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Math is stupid. I hate it.

child hating math saying "math is stupid"

“Math is stupid. I hate it. I’m never going to need this stuff.”

For students who struggle with learning math, this is not an uncommon phrase.  In the moment, it can seem that surviving without math skill in daily life is actually a possibility.

However, it’s not true. Math is integrated into every aspect of daily life:

  • In cooking: ¼ cup is smaller than 1/3 of a cup
  • In shopping: How much is 35% off of $29.99?
  • In baking: Cook a 10 lb turkey at 45 minutes per pound…
  • In decorating: How much carpet do I need to cover the floor of my living room?


Even though math has practical applications in daily life, many students struggle with math simply because the basic math concepts are not relevant or meaningful to the student.

And when students don’t have a fundamental understanding of the concepts, they rely on memorization to get by.

Some kids get math naturally, and others don’t. Those that don’t have to work harder to develop a better understanding of math basics. If your child is not a natural math learner, then the struggle is trying to help your child find the link to the real world that will make math meaningful and relevant. It’s a process that can take years, but its one that is well worth it, because math doesn’t end when school does. Math has practical applications in everyday life. When the light bulb finally goes on for your child and math begins to makes sense, the struggles begin to slip away…

What do you do to make math meaningful for your child? We’d love to hear from you.

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