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Oxford Learning Centres Launch Online Learning Program Virtual Table™

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London, ON—Oxford Learning Centres, Inc. announced all the launch of its newest online learning platform, Virtual Table™.

“The Virtual Table™ model has been in the works for the last couple of years,” said Lenka Whitehead, President Oxford Learning Centres, Inc. “However, given the current global pandemic, school closures and instability, our Head Office team, with the help of many of our franchisees, rushed to complete the launch of this very effective learning model to make it available to our families and students.” 

According to Whitehead, the pilot program, in trials over the last several months, showed positive gains in learning skills and in academics for all students in attendance. With schools closed indefinitely, and closures of other child-directed programs as a result of COVID-19, remote learning programs have quickly become the norm for many families.

“We hope that by launching the Virtual Table™ program now, we will be able to not only help keep our students on track academically, but also offer a bit of the daily academic structure that students are already familiar with,” said Whitehead. “Our centres are receiving extremely positive feedback from students who have tried the Virtual Table program and from parents looking to provide at-home academic learning program solutions with our proprietary curriculum.  for their children. Social distancing and keeping everyone healthy is our priority,” she adds. 

“We understand that this is a time of uncertainty for all of us. Parents will be particularly concerned as the current climate may be especially alarming for children who may be feeling unsettled or insecure by the rapid change to their regular routines. Our social media channels will have regular updates and different free learning and thinking activities for students and parents. Parents will not be required to sign up or give us their personal information.” she added.

“This is an incredible time that we are in,” said Whitehead. “While the overall climate and the uncertainty about what the future holds is unclear, we have seen marvellous work being done both by the team here at Oxford Learning and by educators everywhere. It is both a privilege and an honour to witness such an amazing coming together by the education community. We are here to help in any way we can.”

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