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Grade 4 Math Tutoring & Help

It’s never too late to get a firm grasp of math basics and build a foundation that will guide your child’s math skills for years to come.

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 4 math tutors are trained to help students increase their motivation, confidence and skill levels, while maintaining a fun and positive environment.

In a fun and supportive learning environment, your child will build confidence and increase math skills. With Grade 4 math help at Oxford Learning®, students are given the tools they need to complete their last four years of elementary school with ease. Our 4th Grade math tutors provide your child with new resources and confidence, so he or she can begin to feel more comfortable conquering tests and assignments.

Grade 4 Math Tutoring Subjects

Number Sense/Numeration
  • Compare and order whole numbers and fractions
  • Numeration for decimal numbers
  • Round four-digit numbers
  • Multiply and divide two-digit numbers
  • Calculate mass, length, volume, etc.
  • Measure the area and perimeter of various rectangles
  • Estimation of time
Geometry/Spatial Sense
  • Analyze and compare quadrilaterals
  • Identify and classify 3D shapes
  • Measure angles
Algebra & Patterning
  • Create and predict patterns
  • Identify missing numbers in equations and patterns
Data Management & Probability
  • Organize discrete data
  • Utilize charts and graphs to organize data
  • Understand primary and secondary data
  • Produce surveys to capture primary data and organize the results