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Quality Grade 3 English Tutoring & Help

With proper Grade 3 reading, writing, and spelling help, your child will develop the skills and confidence needed to read longer texts for increased stretches of time.

In Grade 3, students make the switch from learning to read, to reading to learn. If you’re looking to give your child a fresh perspective on reading and writing, our 3rd Grade English tutors will teach your child new skills and help him or her build a solid foundation of reading confidence. Oxford Learning®’s Grade 3 English tutors give students get the customized help they need.

Grade 3 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Pronouncing words and following sentences when reading aloud
  • Presenting ideas concisely
  • Reading longer texts
  • Reading and retaining information in a given text
  • Studying various forms and styles of writing
  • Locating themes and character traits and understanding how they fit into a story
  • Using the stages of the writing process to create a finished work
  • Correcting work using the teacher’s edits
  • Producing different styles and genres of writing
Media Literacy
  • Understanding and interpreting different forms of media such as plays, movies, storyboards, and magazines