How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Tutoring Session At Oxford Learning

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You’ve enrolled your child in a tutoring program at Oxford Learning and now are waiting for the big day: the first tutoring session.

Starting a tutoring program is a big step for many students and parents. What your child gets out of tutoring (and how he or she feels about it) depends a lot on how you prepare.

Start Your Tutoring Journey Off On The Right Foot

Many children (especially if they are older) might think of needing a tutor as negative—that tutors are for students who aren’t “smart” enough or are failing in some way. Other children might not be too excited about the idea of spending additional time in class after school.

To help ease your child into the thought of tutoring, discuss why you are hiring a tutor and how it will help make school easier and more enjoyable. Talk about struggles your child has been having, whether it’s in a particular subject or he or she needs more of a challenge. It’s important that your child knows tutoring isn’t a punishment or a “bad” thing. The goal is to help build skills and provide support that will make school less stressful.

Once your child knows what to expect from his or her tutoring program, it’s time to start preparing!

Keep reading to learn how you can prepare your child (and yourself) for his or her first tutoring session at Oxford Learning.

What To Expect Before Your Child’s First Tutoring Session At Oxford Learning

    • Dynamic Assessment

Before your child’s first session, he or she will complete our dynamic assessment. The assessment gives the education team a full picture of his or her academic level, including strengths, skills, challenges, and potential.


    • Reviewing Dynamic Assessment results

Before your child’s first class session, the education team will review the Dynamic Assessment results with you, discussing areas your child struggled with or could use some extra support.

During this meeting your child’s tutor will also review your child’s customized learning program, including areas of focus and the books he or she will be starting out with. You’ll also get a copy of your own to take home, so you can keep updated on your child’s progress.


    • Meeting the team and touring your centre

Before the first lesson, you and your child will visit the centre together. This is a chance to meet the education team, see what the learning space looks like, and get a feel for your Oxford Learning centre’s classroom setup.

5 Things To Do To Prepare For Your Child’s First Tutoring Session

  1. Frame It As A Positive Experience
  2. Talk to your child about the positives of tutoring. Going into his or her first lesson with a positive, open mind can make a big difference in your child’s experience. Remember: tutoring isn’t a punishment—and it can actually be a lot of fun for many students.

    At Oxford Learning, our tutors do everything they can to make the session a relaxed and engaging environment where your child can have fun while he or she learns. We want learning to be exciting and enjoyable for your child, even when it requires hard work. We high-five, we applaud, we get silly—whatever it takes to make sure your child equates tutoring sessions with having fun and making school easier.


  3. Set Expectations
  4. Knowing what areas your child struggles with can also be helpful for setting expectations. Before your child attends his or her first tutoring session, sit down together and talk about what your child wants to achieve. What are his or her goals? Does he or she want to achieve a certain grade? Improve a particular study skill? These goals will be different for every student, so knowing them will help set a path for your child so he or she knows what he or she is working toward.

    If you’re having a bit of trouble, don’t worry! These expectations and goals are also something your child’s Oxford Learning tutor will help you clarify after your child’s Dynamic Assessment. Before your child gets down to learning, the education team will create a customized learning plan and help you set goals so you can track the progress of your child.


  5. Bring Your Child’s Agenda
  6. Your child’s school agenda is an important part of his or her learning success, both in school and at Oxford Learning. Your child’s program will include learning about how to use an agenda properly to set up for school success—so make sure your child brings an agenda along.

    Your child can also bring along his or her backpack and any school textbooks. While Oxford Learning uses its own curriculum, depending on your child’s age and grade, his or her tutor may want to reference school books or see how neat and tidy his or her backpack is.

    What To Bring To Your Child’s First Tutoring Session

    • Agenda
    • Backpack or bag to carry home any materials handed out
    • School textbooks, if applicable
    • Snacks for after class
    • Water bottle
    • Calculator, compass & protractor (for math students)

  7. Encourage Your Child To Ask Questions
  8. Help your child create a list of questions he or she has about tutoring (or just have a discussion together). This will give your child a chance to think a little bit more about what he or she expects from the tutoring program.

    It’s also a chance for you and your child to identify any fears he or she might have about tutoring. Doing this before your child’s first tutoring session will help him or her feel a bit more comfortable with the thought of tutoring. Bring these concerns to your child’s first session and talk through them with the education team so you can address them and talk them through together. During the first class, your child will also fill out a “getting to know you” sheet so our tutors know how to make the experience as enjoyable and fun as possible.


  9. Eat A Snack Or Light Dinner
  10. Since Oxford Learning’s class times are usually during the after-school and dinner hours between 4 pm and 7 pm, have your child eat a snack or light dinner before his or her session. It’s important that your child isn’t too hungry to focus on class or too tired from a heavy meal!

    Depending on your child’s class time and your family’s schedule, pack your child a light snack he or she can eat just before or immediately after class. Have your child pack a water bottle as well, so he or she has something to drink during the lesson.

Following these tips, your child will be ready to start his or her tutoring journey at Oxford Learning off on the right foot!

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