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Quality Grade 12 English Tutoring & Help

With the Grade 12 English help offered at Oxford Learning®, students are able to pass high school with the confidence needed for higher education and/or everyday work opportunities.

Whether your teen is graduating high school or staying for an extra year, get a grade boost with an Oxford Learning® Grade 12 English tutor. The skills learned with Oxford Learning® tutors don’t just help teens with Grade 12 English, they help teens get ready for success in college and university.

Our 12th Grade English tutoring program includes working with reading and writing tutors so students can build the skills needed to write, proofread and edit a variety of writing forms. As well, each tutor gives every teen the confidence he or she needs to carry their creative and formal English writing skills all throughout adult life.

Grade 12 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Presenting information in a clear and concise manner
  • Brainstorming and sharing ideas in a group environment
Reading & Literature
  • Comparing and analyzing different texts
  • Utilizing reading skills to connect with literature
  • Researching the themes, characters and context of a given text
  • Analyzing themes, context, and character development
  • Writing in various styles and forms-from essays to poetry
  • Organizing a written text to suit a specific genre
  • Managing time and working towards a deadline
Media Studies
  • Using film, newspapers, advertising, magazines, etc., to convey a message