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No More Homework?

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AImagine this scenario:

It’s parent-teacher night at your child school? Besides the usual getting-to-know-you conversation, the teacher(s) all have some news about how they will help your child learn. Their strategy? No homework.

While this certainly would be welcome news to students, the reaction from parents seems to be split. Would you rejoice knowing the long hours of work and stress would be eliminated? nd your family could spend more time together enjoying life? Or would you be concerned that you would be unable to track how your child is doing if not able to see them complete work, and moreso, would you be worried that s/he would lose out on developing important skills such as time management, organization, and focus?

The ‘No Homework’ Debate

The debate has been going on for awhile, and while some teachers have embraced the strategy and seem to be seeing positive results, some parents are still leery of the approach.

A recent article in the National Post shares some stories of teachers who have a adopted the practice. Including Mr. Martin from Red Deer, Alberta, who claims the drop out rate in his math class decreased from 40% to 5% after he initiated a ‘no homework’ policy. However, the article also points to some of the concerns with the strategy, such as “that students will be ill-prepared for older grades in which homework is demanded and expected, as [they] approach the self-directed university years.”

What would you say? Yay or nay to no homework?

See why homework is necessary and everything else homework related.

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