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Quality Grade 5 English Tutoring

With one of Oxford Learning®’s Grade 5 English tutors, your child will confidently finish Grade 5 ready to take on Grade 6.

If your child is having difficulty or feeling unmotivated in Grade 5 English, it may be a sign that it’s time to call Oxford Learning®. The final years of elementary school are vital to your child’s success in middle school and beyond. So why not help your child get ahead in English skills with a customized program to improve confidence, motivation, and motivation.

Our locations offer a variety of trained tutors who provide quality Grade 5 English help to students of all skill levels.

Grade 5 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Employing listening strategies
  • Understanding concepts and ideas through active listening
  • Comprehending oral texts
  • Contributing to group discussion
  • Examining a variety of reading materials
  • Analyzing texts and responding to narrative patterns
  • Identifying various themes and styles
  • Organizing ideas and thoughts
  • Identifying and choosing new vocabulary
  • Creating and editing various written drafts
  • Building a portfolio
Media Literacy
  • Formulating opinions about ads, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Understanding the point of view and purpose of various forms of media