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What Is An Enrichment Program And How Can It Help My Child?

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Some students struggle to keep up in class. Other students have the opposite challenge.

For some students, classroom learning moves through material too slowly, causing a lack of challenge and making it difficult to pay attention and apply themselves in class. Some of these students may even start to see their grades drop—a result of not being engaged with the material.

For those who need a bit more of a challenge, enrichment tutoring programs can be the key to getting back on track.

What Is An Enrichment Program?

An enrichment program is a specialized tutoring program for students who need to learn at a higher level than in a typical classroom. It allows students who need an extra challenge in the classroom to stay engaged and interested in learning. These programs focus on specific subject areas students excel in and allow them to work at a level that feels most comfortable for them.

With Oxford Learning’s Enrichment Program, students first complete a dynamic assessment that gives the education team an in-depth picture of their academic level. With this information, the team creates a customized tutoring program that allows your child to progress at his or her own pace.

What Students Make A Good Fit For the Enrichment Program?

Enrichment programs are meant for students who quickly understand class content and, as a result, feel bored at school. These students often need more advanced material to feel excited about (and engaged with) learning.

Characteristics of a student who would benefit from an enrichment program:

  • Has a hard time maintaining attention
  • Takes less time to understand concepts than the rest of the class
  • Seems antsy during lessons
  • Reads ahead
  • Doesn’t seem excited about school
  • Routinely achieves high grades
  • Understands the material but receives lower grades

Benefits Of Enrichment Programs

  1. Increased Understanding Of Self
  2. Many students who are bored at school don’t understand why they are bored. These students (and their parents) often question why they aren’t as engaged as their classmates. They may even worry that they have some type of learning or attention issue.

    Enrichment programs help students understand why they are understimulated and offer resources to become more engaged during class. These programs relieve any anxiety about feeling different than the rest of the class, while helping improve confidence once a child is able to see his or her true potential.

  3. Improved Study Skills
  4. Enrichment programs teach proper study skills, including time management and test preparation. They also promote more self-directed learning skills. These core study skills help tremendously in higher education as class material becomes more advanced.

  5. Increased Interest In Learning
  6. When students are disengaged, their passion and interest in learning decreases. They don’t get excited about going to school and may start to “check out” in the classroom. Enrichment programs work to spark students’ interest and engagement in the material they are learning.

  7. Higher Motivation
  8. Students are more motivated to succeed when they feel challenged. With an enrichment program, tutors continually present students with concepts that both challenge and engage them, resulting in higher motivation overall.

  9. Paced Learning
  10. Students who are able to learn at their own pace feel more motivated to learn. With enrichment programs, tutors are able to customize sessions to the student’s pace in each area—whether it’s a particular subject or a certain study skill. The material and is based on skill level rather than grade level, allowing tutors to target the areas students need an extra challenge.

Still Have Questions?

Oxford Learning’s enrichment program gives students a newfound love of learning and the ability to learn at their own pace in a supportive, comfortable environment.

Visit our Enrichment Program page to learn more about what we offer.

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