readers has more than prepared him for kindergarten. When my daughter was old enough, it was a no brainer where she was going. She loves being a Little Reader! C Hope
C Hope
Our experience with Oxford Learning has been that they are an active, positive, and essential part of his education. You make learning fun and challenging. All activities are customized to our son and propel him forward. The teachers at Oxford Learning and at his public school work together so that our son gets that help as it identified, which allows us all to work together to assist our son reach his fullest potential to be a productive and positive member of society.
C and A Voyatzis
My son Colin will soon begin his journey into the world of postsecondary education, and thanks to his teachers at Oxford Learning, he is more organized and finally has confidence in his own judgment. He is more than prepared to tackle the SATs and is looking forward to heading off to college in the fall. You have passed the baton to him to begin his journey to the next stage of his life. R Brandon
R Brandon
Our experience at Oxford Learning has been just wonderful. Thanks for all you do for the children and especially for everything that you have done for Joan. I know the lessons she has learned will carry her through school and beyond!
The Jones'

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Centre Director

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